My BS meter is off the charts right now

Wake up America!

My BS meter is off the charts right now

Joe Herr

The narrative now is that the states that reopened in the last 72 hours have had an uptick in covid-19 cases.

I thought the incubation period took up to 14 days?🤔

So you mean to tell me that in 72 hours people went out in public, came in contact with an infected person, contracted the virus, started getting symptoms, went to the doctor and got tested, got their results back, and rushed them to the media so we could all be informed? 72 hours!!!

Wake up America!


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  1. Last time I checked….

    US fiat is in hyper inflationary mode.

    Answer: Pandemic Quarantine will reduce economic demand and stall M1 and M2 money velocity, thus flattening the curve on product price acceleration.

    Supply chains are broken and nothing is made here. Grocery shelves are fallow the $ is loosing its world reserve currency status.

    See Above.

    Global cooling and record flooding of crop lands is causing massive strain on agriculture supply and feed stocks.

    Push beyond meat and alternative protein sources.
    Quarantine shuts down meat supply, Animals are destroyed before processing, and replacement livestock will not be added due to business risk [wont be financed].
    Will reduce demand on produce and on what little farm yield there is in 2020.

    We are watching the great unraveling into the new normal. We are not going back to life the way it was in December 2019.

    • Meat supply is being sabotaged. Credit for livestock farmers, dairy & chicken farmers is not available. Their usual customers– schools, restaurants, even hospitals are no longer buying. They are not being helped to change their markets, make smaller packaging, etc. Bill Gates is invested in “plant-based meat”, so meat-packing plants are closing down. Seems some meat inspectors & people working in those plants have come down w covid 19, wdn’t you know?

    • the flooding from 2 dams breaking and then the waters hitting the Dow chem plants toxic ponds wil add to misery for food n safe water for that town and all around and downstream
      animals and all plantlife fish etc will be contaminated and at risk of poisoning, even peoples home gardens probably wont be safe to harvest there after the floodings hit 9feet or more.
      media sledges Trump for going to Michigan for Ford but avoids mention of the disaster in all todays news items on aussie media.
      Hillarys team lady mate governor? made an abolute idiot over no mask why was she even there? not out seeing what she could DO for the people in danger.

  2. Being retired and older, I was willing to self-isolate as much as possible to help flatten the curve, as long as it was a recommendation, although I totally blew off the mask thing and still do. When it started being a requirement, I started rebelling. And now that’s it no longer “flatten the curve” but “until we find a vaccine”, I’m no longer a supporter in any way. Any business that claims to be “open” but requires an appointment or a face mask goes on my “never shop there again” list. Life is a risk and nobody gets out of it alive. We may die from a virus, an auto accident or a fall in the bathtub – that’s life. Get over it and get on with living.

    • That’s great. But if you lived in New Jersey, you couldn’t go into ANY store without a mask. So my “rebellion” is that I have written “COVID-1984” across the top of my blue surgical mask. At least that is something! LOL

      • I’m sure eventually all this will get sorted out in the Courts. But right now it’s illegal to wear a mask if you’re also carrying a concealed weapon. Not sure how the places or States requiring masks can get around that one.

    • Agreed, me too, Bob. I told the last store manager that I had words with that he ought not rejoice in the loss of his customers’ civil rights. I followed up with an anonymous mailing of the first few pages of But I expect he’d be too dogmatic to learn from it.

      I give every store employee I deal with a copy and anyone w whom I have the slightest conversation. Today I gave them to a local copy shop and a notary, just saying, “You’re being lied to by experts.” (They were wearing masks.)
      Lots of people just don’t know there’s another side to what they’re hearing on the idiot box.

      • You go, girl! BTW, that is an EXCELLENT summary of the “what’s so” with this Covid-19 crap. We must all do whatever we can to resist; we are clearly at a tipping point now.

  3. It doesn’t matter if there’s an uptick in people with it. It’s in the general population. The numbers will trend like flu. Uptick in the winter. Downward in summer. We did the 30 days to flatten the curve. Hospitals were never over run. Open back up. Voting in person with an ID should be mandatory!

    • I can agree, basically, with most of your statement.

      Of course, I don’t agree with the last line. Why? Because absentee ballots have been in existence as long as voting has.

      Why? Because even if you have an ID, does it matter if the people running the polls don’t ask for it?”

