Mt Lokon activity continues

11 Sep 11 – In North Sulawesi, Mount Lokon continued to be a concern two months after it first erupted. On Sunday, Lokon erupted seven times, sending debris up to 350 meters from the edge of the crater.

Observers recorded more than 20 volcanic quakes on Saturday, and one tectonic quake and two volcanic quakes on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, provincial authorities raised the alert level of Mount Tambora to the second-highest possible as volcanic activity increased in the volatile mountain.

The volcano, site of the world’s deadliest eruption on record, showed no visual signs of an upcoming eruption, but data collected on mechanical instruments gave cause for concern.

“Classified as a “supercolossal event,” Tambora’s 1815 eruption ejected immense amounts of volcanic dust into the upper atmosphere, significantly impacting the global climate for many years afterward. In Indonesia, the volcano’s roar could be heard more than 800 miles away. ”

That eruption killed more than 90,000 people, including many who died from famine and disease as a result  of the event.

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3 thoughts on “Mt Lokon activity continues”

  1. Robert, I know it’s controversial but could this world-wide volcanic upsurge have anything to do with the approach of this “comet” Elenin? If it really is a more massive body than we are led to believe it would surely cause stresses and strains in our world?

    • It would have to be a very massive item to have any real effect at the distance it still is at, and thus, should have had a significant visual effect on the Sun, which I don’t think it has, nor the asteroid belt through which it passed. There is the guy that is talking about gravitonic waves or something like that, and implies that it could be the source of earthquake activity due to the fact that it is moving very close the plane of our orbit. Yet the dates predicted by his theory for activity didn’t always generate activity.

      It should be at its closest approach to the Sun by now and moving swiftly towards its closest approach to Earth – if it didn’t disintegrate as claimed – about 2 weeks from now. Earthquake activity has been relatively mild in the past week or so, so I question whether or not “Elenin,” whatever it is, has had affect on Earth.

      As for the alignments, once can be dismissed, as they like to say, but when you get to 2 or 3, can it be considered a “coincidence?” Answer, yes it can. And it could be a coincidence if it happened a 100 times as well. After all, all major earthquakes don’t fall on alignments, so perhaps it truly is “just coincidental” after all.

  2. if instruments readings have em worried, I guess its magma building up? severe ejecta event seems to be Tamboras style. time to go visit someone who lives a distance away?

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