Mt. Sinabung Ejects Massive Ash Column – Video

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupted Monday, sending a column of volcanic ash more than 16,000 feet (3 miles) into the sky and dumped debris on nearby towns.

The volcano was inactive for four centuries until 2010. Then erupted in 2013 and 2016, and has since remained active.

You may want to turn off the sound on the following video. I find the music annoying.
Thanks to Oly and Argiris Diamantis for these videos

7 thoughts on “Mt. Sinabung Ejects Massive Ash Column – Video”

  1. Here goes another one. IT went to 32000 feet yesterday. Fronts are still coming down as far as the Gulf Coast at the end of this week in August? IT may finally be catching up to us. The low sun spot activity over the last 12 years may be winning out. IT just took a while longer.
    Like ROBERT has said, the cumulative effect has a lag time.

  2. one hefty kaboom then quiet again..maybe
    youd not need to be a gambler if you live near any volcanically possible areas..cos being theres risk enough!

  3. The weather pattern this year in the pacific NW is just odd. Only 3 days of real heat and back into the mild/cool days. We are already having 40 deg F nights. Big volcanoes going off reaching the upper atmosphere with ash will speed up the cooling.
    Note to self: install bigger propane tank soon !!!
    It is with happy thoughts to note the climate changers (global warming theory crowd) has been noticeably quiet… where is Al Gore these days???

  4. Robert, I saw a preliminary news blast that said there was a cluster/swarm of earthquakes near the San Andreas fault. Have seen no follow up, though. Take care, Earl

  5. So what does any of this remote CinnamonBunged up volcano on some obscure island really have to do with our main current reality anyway?… we never saw it on TV or Twitter or Instagram so how important can it really be?… What does Greta or AOC think about it? it’s not like there aren’t already millions of unreported underwater volcanoes erupting [conspiracy theory?] and the additional ocean warming caused precipitation just resulted in the the Greenland ice sheet to increase [glaciers don’t grow – they shrink… ’cause global warming right?] by 8 Gigatons PER DAY [on August 10, 2020] over the normal August summertime losses expected of 4 Gigatons PER DAY. Sheesh… you Boomers!… relax guys… grab a latte.

    The Nature of Millennials (coincidentally narrated by The Nature of Things: Dr. David Motorcycle)
    Can millennials change a light bulb
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    … so don’t all you Boomers sweat this climate thing… the experts and us Millennials got this handled… no problem. Just chill.

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