Mount Stuart an Illegal Immigrant? – Video

Did Washington’s Mount Stuart travel 1,000 miles north from Mexico? Video by geologist Nick Zentner.

See a great map of what the super-continent Pangaea looked like.

“The Stuart Range near Leavenworth, Washington, is one of the most beautiful mountains in all of the American West,” says geologist Nick Zentner. “And yet its granite contains clues that continue to puzzle geologists.  Did the granite really form in Mexico and move a thousand miles north to central Washington?”

Most mountains in the Cascades were formed “only” 40 million years ago. However, the rocks on Mount Stuart were formed 93 million years ago.

But why? See Nick’s explanation.

Nick Zentner is the science outreach and education coordinator for the Department of Geological Sciences at Central Washington University. He has produced more than 40 short videos about Central Washington geology.

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  1. Don’t laugh … but my first thought when I saw this posting was I thought it said “Martha Stuart and Illegal Immigrant?”.

    Wish I could see the video, but my computer connections make that difficult. I do love mountains!

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