So much snow that it buried an avalanche warning sign

“Whatever, the sign says, it doesn’t help very much,” say Jake Gronseth and Rex Berkey, who uploaded the photo of the buried sign.

According to, Colorado’s Loveland Pass has received 115 inches of snow this January, as opposed to the average 58 inches for this time of year.

See photo:

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4 thoughts on “So much snow that it buried an avalanche warning sign”

  1. and kids were told that they would never see snow again by now??????

    So much for all the global warming lies!!

  2. Recent storms in California added 17.5 million acre-feet of snow water equivalent compared to the ~54 million acre-feet snow water deficit accumulated over the past five years:

    Remember what the MSM was hawking?
    Impending doom.
    Immigration perils from shuttered farms.

    Yet nothing about the explosive growth in California’s population base and the requisite water needs for all of those people? Shocked, shocked I tell you.

  3. The whole damed drought has always been a political lie. I don’t know where everyones been misinformed on this, in grade school in the 60s we were taught how the Calif. valleys would become fertile food baskets, and showed pics of new dams being built and water flowing through the irrigation gates, making it all possible. And it’s been the same since then, irrigation is always needed at some point of the year. The only way there could be a drought is if the farmers and people used up all the water on their crops, yet it was all drained into the ocean. Time to cut the crap and prosecute the criminals who caused it .

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