Mothers so starved during Little Ice Age they produced no milk for their newborn

“People in the time of the Little ice Age when cold was the most severe actually sold new born children as food to others.” – Wm. Craig Barnard

Mothers so starved during Little Ice Age they produced no milk for their newborn

By Wm. Craig Barnard

During the 1500,s and into the 1750’s the Little ice Age played an amazing role in geo political events as well as area’s of faith.

The HUNS came down out of the north of China They became known as the Turks or Turkomen. They were converted to Islam. We all know of the wars surrounding Islam and the west.

The Chinese lost – according to available records – 50% (possibly more) of their total population. Europe lost roughly 30%. Some communities were totally decimated losing 90% of their population.

People who wanted to carry out business in some form are quoted by historians as saying ” there is no way to carry out commerce, one can’t find products or others to build them”.

Additionally currencies were useless as govt was not able to stand behind the value. Having gold and silver was of no use either as no one could value it at a present value.

The Roman church has the “Office of the Inquisitor”. The office was created to test the faith of those who opposed the Romans authority and to punish it’s enemies. This office is headed up by the Jesuits today. It has never seen one change in it’s role, orders or authorizations as relates to the mission of the church and it’s laws.

People in the time of the Little ice Age when cold was the most severe actually sold new born children as food to others. Mother’s could not feed the children. The mothers were so starved themselves they produced no milk for their new born.

Today the Roman Church, like in the days of old is trying to bring changes to economies and governance of nations that will place them back into greater authority. They still wish to control the dialogue and beliefs of men.

Watch very closely as they push for a world-wide day of worship on Sunday. It’s already starting as they threatened areas in the Micronesian Islands with starvation if they would not legalize a Sunday worship law. This goes directly against the 4th Commandment of GOD in HIS 10 Commandments.

The Roman Church has always used poverty to control people. As will the US under progressives and all other socialist progressive govts.


Note: As horrible as it may be to believe, I also have read historical accounts of people who sold their children as food during the coldest parts of the Little ice Age. – Robert

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  1. Quote: During the 1500,s and into the 1750’s the Little Ice Age played an amazing roll in geo political events as well as area’s of faith. The HUNS came down out of the north of China They became known as the Turks or Turkomen. They were converted to Islam. We all know of the wars surrounding Islam and the West.
    This period is referred to a 500 year disturbed orbit period and contains a series of named solar minimums. This includes Oort, Sporer, Wolf, Maunder and Dalton. Sporer was even harsher and lasted longer than Maunder according to the following study:
    New 10Be Study Confirms 14C Record
    Sporer has not received the attention it requires due to the complete lack of observations.
    However, both Sporer and Maunder are a series of paired solar cycles which contain a minimum of 4 separate AMP “A” type events, Oort, Wolf, Dalton and this modern Grand Solar Minimum are paired Solar Cycles.
    It is supported by:
    There is another Grand Solar Minimum, as deep as Sporer at around 600 AD, at around this time the Angles and Saxons were steppes based horse tribes, nomadic east of the Urals. The Cool Sun climate change started them on their trek to the West via what is now Russia, the Baltic states, Poland and Germany, with the more fundamentalist being thrown out of main land Europe and ending up in England. Solar Minimums end civilizations and create space for new ones, such is life.

    • I hope Robert reads this reply. I appreciate that my post was allowed by Robert. It was posted with good intent with no ill will toward any. I have left some source material references that folks to look up and dig through just as I have to learn some often disappointing historic biblical facts relative to the single oldest christian church as relates to past weather periods and into current. It’s just an interest of mine. I did not consider the jolt it would cause for some who may be unprepared to read such things.

      For the sake of those troubled by my comments I would ask Robert to pull my post down. I hope this will clearly present my position. It is not my intent to injure.

      In this forum, I will attempt to leave off my pet interest of Weather and it’s effects in church history or church history and it’s actions during crisis periods of weather occurrences.

      It is my intention to be respectful the other members of this forum.

      I wish everyone well.

    • As I have said the sun drives the climatic system of the earth therefore any changes in solar activity are going to translate to the climatic system.

      The problem is small changes in solar activity are going to be obscured because the climatic system has noise in it.

      So when one tries to show a solar climate connection when the sun is not in an extreme mode it gets very difficult and often times the noise in the climate system will actually overcome small solar changes and there impact upon the climate. Hence correlations are poor.

