Motorist stranded in snow on Beartooth Pass – Video

Four-wheel drive truck couldn’t even reach.

Wyoming Highway Patrol was also unsuccessful.

Snowdrifts 4-feet deep. It required a snowplow to finally get through and rescue him.

On June 9th!

Thanks to Reziac for this video

8 thoughts on “Motorist stranded in snow on Beartooth Pass – Video”

  1. Blizzard like weather, these jokers kill me! Would be like calling the overflowing of the Arkansas River just north of me; flood like conditions LOL.

    Stay up there in the north. Or perhaps think about relocation?

  2. The faithfull will proclaim the situation as resulting from excess CO2 and demand a larger carbon tax…. Seriously though if we are getting winter like conditions this time of year even in the Rockies the situation needs to be studied. What is the weather history for the region and is it part of a developing trend? The biggest problem for those of us who think a major glaciation is coming is detecting the first real indicators of a major glaciation setting in. If we get it wrong too often humanity will be caught unprepared.

  3. 4ft just fell? there wasnt snow before?
    if it was snowy already the drivers a fool for going there

  4. It is amazing to see that much snow on the ground in Montana during mid-June. We arrived in that area on the way to spend time in Yelowstone on June 3 last year. Everything around us was brilliant, almost blinding, green. Highs were in the 60’s F. I’m glad I didn’t make plans to go back during June this year.

  5. If you have never driven that pass I highly recommend it. Amazing.
    Make sure your cooling, braking and tires are all in good order though.
    And of course try to avoid the snow.
    If that’s even possible anymore.

  6. Normally the road is open and clear to drive as of Memorial Day — snow-clearing crews spend most of May working on it, and post videos almost every day.

    We always get some snow in early June, but not like this. Expected might be about 8″ that would melt off the road almost as fast as it accumulated, and would remain driveable, at least for locals who are used to slush. Blizzard conditions piling drifts up to 4 feet goes way beyond that. (Tho I agree that if you get to where the road looks like trouble, it’s time to turn around.)

    This year’s snowpack is well above average for MT, and in some watersheds as much as 450% of normal!

    No wonder the glaciers are growing again…

  7. Those who have lived in the Rockies for decades know and understand it can snow any month of the year…and it’s not the two inches of snow…or 8 inches of snow, it’s the drifting that can pile up many feet and bury a vehicle and it’s occupants. I venture to guess the pick up driver was out for a joy ride thinking he could defeat the snow.

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