Mount Bachelor open for skiing this weekend

“A heat wave in the U.S. during summer is not weird no matter how much the lamestream media squeals about it, but lift-served skiing July 1 at Mt. Bachelor is unique,” says reader Josh Cooley.

Mt. Bachelor:

There is also summer skiing on Mt. Hood:
“The snowpack is awesome,” says their website.

And Blackcomb:

And Alaska:

According to rankings from, the Girdwood, Alaska, resort got 962 inches of snow during the 2011-2012 season, while Mount Baker in Washington came in second with 800 inches. Crystal Mountain, also in Washington, got 587 inches.

A lot of that snow is still covering the mountains at Alyeska. On Friday there were several skiers and snowboarders out taking advantage of the weather.

And backcountry skiing all year in Washington State:

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6 thoughts on “Mount Bachelor open for skiing this weekend”

  1. Skiing in July is not unusual in the Cascades of WA and OR. I recall skiing from the top to bottom of the Alpental ski area, 2200′ vertical with a base elevation of 3200′ above sea level, in mid-July, 1973. Alpental is near the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, WA thatvis traversed I-90′ with an elevation of 3050′.

    • And I recall skiing Crystal Mountain on July 4th in 1998. It actually snowed as I was coming down the mountain. But aren’t children not supposed to even know what snow looks like?

    • Actually there has NOT been enough snow in recent decades for summer skiing. It is only in the past several years that ski resorts are open in summer for skiing. Don’t forget that scientists were predicting an Ice Age in the 70’s because of Global Cooling. We had a bit of warming since then until 1997. The world started cooling again after that. The Sun got warmer for a bit and has now reverted to it’s slumber. Which may last thousands of years, while snow and ice piles up.

  2. Too bad I couldn’t head up there. I was too busy the past season to get many runs in and had hoped to “carve out” time for some summer skiing. Oh well, looking forward to next season …

  3. Of course the summer skiing has happened before and will happen again – I worked at a summer camp in Sequoia National Park where it snowed when the campers came in to camp at the end of June and was snowing when they left in August. It is only something worth talking about in light of the AGW claim that snow is going to stop entirely. If they had never said that, this group would not be discussing July skiing!

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