Multiple records tumble in Iowa

Record snowfall for the day, record snowfall for the month (almost ten times normal), record coldest high temperature for the month, the first blizzard warning EVER in November, coldest November in 42 years, and the fifth coldest November since 1878.____________

November 2018 was the coldest November in Clinton, Iowa, in 42 years, said Jim Blaess, official weather observer for the National Weather Service,.

The average mean temperature last month of 31.6 degrees was 7.9 degrees below normal, and the coldest since November 1976, which had an average mean temperature of 30.9. The normal mean for November is 39.5.

“Eight degrees below normal is a lot,” Blaess said. “Overall, November 2018 tied for the fifth-coldest going way back to 1878.”

Snowfall almost ten times normal for the month

November also produced a record 24-hour snowfall in Clinton and record snowfall for the month.

“Our monthly total for November is 15.1 inches, and that’s also a new record for November,” Blaess said. The previous record snowfall for November was 10.3 in 1997. The normal average snowfall for November is 1.6 inches.

Also, the high temperature of 55 degrees on Nov. 1, was the coldest high temperature ever recorded in Clinton in November. Records date back to 1891.

“And the National Weather Service told me… we’ve never had a blizzard warning in November until this November,” Blaess said. The last blizzard warning for this area was Jan. 26, 2014.

As if that weren’t enough, December precipitation has already made this the 12th-wettest year on record … and there’s the rest of the month to go.

Below average temperatures are expected to continue this week.

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9 thoughts on “Multiple records tumble in Iowa”

  1. Well this is just the beginning over the next few decades and centuries as the new ice age intensifies, with the other larger cycles due at the same time.

    Forget about snow being a thing of the past!

  2. with close to half your states being under avg or extremely cold
    its amazing how they can still fiddle the global avg to be 4th hottest.
    6days into the months with 3 hot days and they manage to say we are HALF a degree over avg for dec
    but they cant manage to publish todays high temp so far…

  3. Looks like the heat released by the big El Nino has passed through and the cooling is coming to the fore.

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