Mt Baker snow depth 13 times more than last year

Check out the tweets from NWS Seattle
“Mt. Baker snow depth 80″ (203 cm). Same time last year, it was 6″ (15 cm). Could be triple digit by the weekend.”

* * *

“If models are correct, nearly every western WA mountain snowfall reporting location could have over 100% of normal snowfall by weekend”

Does this mean normal snowfall for the entire season? I don’t know. 



8 thoughts on “Mt Baker snow depth 13 times more than last year”

  1. It seems as though Baker and Rainier have been getting large amounts of snow this fall. If it persists through the snow season, then you have to wonder how much this will impact glacier growth. That could be another story come summer.

    • Or no story at all; given how selective the news media is. This will be swiftly swept under the rug, if mentioned at all.

        • Its a jet stream thing, the anti cyclone should drift over Scandinavia next month and with a little luck we’ll see a rerun of the 1946-47 winter in the UK.

          Otherwise its only North America to get the big snows this season.

          • 9 day forcast indicates Jet stream which has been bring very warm air from the Canaries, together with dust from the Sahara and is to move eastward and dissipating arounf the turn of the year.
            Significant cold polar weather in Central Europe is also moving westward as the blocking high over Italy which anchored the Jet stream over the UK moves east as well.
            As to weather, in the UK, its in the lap of chance, we normally get most of our severe cold weather, wet snow in February. Perhaps this will be another ex British Rail wrong kind of snow year.

  2. Just think what will happen to the North American Glaciers if this happens every year for the next 40 years or more. The cold period with harsh winters is expect to last until 2056 when the next solar warm period commences its slow 140 year climb to the next, but lower temperature peak in 2183 before the next solar minimum starts abruptly, as this one did in 2009.
    By the end of this cool period AGW Climate Ologists should have gone the same way as the Dodo, shot for being fraudulently stupid, only I don’t think they will taste as nice as a Dodo.

    • “JimBob”, that is something that no Human Being would ever want to contemplate !

      And it makes you wonder if these Pagans are about to bring this upon us all ?

      Let Nature do its thing, and “everyone” keep your opinions to your self, why make it worse then need be ????????????

  3. and for all you kids out there living near Mt Baker – don’t panic – they’ll be plenty of heavy snow in 70 years from now – even when the media keeps saying that it’s “too warm to snow” when it’s below 32F. Warm = cold! lol

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