Mother Nature skips fall and goes straight to winter

“Our members in LabWest received a special treat tonight while on patrol, SNOW,” the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary posted on Twitter.

1 Sep 2017 – It appears Mother Nature skipped fall and went straight to winter in Labrador.

See photos of snow building along the Quebec-Labrador border:

Thanks to John Topal for this link

“Trump won’t get tricked by warmist propaganda,” says John. “He is a very smart businessman or he wouldn’t be worth 4 billion. He’s tough as nails, no matter how negative the media treats him.”

5 thoughts on “Mother Nature skips fall and goes straight to winter”

  1. The Newfies have a joke that summer is one day in August.
    It may prove to be more than a joke someday soon.
    What has me a bit concerned is the possibility that in the near future spring will be June, summer will be July and fall will be August and the rest of the year will be winter for much of the northern hemisphere. If it gets like that you are either staying or you are living.

  2. Not sure what to make of it but if you look at the map of the Ice Age to the right then look at the temperatures in the US there is a correlation. It is colder than normal temperatures in the Northeast and warmer in the Northwest and Southwest along the lines of the last Ice Age.

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