MSM downplaying record lows in the Netherlands

Global warming propaganda

MSM downplaying record lows in the Netherlands

By Argiris Diamantis

Two days ago, we had the coldest September 23 ever measured in the Netherlands.

This year March 17 was also the coldest March 17 ever recorded in the Netherlands.

The national weather institute KNMI makes global warming propaganda by stating this 2018 summer was the hottest in the Netherlands in 300 years.

However, Dutch temperature records are based on the De Bilt weather station that dates from 1897. The thermometer of this station has been replaced several times and in the course of so many years the UHI effect has increased, but no downward temperature correction has been effected to compensate for the UHI effect.

So record highs are quite meaningless and record lows are very meaningful. Yet the MSM is paying lots of attention to these record highs and downplays the record lows.

Argiris Diamantis is a long-time contributor from the Netherlands

13 thoughts on “MSM downplaying record lows in the Netherlands”

  1. They never surprise me anymore! Nothing new about their lies, bias, total misinformation and false reporting. That goes for everything – not just the weather.
    Don’t pay any attention to them.

  2. Meanwhile over in the UK, life expectancy stopped growing after 2015.

    That’s bad – it’s still lower than in several other countries. In some parts like Wales and Scotland, lifespan has gone into reverse.

    One reason given was high numbers of flu and other winter deaths in the last three years.

    It won’t be long before the MSM start blaming this on climate change.

    Rising winter deaths. Hmm – I wonder what kind of climate change could be causing that?

  3. Twice this past year Dutch government-owned meteorological bureau was caught redhanded upon changing the nightly minimum-temperature the next thereafter . Of course upwards only . I expressed my feelings about these malpractices , which i spotted by accident , in two different emails , but being an amateur i did not file records of these emails . What KNMI nowadays does is just as bad as the manipulations of the us weather bureaus , however the suggestion of Argiris to correct measured figures for a UHI effect may as well lead to a path in another wrong direction . Recorded data should be preserved as recorded data without any manipulation . Science has seen nowadays to many malpractices . The interpretation of the facts is a different matter and remains the freedom of the observer .
    However the measured facts should remain sacred . For instance it ought to be a fallacy when as Obama put it : You have your facts and I have my facts ………..

  4. Temperatures, especially low temperatures are extremely sensitive to exposure, even within a small amount of space. Being in a low area away from heat sources can easily make a 10 degree difference from another exposure on higher ground, close to heat sources like asphalt, concrete, air conditioning exhaust, jet exhaust, etc.

    In my own case, being on the 10th floor on the north side (that never sees the sun), surrounded by woods with trees below, my maximum temperature can come in 10 degrees below the official maximum temperature. So temperatures, even within a small area are hardly uniform.

    Since siting is generally controlled by agenda driven people, that can have an enormous impact on perceived warming.

  5. Quote:
    The national weather institute KNMI makes global warming propaganda by stating this 2018 summer was the hottest in the Netherlands in 300 years.
    Correct! but nothing to do with AGW, and everything to do with a long lasting Sudden Atmospheric Event coupled with the series of large long lasting Coronial Holes which are being observed for much of this year, which created a large blocking high over Western Europe for much of the Spring and Summer. The climate history of Europe is littered with observations of similar heat levels, at similar points in the normal solar cycle and similar points in a Grand Solar Minimum event.
    300 years ago was during the first GSM cycle of the Maunder event, right at the end of the cycle and before the next commenced.

  6. Spent the summer in Danmark and Sweden, and it was hot, very hot… The hot air was constantly coming from the east, which was unusual. Nevertheless, from my limited experience, hot summers precede cold winters – I suspect that the averages tend to equal out in the long run, so now I expect cold winter.

    Makes me wonder though: Now I know many people don’t believe in chemtrails, haarp and other weather modification techniques, but imagine if the technology is real, you control it, and your ultimate goal is to kill off a few hundred milions “useless eaters”. Would it not make perfect sense to hype up global warming, and then kill them off in one big winter?

  7. pretty typical shenannigans.. and the highest evah?
    by how many tenths of a degree did they say?
    or did they sorta manage to “forget” to state it?

    as you said if its gone from rural to urban and varying equipment changes its worth little for real ref value anyway

  8. If you started taxing and fee schema on “green” energy based on the premise that it is contributing to Anthropogenic Global Cooling, then viola! The MSM would headline that AGC is the real danger to humanity. Until the sark pools of money dry up, it will be AGW even if chicago was under a mile of ice. LoL

    • yeah , hear the svreams when they propose to roadtax leccy cars!
      the owners expect to use the rds for free cos theyre green..and ever so virtuous its like they think they are so holy they ride above the asphalt and dont damage rds like a normal vehicle;-)

  9. An example of global warming propaganda I am seeing now in Ontario constantly is reporting temperatures with the ‘humidex’ reading to inflate the number.

    While on very humid summer days the humidex is legitimate in quantifying how the actual temperature feels, this is being used even on mild days or days where it clearly makes no difference.

    So its 19C outside, and feels mild, but they report its 27C due to humidex!! Its not hot!!!

  10. It must be made perfectly clear to all who read this information about temperatures that they are , TEMPERATURE STATISTICS, not temperatures. According to the laws of Thermodynamics temperatures CANNOT be added and averaged because they are not an amount of something, they are a description of the level of vibration of molecules at that point in the temperature grid or temperature field.

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