Moscow weather will be January cold

Temperature 10 to 12 degrees below normal.

Moscow: Winter is not going to leave.

On Thursday, March 15, residents of the capital region are expecting snowfall, sometimes strong, after which -20°C (-4F) frosts will return.

On Friday, sharply cold, with the temperature dropping to -10°C.

On the weekend, night temperatures will drop to -15 to -20°C.

The average daily temperature is predicted to be 10-12 degrees below the climatic norm. The weather will be January cold! Spring is not yet visible on the horizon.

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11 thoughts on “Moscow weather will be January cold

  1. Central European countries are in the firing-line for this Arctic cold air in 3-5 days after Moscow.
    More ‘Global Warming’ holes, eh? 🙂

  2. My concern is not that we will see warming or cooling because history has shown that we can adjust to both. The problem comes when Sudden Stratospheric Waves cause the Polar Fronts (jet-streams) to kick wildly in the direction of the Equator. Already we are seeing aberrant cold spells late in the northern winter and the Grand Solar Minimum has only just begun.
    Thanks to this site we get to read about many of these unusual events so anyone wanting to know what’s coming can observe the new pattern and plan forwards.
    The Brits might have to buy a spare set of wheels with winter tyres like peoples who live in really cold places. Farmers might have to invest in huge polythene tunnels for horticulture and resort to more root crops and hardy plants like oats and rye.
    It hardly matters if the average temperature is warming if you are getting snowfalls in the Ukraine in May and killing the wheat crop that feeds a whole nation.
    It’s the PATTERN of weather that is critical, rather than the average temperature.

  3. an american friend who now lives in russia sent me an email
    imagine a doctor walking to a housecall in -5c and snow and the visits free as are the meds required.
    puts both Aus and america to shame
    remember this when they sledge russia,
    not all we hear is true..
    as any sceptics know rather well;-)

  4. When all of Canada was completely covered in very thick ICE (upwards of 2 miles give or take in some areas) during the last glaciation, all plant, animal and other resources – necessary for existence, habitation/survival – ceased to exist there; and likewise ceased in all other similar glaciation environments of Earth. It doesn’t take decades for a serious food problem to occur.. Just one Season of a serious global shortfall of the food supply is all that it would take to lead to widespread scrounging for food panicking. Two or Three seasons in a row? Global Calamity.

  5. One year of crop failure in the northern hemisphere would end our civilization. What percentage of the people on this planet rely on someone else for their food? What a fragile system we take for granted, it will fail quickly. So many countries have allowed their governments to take away the God given right to self defence. You’re going to miss your guns! The assurance of criminal behavior being rewarded with violence and death is all that keeps us “civilived”.

    • Not just shortage of food. The main problem will be the new mentality of people. Compare how people reacted in 1933 and today. In ’33 people tied their belts and staid in line for a bowel of soup. Now, for any inconvenience they star rioting. It not only be shortage because of cold, will be famine because people will destroy
      trying to steal. Keep your friends close and your guns even closer!

  6. The last Russian cold wave, “The Beast From The East”, was counterbalanced by above-normal temperatures at the Pole. This time the Pole hasn’t counterbalanced. You may have heard the media trumpet how “mild” it got up there (still below freezing) the last cold wave, but the media is silent about the more recent 20 degree (Celsius) drop in temperatures at the Pole, to the coldest levels we’ve seen all winter.

    Also the sea-ice “volume” has unexpectedly risen, according to the DMI graph.

    I’m hoping the cold stays up at the Pole where it belongs. Even with normal temperatures, we’ve had two storms with over a foot of snow here in New Hampshire, this past week. Bah humbug! We only had an inch last night, and I discovered I was still capable of bad language I haven’t used in years!

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