Multiple winter weather watches and warnings for USA – 7th day in a row

Blizzard warnings in 4 states. Significant travel impacts across wide swaths of the U.S. this weekend.

A powerful storm continues its eastward movement this weekend with heavy snow, powerful winds, and areas of wintry mix spreading across the Northern Tier.

Blizzard conditions are impacting the High Plains and around Duluth. Severe storms are possible in the lower Mississippi Valley today.

A new storm will bring feet of mountain snow, locally heavy rain, and gusty winds this weekend to California.

This is the 7th day in a row now with multiple winter weather watches and warnings for the USA

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this info

6 thoughts on “Multiple winter weather watches and warnings for USA – 7th day in a row”

  1. Now, now….Let’s not get hysterical like the Green Weenies…..This is only an isolated incident…….nothing to see here……Just because every State in the Nation has had multiple cold temperatures broken does not mean anything…..”Cold Snaps” happen all the time…………Nothing to see here…….Thousands of Cold Temp records broken in November have no meaning…….They are all proof of Warming……………I remember my Professor in College telling us, that on the way to Massive, Run Away, Man Made Global Warming, we may go through 300-400 years of cold………….Freezing, Horrific, Crop Failure COLD……….and it is only proof of Globalist Warming………….The COLDER it gets is just more proof of Warming……………………………….doncha know?

    • What I do know is that it takes 10 years for the cyclic climate change from SC24, the first cycle of the Grand Solar Minimum which started in 2008, changing from a warm, benign, 70 year period abruptly in climate terms to a 30 year period of cold, wet and windy weather to be locked into the fossil records of NH fresh water lakes.
      What more of concern is there is No return to the warm benign weather of the 1945 to 2008. From 2033 the following 90 year tepid period is called a Gleissberg Period, which is then followed by another low power 70 yr. Solar Warm period and ending with another GSM starting 2188.
      Centurion it’s the SUN stupid, and as NASA said in 2010 the Sun is the primary forcer of climate change. Pity NOAA had got taken over by the dark-side of climate religion bovine excreta.

  2. some people just had to travel..and paid dearly for the attempt!
    cant believe anyone would consider flying with storm alerts out but they did apparently

    what the hell is SO special about thanksgiving???
    seriously..Christmas I can understand, and even then no holidays worth dying to travel home for but Ive seen Thanksgiving as a trialrun for xmas and really weird to have so close TO the proper Christmas break, but every year enmasse lemming like travel and it’s always puzzled me.

  3. There is but one to save us. His name rings sweet upon the lips, strong is he, wise and honorable is he. Trump is the one to save us. He was guide us through the valley of darkness into the light, I fear nothing following him.

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