      However, if solar changes are large enough and long enough in duration then the solar/climate correlations become more apparent which has been demonstrated when one looks at the historical climatic record, which shows without exception every prolonged extreme minimum solar event has been associated with a drop in global temperatures.

      I have put forth those solar parameters /duration of time which I feel are needed to impact the climate and I think gong forward the solar parameters I have put forth will come to be which will then manifest itself in the climate system by causing it to cool. I dare say I think it has started already.

      How cool it is hard to say because there are climatic thresholds out there which if the terrestrial items driven by solar changes should reach could cause a much more dramatic climatic impact.

      Terrestrial Items

      atmospheric circulation patterns

      volcanic activity

      global cloud coverage

      global snow coverage

      global sea surface temperatures

      global sea ice coverage

      ENSO a factor within the overall global sea surface temperature changes.

      Solar Parameters Needed and Sustained.

      cosmic ray count 6500 or greater

      solar wind speed 350 km/sec or less

      euv light 100 units or less.

      solar irradiance off by .15% or more

      ap index 5 or lower

      Interplanetary Magnetic Field 4.5 nt or lower

      Solar Flux 90 or lower

      Duration of time over 1 year following at least 10 years of sub solar activity in general which we have had going back to year 2005.

    • Well Jimbob, can’t agree with your human historical summary. The Hunnish invasion of Europe occurred in late Roman times not in the 16th-18th centuries, with the Mongols invading under various khans in the 13th-14th centuries and for some trime after. The Anglo-Saxons were already attacking the Roman province of Brittania in the late 4th and early 5th century, later rebelling against their Romano-British clients who had invited them in as foederati mercenaries to aid the defence against the Picts. They were Germanic peoples related to the Scandinavians and Tacitus mentioned them in 1st century AD as already living in Western Europe. There is no doubt however that severe climatic change greatly influenced the massive folk migrations at the end of the Roman era in Europe.

  2. Who is Wm. Craig Bernard?

    He begins with a description of life in the Little Ice Age, and ends up Catholic bashing.

    • The experience of the Roman church during the extreme weather periods is part of the history. It’s actions continue today. I do not believe Pope John Paul was bashing Rome when He apologized for the (sins) of the church during it’s history during Vatican 2 as relates to these dark periods. As a result, I hardly think recounting the things the church was involved in and that were taking place during these times is bashing.

      But let me say this, It was not and is not my intention to injure anyone’s faith, views or sensitivities. I am a bit of a amateur Biblical Historian. Been at it for over 50 years. I look at these subject’s a bit more clinically I suspect than some as a result.

      While it is not my desire or intention to afflict others with the sorrows of history (perhaps with history that touches their lives in a personal way) I find it very difficult to separate the Biblical History from the story. Just the richness of the whole matter seems to come alive when we see history from so many lines of perspective.

      No offense was intended towards anyone.

      • We could use a little bit of this in Africa and Asia. They won’t control their population so something will have to.

  3. A quick Googling came up within nothing about the Catholic church pushing for a Sunday worship law in Micronesia or threatening to starve anyone.

    • I have spoken with two sources. The first was a group of missionaries who provide schooling and medical services. While they were providing their services to aid various Island populations they learned the Church was threatening to pull back their food support for the Islands unless they changed their day of worship to Sunday. Apparently the missionaries were having a major effect on the islands and were Saturday worshipers.

      The second source is a man and a friend who while serving in the Navy married an Island princess. Actually after he served he went back and married her. The Navy would allow the marriage while he was serving. He recounted a problem his wife’s people were having. They received word from the catholic charities division serving them that unless they converted to Sunday worship the food shipments would discontinue.

      Regarding Sunday Laws. Google pope calls for Sunday Law. You will find many links even Fox News reports. I tried to find the one that included the UN and GIA worship which is mother earth worship with is pantheism and is something Rome is involved in developing as the One World Religion that the UN supports and will ultimately enforce. Not bad mouthing herein. Just stating what is in the news on major networks.

      There is a great deal more i could explain but this isn’t the forum. I just wanted to be sure to respectfully address the concerns. I hope I have done that. Be well, and thank you for expressing your concern. It’s likely others who don’t comment also had similar concerns. Again, thank you.

  4. “Additionally currencies were useless as govt was not able to stand behind the value. Having gold and silver was of no use either as no one could value it at a present value.”