      Why? Because as long as there are polls with people that don’t consider an ID essential, there will always be people voting more than once.

      With a paper, mail in ballot, all of which are numbered, it is at least as safe, and doesn’t violate the rights of people that can not go to the polls physically, or will not be in a position to during voting. Wake up.

  4. Aside from the facts you point out, they completely ignore the FACT the number of test have greatly increased, but you are not allowed to consider that. Half of any population is below average. The media is taking advantage of the fact.

  5. I have always thought that this virus was and is a MEDIA created HOAX. The death rate is around 0.06% of those tested and found to be infected. The media does not have to be logical, consistent, or reasonable (which they are NOT).

    • Add to that, the fact that the media generally is not held responsible for anything they write other than personal slander. What they are doing is technically no different than screaming “Fire” in a packed theatre. They should be PROSECUTED for what they have done. This whole crippling of the world economy and every death by suicide brought on by the collapse of people’s personal worlds because of what has happened, rests on the shoulders of the MAIN SCREAM MEDIA, scream is the correct middle word, and they should pay the price for the damage that they have created. They have far overstepped the bounds of responsible behavior, and like any other “entity” that does so, should be held accountable. I hope that there is a class action lawsuit, at the minimum, brought against every major outlet that has fueled the panic, and I also hope that the owners and editors, and the equivalent positions in the TV networks, are brought to justice based on the damage they have caused to the lives of nearly every person on Earth. At the least, they should be prosecuted for creating a panic that cost the lives of innocent bystanders. And that goes for politicians as well that have used the panic created for personal power and trampling on the rights of their citizens.

  6. Amazing isn’t it? Why this COVID-19 is right out of a Hollywood movie! In fact, I think they are following a movie script. A “B” movie script LOL.

  7. And why is the media and the blue state governments pushing this crisis scenario . . . two reasons: (1) to demoralize the population and (2) destroy the economy. And Why? There’s Just one reason . . . to defeat Trump in November!

  8. I’ve cleaned up my previous posts about “excess deaths” with a little script of my own. The script generates data for all 50 states plus DC and New York City (CDC treats it separately from New York State).

    Connecticut and North Carolina are missing some weeks in 2020 (5 weeks & 3 weeks respectively). Pennsylvania is also negative but not missing any weeks. Interesting, I’ll have to look into that.

    The entire USA is about 4.5% higher than the 4 year average.

    State 2016-19-Av 2020 Diff
    Entire USA 915946 956410 40464

    California 88731 91453 2722
    Florida 65372 68427 3055
    Georgia 26955 27649 694
    Illinois 35539 38088 2549
    Massachusetts 19074 21800 2726
    Michigan 31957 35598 3640
    New Jersey 24525 32600 8075
    New York State 33187 39267 6079
    New York City 17614 35524 17910
    Pennsylvania 44275 37383 -6892

    All the data is from this CDC page:

    The script and all related files are here if you want to kick the tires:

    I follow the advice of Ken Thompson, “When in doubt use brute force”. The script is nothing fancy and dumps to file a lot as that is how I like to debug.

    I will be doing up a Powershell script for this as well so the Windows folks can run it natively if they don’t have WSL2 or a Linux system around.

  9. Literally out of a movie. Google: Global Research: Video:The lock-step simulation scenario: “A corona-like pandemic that becomes trigger for police state controls.”

  10. In my opinion, there is only ONE way you can “flatten the curve” and that is by LYING about what is happening. That is, because the definition of an epidemic curve is an OBSERVATION of the number of cases over time.

    The “shape” of any epidemic curve (which varies from one epidemic to another) is based entirely on plotting the number of cases over time… and the only way you can change that shape … is by lying about the data.

    • From Deon above:
      Coronavirus is not the doomsday epidemic it is being portrayed as by irresponsible media actors. But as the Lock Step scenario makes clear, one does not need massive die-off or victims exploding in geysers of blood in the streets to achieve desired social goals. It’s possible the novel coronavirus epidemic is a “dry run,” a test of both China’s readiness to handle an outbreak and of the international community’s reaction to such a plague. There is no evidence of “an out of the ordinary” wintertime low sunlight, die off of the elderly with poor low immune systems. Stats show just the opposite. It is what it is and Global Research, SOTN, Alan Watt, James Corbett and hundreds of others are laying it out in spades.

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