The Mother of All Hoaxes

The Mother of All Hoaxes

“Living under the tyranny of government departments and agencies pursuing those lies for their own agendas and political masters.”

The Mother of All Hoaxes

By Alan Caruba

There was a brief flurry of stories in the media at the beginning of what has become a historic summer of hot weather across the U.S. that global warming was to blame. They faded swiftly because the public has concluded that global warming is the mother of all hoaxes, because we are in the midst of a failing economy and the political campaigns that will decide if the nation literally lives or dies.

This has not stopped the Public Broadcast System’s News Hour from airing a new series “on how climate change in the Pacific Northwest is affecting the region’s Native American Indian tribes—flooding their reservations and threatening the region’s salmon fisheries.” Climate change is shorthand for global warming.

While the nation’s media continues to propagate the hoax, what hope is there for the TRUTH?

Significantly “the NewsHour’s year-long Coping with Climate Change series is funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.” The nation’s leading foundations have been funding the global warming hoax for decades and continue to do so.

So one more article about the deception and duplicity of global warming may seem superfluous and it would be if the U.S. Air Force wasn’t spending $59 per gallon of “green biofuel” and the U.S. Navy wasn’t doing the same for its Great Green Fleet. The justification for this is the utterly false assertion that “alternatives” are needed in the event we can’t produce or import petroleum.

The U.S. is floating on an ocean of oil, but for now it can only be extracted from lands owned privately because the Obama administration has done everything in its power to restrict access to it on federally owned lands and, of course, the billions of barrels locked up off-shore.

In exactly the same way that the Obama administration has presided over the loss of billions in subsidies and loan guarantees for the solar panel companies or the ridiculous costs of wind power industry compared to a single coal-burning plant, at the heart of it all has been the claim the global warming is caused by “greenhouse gas” emissions, carbon dioxide, that imperil the Earth.

Recently, my friend Joseph L. Bast, the president of The Heartland Institute, wrote an article, “IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk”, posted on

It struck me that very few people even know that IPCC is the acronym for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Few people know that the entire global warming hoax was generated by the IPCC, let alone know what it is.

Most people associate global warming with Al Gore who has been among its most prominent advocates, warning that “the Earth has a fever” and that we were doomed if we didn’t stop generating carbon dioxide. Gore and his collaborators wanted to sell “carbon credits” in exchanges around the world and for a while he greatly enriched himself.

In Australia, the government has imposed a tax on carbon dioxide which it likely to destroy its manufacturing base along with the extraction of coal and other minerals.

Here in the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency continues to assert that carbon dioxide must be regulated as a “pollutant” under the Clean Air Act and, if successful, will likewise destroy what is left of our manufacturing base and all other industries that generate or use energy to function.

And the man in the street remains completely clueless about the impending ruin of the nation based on the reports of the IPCC which the Inter-Academy Council (IAC), a group created by the world’s science academies to provide advice to international bodies, has long since concluded were utterly false and baseless.

On June 27, the IPCC issued a statement saying it had completed the process of implementation of the recommendations that an August 2010 IAC analysis had made after examining who was contributing to their reports, who was reviewing their content (the same people!), and the astonishing, utterly false, claim of “a consensus” that global warming was happening.

As Bast points out, “It means that all of the ‘endorsements’ of the climate consensus made by the world’s national academies of science—which invariably refer to the reports of the IPCC as their scientific basis—were based on false or unreliable data and therefore should be disregarded or revised.”

“It means that the EPA’s ‘endangerment finding’—with its claim that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and threat to human health—was wrong and should be overturned.”

It is a terrible thing to live in a nation governed by falsehoods, spending the public wealth on useless technologies, living under the tyranny of government departments and agencies pursuing those lies for their own agendas and political masters.

Unless the harm perpetrated in the name of global warming is reversed, we shall all remain the victims of the United Nations IPCC, the EPA, and all other entities seeking to control every aspect of our lives.

The poles are not melting, the glaciers are growing, the oceans rise mere millimeters over centuries, and right now planet Earth is cooling.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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11 thoughts on “The Mother of All Hoaxes”

  1. The big mystery is why they are so persistant to fight on with their global warming fantasy even though they lost against reality and there really aren´t a lot of people buying into their AGW-hoax anymore. The masterminds behind the climate change industry are only making fools of themselves, they go on like an undead zombie!

  2. It is my belief that the “United Nations” with its “IPCC” and other organisations is implementing “AGENDA 21” on the world – The New World Government “Comunism” I fear for our Children and their Children!

  3. They are fighting to the bitter end.

    Just look at all the failed political ideologies and how they ended.

    I think this one is called eco-socialism.

  4. What is so difficult to understand? The population of the world has been slowly dumbed down, although the US population has been on a fast track for at least 40 years in that direction. To a person that prefers to know nothing, frequent repetition of the same lies only increases their belief, not their understanding. And all climate “deniers” do is constantly push facts that requires people to think. That “ain’t gonna happ’n.” Hell, look at some of the articles that get posted here. They have a line or two in them that “sort of” implies that AGW isn’t real, and then the dumb statements in towards the end that go in the opposite direction. “glaciers are growing” followed by “but the poles are shedding 150 billion tons of ice per year.” So which statement impresses you? The truthful opening statement or the ridiculous unsupportable second one? How much is the first? WOW! Look at that number in the second.

    Point is, first you make people ignorant. Then you can do anything you want – including setting the dumb asses up for freezing to death, or starving to death because the wrong crops are being grown. This isn’t about whether global warming is legit, it’s about depopulation, and they aren’t concerned if educated people argue against them because they intend to get rid of the dumb asses first, and then they will take care of the “educated opposition” when their time comes.

  5. its NOT about the climate, that was the ruse used to gain control over people where they live what they o and how they can control and limit everything
    the politically correct speech, cant say or think something for fear of “offending” anyone at all who wants to be precious.
    Though police, self enacted by the mindwiped.
    the club of Romes admitted agenda was to make humans hate humans..
    and its worked far too well.
    the likes of Maurice strong suzuki and gore hansen an ehrlich ALL follow this line.
    and so do the shheeple who refuse to have to think or act without someone telling them what to think say or do.
    the education system took a while but has succeeded in churning out obedient little vegetables rather well.

  6. Globaloneywhatever – cooling, warming, changing, mutating, seasoning — is necessary as a pretext for UN world governance. If you follow the money the people and cartels who will accrue the most in money and power are the most vociferous and earnest in their globaloney [insert here program]; and rhetoric. Trillions at risk along with unfettered power to neuter the nation state and replace it with a global government.

  7. It’s an attempted power grab with huge profit potential for all the liberals who are heavily invested in the “Green Energy” Scheme! On the flip side, it’s also an attempt to financially cripple Big Oil, thus chipping away at the money behind the Republican party. We are merely ignorant sheep who sit back and let the Billionaires continue to fleece us every time they get the urge. Which party is for the middle class or the little guy….. Neither!

  8. Maybe there is no “they”. Just a bunch of extremely educated people who refuse to aknowledege that our world is getting turned upside down, day by day, and it has nothing, or very little to do with humanity.

    To aknowledge it, would undermine their security, (financial or otherwise) and safety, and the possible loss of both.

    I suspect we are on our own in all that is going on, around the globe. Some aware, most oblivious.

    The climate change masterminds, made money. They are now moving on, or passing on.

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