    Ridiculous! Gold and Silver coin was the currency and money of the age. The value was its weight and purity.
    Unfortunately most modern people are out of touch with what money really is and what currency really is. Gold and silver is money because they are rare and their atoms are the value.
    Currency is merely a proxy for money on deposit or is money in coin form or is a unbacked money substitute that has no intrinsic value of its own and is used as a medium of exchange.
    Unbacked currencies rely on confidence in the credibility of the issuer to give it any value at all and that value is transitory and is not based on the currency being redeemable in money like gold or silver bullion or coin.

    • In times of deprivation, gold and silver have no value, they cannot be eaten.
      Have an ox carcass to butcher and trade and you are a wealthy person.

      • Yup, when economies collapse for whatever reason gold and silver become basically worthless if there is nothing to trade the gold or silver for. Some of my kin dug up numerous locations belonging to their family members in the search for the gold and or silver that was buried waiting on the depression to here in the States to recover from the ’30s.

    • Actually, my comment was written in an 800 or 900 page history book relating to weather and the effects on the world and economies. I have to look for the book to give you it’s name and author. You may read the book and learn much of what I have shared generally about world conditions less the areas where I recounted the church history. If your interested in the Church History you can as I did also look in sources like the New Catholic Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia of Religions as well as a set of Church History books if your interest is deeper. I can recommend other sources if you need them. ((IF))
      I wish you the very best. No injury or insults intended.

      To your point about Gold value. What happened in these dark times when there weren’t even people to build or manufacture products, let alone grow foods? Gold and silver couldn’t buy what didn’t exist. So what was it’s value? You could have a wagon of gold and still be able to buy what you needed. It’s an observation after reading thousands of pages recounting the times. This is just what seems to have happened. I believe we will see it happen again. Again just an opinion from reading.

  5. No citation, no evidence, no credibility – this really needs removing since it gives the Warmists ammunition against us.

    • If Robert wishes to remove it, fine. I wouldn’t be offended after seeing the concerns the post have raised. I have no ax to grind. I am recounting from memory from some sources from which this forum may be familiar. As I wrote in an earlier reply I have to locate the name of the book and author. As far as the church history goes I gave some reference books you can dig through. Please note this wasn’t a scientific dissertation. It’s a forum to talk about weather and things affected by it and I suspect those things that affect it’s influences both good and bad.

      My thinking is, it would be so helpful if more people knew more about the history our predecessors experienced and in greater detail.

      Again, I wish no ill will towards any. It’s history and current events that can be found by any person with a deep enough interest and unbiased mind to take the time to do so.

      Straw man argument to say this gives Global Warming folks ammunition against us. Hardly. The NWO/AGW and those associated with it, have moved well beyond caring about being exposed. My little comments, factual as they are, aren’t even a pimple on an elephants behind. Thank you for thinking they could influence their thinking. Wish it were so, but I know better. ;<))

    • indeed, Jeremy, this is ‘dangerous’ trash and I wonder if it’s an attempt to discredit this site. ( btw–I’m in Scotland too)

  6. This man looks invisible on the internet, so I’m not believing what he is saying without better credentials.

    • Don’t know what search terms you used or what search engine… but I searched on the name (abbreviated to Wm. Craig Barnard) and I believe I used yahoo (never trust Google, who censors) and got hits… mostly obits. The guy (if it’s the same one) is dead.

        • Don’t worry the Catholics have had me dead or dying more than once craig, must be me guardian angel that keeps me breathing LOL as well.

          Good Day

          • P.S.

            All ice ages are dangerous and as for the research you are remembering, well, I almost got hungry enough once to consume what my ancient ancestors did during the rough winters, to eat a dog!
            I was really hungry but my love for Misty was stronger.
            Could not find it in me to eat her>>>

  7. Worst and most rambling thing I have ever read here. Continue articles like this and I’m removing this site from my toolbar.

  8. dunno bout the colder times
    but irish records showed babies n small kids did get cannibalized in plague/famine times.
    cant cite but it is in quite a few books on historical past.

  9. I agree. I think a little more vetting of articles you post would be in order. If I logged on for the first time and saw this, I’s assume the whole site was nonsense

    • I hope you noticed I encouraged Robert to take the original post down. I will stand behind the points I recorded. I accept responsibility for my error, not for others level of knowledge, awareness or their personal experience.

