Moscow hit bt snow, rain and hail

21 July 2017 – The Emergency Situations Ministry extended an emergency warning including the collapse of trees, damage to power transmission lines, damage to the roofs of houses and unstable structures.

The department asked everyone to be cautious: if possible, wait out the bad weather inside, and if already out on the roads to beware of billboards and shaky structures. Also advised not to park cars under trees and billboards.

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6 thoughts on “Moscow hit bt snow, rain and hail”

  1. Hi

    Max/min temperature (temperatures in centigrade) for Moscow on the 18/7: 23/12c; 19/7: 21/12c; 20/7: 23/11c; 21/7: 21/7: 23/11c. As you can see from the above range of temperatures it is impossible for snow to fall in these temperatures.

    Incidentally the above temps are very close to average.

    During thunderstorms hail can fall and hurricane style winds can occur as anybody who has witnessed a thunderstorm can testify.

  2. It seems to me, that we are plunging into the coming ice age more speedily than expected. This winter i expect, will be severe in the northern hemisphere extending well into spring next year.
    The next few years will be a shock for the young who have been fed a diet of agw lies for many years.

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