Mt. Bachelor open for skiing

Open for skiing till Sunday and there is new snow shown on the webcams

Mt. Bachelor is in Bend, Oregon. I’ve skied there, and the powder can be amazing.

Thanks to Oly for these links

4 thoughts on “Mt. Bachelor open for skiing”

  1. Sure isn’t getting any warmer these days at Mt Bachelor or anywhere else!
    Every year, the snows come earlier and earlier in the hemisphere and last longer and longer.
    Good example of climatic cooling and the ice age cycle.

  2. Fresh snow on the mountains behind my house this morning.
    42F ‘ere @ sea level now at the Base of the Olympic Mountains, so two degree drop per thousand feet, snow level is eight miles away at four thousand feet.

  3. Nice Tumulo and Bend Live Webcam looks like white out conditions. Call Al its time to go Skying. LOL Summer in about three weeks.

  4. NE Oregon /Grande Ronde Valley-snow all around the top we had a cold rain and flooding in past week. next week were are getting 70F-75F Global warming ?
    Going out to pu th green house together- may actually have tomatoes this year..

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