      As I understand your point, it is wise and constructive. Rather then vetting I suspect you mean I should post references. The substance I spoke of is from very strong source information. Quotes from Roman documents written by Popes, Bishops and Historians found in Their books, documents and history books.
      I realize as I post this comment it wont put anyone at ease, but I actually did not post in greater detail to the Religious comments purposefully. This isn’t a religious blog. I made an error and shared factual info with which many are not familiar. For some (and this is where I failed) the references or the detailing as I did it, did not take into account others knowledge, awareness or personal experience. I really am sorry for this failure on my part. I was inconsiderate.

    • Hmm. Interesting. Thank you for sharing your material. I’m sure others will find it informative.

      In my research a great deal of publicly available info is out there about Jesuits. It is very colorful and factual. The history about them includes our nations presidents speaking out against them and over 80 countries throwing them out of their lands because of their undermining of those countries governments. Research them, their General, their Oath.

      I won’t comment further herein. I appreciate your faith and wish you the very best.

      One note, soon you will see Islam, Judaism and Rome embrace and come up with a new description of faith that will change the way scripture speaks to us about Jesus and HIS roll in Salvation. This is part a the NWO and the creation of a world religion. Watch. It’s coming very soon.

      Be well.

    • Western Civilization did not flourish until the printing press was put into full use. Then the demeaning power of Western and Middle Eastern Catholic influence was pronounced and decried fault and impartial.
      Then the West boomed!!!

  10. “Additionally currencies were useless as govt was not able to stand behind the value. Having gold and silver was of no use either as no one could value it at a present value.”

    The value of gold and silver does not derive from the opinion of government or banks but from the atoms of gold and silver themselves measured in terms of purity and weight in troy ounces or grams.
    Any other explanation comes from a profound ignorance of what is money and what is currency and credit. Only gold and silver coin and bullion is money. Everything else is currency and credit and has no real value in itself if not backed by money ( gold and silver) with no leverage.
    Backing has to be real and demonstrable or you have a scam.

    • There is an extent to which the values of various goods and services are constantly floating with respect to one another. While paper/fiat currencies are more subject to a wide variety of problems caused by people trying to game the system, even gold and silver are not immune to market forces.

      So, if in normal times one silver coin will buy 5 loaves of bread, and you have 100 such coins available, then things are good. You can feed your family for a while. People relying on paper/fiat currencies could have problems if the entity issuing the currency puts too much of it in circulation. The value of the currency will fall relative to the bread, the price of the bread expressed in that currency will rise, and people may end up going hungry if they don’t have enough of the now debased currency. But if nothing else has changed much you will still be able to get your 5 loaves of bread for one silver coins.

      Where things get bad for everybody is when agricultural production falls through the floor because of serious weather problems. With the resultant shortage of grain there is now a shortage of bread, and as a result the relative value of bread will increase due to its scarcity. Where before 1 silver coins could get you 5 loaves of bread, now it may take 5 silver coins to get 1 loaf. And in a worst case scenario where there is no bread available at all, the fact that you have silver to buy it with will not cause it to be magically created for you to buy. You’re going to starve like everyone else regardless of how much silver and gold you have because you can’t buy what doesn’t exist.

  11. Only fellow I found under the authors name is found here.

    I let you draw your own conclusions. I’ve read this page for years and find the science in agreement with my thoughts and conclusions. I’m not bothered by the mentioning of the starvation tactics of the little ice age, but I think the article could have been edited to leave out the bashing of the Church. As a Catholic I’m offended it was found appropriate for this page.
    Barnard is filled with vitriol for certain religions and in my opinion it negates his point of view when he turns around and speaks the worst predudice against a church, any church.
    Read his Facebook page. There’s no science there worth mentioning. This article should be removed.

  12. Interesting that people believe scientists citation that are totally corrupt …. listen to Randall Carlson on the Critical Randall Carlson “IceAge Shift:10,000-year Collection of Clues to decode a Holocene Mystery” …. speaks for 35min about glacial recession that only began about 1850 … the energy paradox is a real problem with the dogma of how the ice melted at the end of the ice age, the younger dryas comet that cause a catastrophic melting release 12,000 ya – science of man provides the hypothesis to real science discovery ….. makes CO2 warming look childish …. as far as geopolitics and churches its all fair game that is irrelevant to science.

  13. Lots of negative comments on this article, most about things I am not that familiar with so not sure…

    However, I’ve studied physical anthropology (BA); there are indeed quite a few cultures where when the population goes hungry they practice infanticide and I’ve come across records of places and times when people have indeed killed and eaten their own children, as well as sold them to others.

