Most people have never heard of the Dalton or Maunder Minimums

The westward migration in America was at least in part caused by the Dalton Minimum.
– Joseph Kraig


Most people have never heard of the Dalton or Maunder Minimums

Joseph Kraig

Ignorance they say is bliss, but it is not. In the early part of the 19th century when the Dalton Minimum was in full swing there were summers that would not support a harvest, with frost in July in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. The westward migration in America was at least in part caused by the Dalton Minimum when farmers moved southwest to find farms that would support them. They could do this because for many places no one was living there except nomadic Indians. Today there is no place else to go.

Today people take abundance for granted. I do believe that shortages will not come all at once. There is pork shortage in Asia now. The USA is starting to fill some of those shortages which will cause pork prices to go much higher than in recent past. As the disease in North Korea spreads to China and other countries where pork farming is low tech the shortages will only get worse.

I drove through Nebraska and Kansas this summer. I was appalled to find mile after mile of farm fields under water. There will be no corn or soy beans from those fields. Much of Central Canada had a very late spring and early winter, snow on the ground now makes it impossible for crops to mature and impossible for the tractors to harvest crops if they were to mature. There were good harvests in much of the USA that will help compensate for losses but as the Minimum deepens it will get worse. We can handle a bad year now and then but several in a row will be devastating.

Stock up on grains now to prepare for the shortages that are likely to come.

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  1. In principle we should all improvise adapt and overcome.. In practice thanks to real estate markets and governments this is not possible without changing the rules and prices to make it possible.
    People need to escape from high costs and try to survive by doing what they need to do to survive and thrive.

  2. OUTSTANDING post…. talk about the “deer in the headlights” look when you mention a GSM or Maunder, Dalton, et al.

  3. “Most people have never heard of the Dalton or Maunder Minimums”
    Of course not, for our education system has been corrupted to turn out what I call “Gore Robots”. Unfortunately, the school systems have turned out people that have a difficult time thinking for themselves, and those that do “Think” continue to use manipulated data and false information to advance their “Theories”.
    Many of us here realize that an Ice Age is due and realize that an Ice Age may take less than ten years to begin. Some of us, including Robert, have made intelligent choices to prepare for such an event such as: Moving south, learning to grow our own food, enhancing our hunting abilities, and search for low cost power and heating methods. If we are lucky, the next cooling trend will only be another Little Ice Age. However, I would expect the next Little Ice Age to be colder and longer than the last one, and it will be tough to survive unless we are prepared. Don’t forget to stock up on long term food supplies, for when the “Fighting in the streets” begin, food supplies at the stores will dwindle quickly. Remember, a human can live for up to 21 days without food, but only 3 days of less without water. Water supply is critical!

  4. The millions of virtual zombies living minute to minute in the cities will perish in days to weeks when the SHTF. Not only are they unaware of history, they’ve been brainwashed to believe that CO2, a trace gas required to sustain life on Earth, is pollution.

  5. Talking to one of my local farmers over a beer on Friday he is praying for the rain to stop so that he can plant his Autumn wheat crop as it is too wet at the moment. Time is running out to get it in the ground before it gets too cold. If planting is delayed to next Spring then he will have to increase the amount of seed per sq yard to ensure germination as the seed stock will have deteriorated over the Winter.

  6. It pays to be informed!
    Robert I heard that you just moved in Texas. Get a gun if you don’t have one (can you live in Texas without having boots, a hat and guns?? :-))) and start shooting wild hogs. There is currently an estimated population in excess of 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas.
    You’ll get rich very soon and you’ll keep your family fed.

    • Robert also needs a gun to protect himself from the influx of loony libs from the left coast. They move to Texas for lower taxes, then vote for liberal politicians who will raise taxes. Go figure…..

  7. Yes, the feral pigs are a real problem right now but may end up being a lifesaver in the near future. Of more concern are the migrants from the North after the first couple of years. Guns may be needed to combat raiding parties in the future.

  8. All in all though, I think we are better off now crop-wise than we were the last time the little ice age happened, because of the advancement of technology.

    • Yeah????
      How about population? How many more mouths need to be fed now?? And how about the time when our advanced of technology could not get into the field due to floods and too soft soil? Did you already forgot last spring???
      I’m sometimes amused at the short people’s attention span. Dogs have about 20 min and some people 2-3 day or until some new event comes. This is well known by our politicians. Did you see that every time something happened that they do not like, some big shooting or other shocking event comes and we forget the previous problem.

    • Joe, I agree but, the weather may not help the technology. Witness the Midwest this year. We still await the final verdict on the effects.

  9. We have the technology tp adapt to a new Dalton or Maunder minimum. The problem is the political leadership of large urban areas are living in a fantasy world and react violently to anything or anyone who doesn’t deny reality and promote their fantasies. They will lead millions to starvation and early death.

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