    I cannot stomach researching this again so I will not provide links… but few years ago I read something about Chinese making “baby soup” as a “delicacy”… and I searched and found an article with recipes for how to make the soup…. that included photos of dead infants plunked in a stew pot along with the veggies as well as photos of dead infants (many girls, you could tell as they were naked) laying down on a table along side the veggies and cleaver to chop them up.

    More commonly however… it’s my understanding that among some mammals (including humans) who are starving … often reproductive age females stop menstruating and so don’t reproduce and fertility rates drop considerably, even without birth control,. abortion or infanticide.

  14. Steven, your comments are rational and indeed factual. Now lets see what happens to it’s value when a man has a wheel barrow of gold and nothing to buy because there is no one with the knowledge or skills to create the iron, wood, fabric or food goods one would buy. What is the value of it’s atoms then? One might have to give a wheel barrow full of gold to buy a crust of bread. Ever hear of people with wheel barrows of money they couldn’t spend before nations went off the gold standard?

    We will potentially see this happen again in our life time I suspect, if the church history and prophesy I’ve looked into over 50 years is understood correctly. I always leave room for error, after all, I’m just an amateur biblical historian who is finding amazing revelations in weather patterns and biblical history. It takes a great deal of time to dig this stuff out. It is hard to come to a place where one can conclude that a comparison of weather and specifically (church history) are connected or can be. I wish you the very best.

  15. The most important aspect of all churches is the combination of ‘tithes’ with some form of blackmail. When seen in the round, it is basically a menaces money akin to mafia kickbacks.

    Churches grew incredibly rich by extorting 10% of everyone’s wealth upon pain of societal ostracism if they didn’t go to church every Sunday and cough up.

    You can see now that people don’t do that any more that the Church doesn’t have that much left to fall back on in many countries.

    All hierarchical organisation’s behave in the same way: they are power structures where those most zealous in wishing to acquire power get to the top, not because they are the wisest, the most generous, the most compassionate, but because they know how to play power games the best.

    It’s about time people discussed why they want to be servants in large hierarchical power structures.

  16. The Catholic bashing was a bit much for me, although if you asked me, “Is the Pope Catholic?” I’d be tempted to say the current Pope isn’t. But that is all politics. Of more interest was the description of the harsh times, and how children were sacrificed.

    It is thankfully outside our imagination to imagine sacrificing children, but the Bible mentions sieges where there were no children left alive in the besieged cities, at the end.

    Hansel and Gretel is a tale from the Little Ice Age. Let Us pray we do not see such times return. But let us have some common sense, when it comes to preparing for worst-case-scenarios.

  17. Many of you should read the red book of Monteith, or some of the diaries of the early people’s of Scotland or Ireland. And think on the meanings of the daily life. Especially you accedemics. Never heard of the rents imposed? Or read why some were evicted? How sad. I say off his basic article, he is right on.
    To get a line on where to go to support his statement, look at the civil penalties of the Catholic Church, I believe the records go back to the the tenth century. Pay attention to the Irish bishop’s writings. Some is down to the rectory level, but bishops were more literal.

  18. What a load of B%$$S@!#.

    Let’s leave RELIGION out.

    I just want information about the coming ice age. I want to be able to protect my family. As an ice age could potentially start suddenly, I need to know what is happening. Religion always causes anger and hatred. Religion should not be discussed on this site.

    Croff, do something please.

  19. We could actually use a little more of this in Asia, especially India and a few other places. They refuse to limit their numbers so something must give to do it for them.

  20. After reading all the comments, I hope this is the Last religion tainted science article ever posted on this site.

    Surely there is enough science out there to post.
    How about sticking to science Robert?

    • Starvation during a solar min. not a topic on ice age now ? Shame on you people. Since the popes a Catholic and he stands firmly with the AGW genocidal maniacs the story is totally on topic. It’s some of the comments that seem to want to restrict the freedom of speech. If this is a science site, we should talk about anything that concerns or affects our science.

  21. Dear MaryLynne Lightoller,

    Wishing that someone was starving and selling or eating their dead children is simply, not the done thing.

    Wishing that the Asian continent, especially the Indians, were starving and selling their dead children is simply really, really icky and kind of sick.

    America also has millions of people. Would you wish it on Americans? I doubt it.

    Dancing with glee at the thought of millions of deaths……………..?What the %^&*!

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