Mysterious Siberian Blasts Point To Rapid Pole Reversal

An unsettling report purportedly prepared by Viktor Seleznyov, director of the Geophysical Institute at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck  East Siberia earlier today warns that more seismic activity should be expected within the coming weeks and that this event is part of an ever increasing body of evidence pointing to a “rapid” shifting in our Earth’s magnetic poles.

Note: Although I’d like to think this article is based in fact,  I think it is totally bogus … but it’s still interesting to contemplate.

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  1. Why is it that I get the urge to reach for my compass every time I hear of this sort of thing?

    Just checked, no change in magnetic polarity yet.

    • I did get some strange readings back in early Febuary,however I beleive where im at is closer to the Alantic annomalty,this maybe why I was reading 2 norths one in the northeast and one in the northwest.Im in central Georgia.

    • The changes that have occurred up to now are only noticed if you live in the North Pacific or in Europe. The magnetic north that used to be in the Northern Canada is now shifted over to the Arctic to the North of Siberia. Living in the British Isles I have seen the shift. We used to see magnetic north as being two degrees to the west of the grid north of the map. Now the magnetic north is shifted over to east of the grid north of the map. Indeed I am aware of the shift going over to the east. Still have no knowledge of exactly how many degrees to the east the shift has resulted in. The pole shift is weakening the magnetic field strength the consequence of which is that there are greater levels of Cosmic Ray energy getting through to the ground. Higher levels of Cosmic Ray induction are driving the increase of earthquakes and volcano’s. Cosmic Ray induction is also causing greater amounts of cloud and mist and fog. Especially at high altitude. Thus blocking out the sun light. Also because there are fewer sunspots that also is allowing greater amounts of Cosmic Ray energy to penetrate. Greater amounts of Cosmic Ray induction is going to cause earthquakes and volcano’s to increase. In my opinion it is the increase in the amount of Cosmic Ray induction that inevitably brings on the changes that lead to the onset of Ice Ages. Once sea levels start going down due to ice building up on the land, that leads to a feed back loop that drives us into the full Ice Age. As a child I remember reading the book “Subdue the Earth” by Professor Yostrum of Sweden. He stated that in his opinion global sea levels drop as much as 6000 meters. At that point this entire planet would be ice bound even around the equator. In the opinion of Professor Yostrum the Amazon and the Congo basins are Glacial Depressions. Also the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea occupy deep glacial depressions. In the opinion of professor Yostrum our world is going to under go massive changes known as the “Cataclysm”. Sudden and massive change of climate. Including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and tsunamis. Various other geologists are increasingly coming around to the same point of view.

      • The only time that the earth became totallly icebound was at the beginning of the Paleozoic, when the recently-evolved blue green algae used up all the CO2, and the earth went into deep freeze. Then animals evolved and CO2 went back into balance, where it has remained ever since (no thanks to Al Gore). A true ice age (like the last 4) reduces the sea level by about 100 meters, not 6,000. To find the shoreline during the ice ages (or in a coming ice age) just find the 100 meter contour on a depth chart.

      • I blogged about the effects of cosmic rays in forming clouds and further cooling the earth several years ago. No news there. Sorry, it’s been proven that the oceans don’t drop ANYWHERE near 6,000 METERS during ice ages. Not even feet but meters? That’s hilariously ridiculous! I think you should have “Professor” Yostrums credentials checked, lol.

        • Professor Yostrum of Sweden sold millions of copies of his book “Subdue the earth”. That alone as well as his academic qualifications are credential enough. I presume that he is now passed away. Since his publications a great many geologists have become convinced as regard to the “Catastrophism” as it is being called. Certainly there are geological processes that occur slowly over millions of years. However there is clear geological evidence to prove that there have been and will continue to occur geological events that take place suddenly with massive consequences. As regard to the idea that sea levels can drop by as much as six kilometers I personally do not find that figure very shocking and I certainly do not find it appropriate to laugh about it. Marine archeologists have discovered that there are the remains of once thriving human settlments now four hundred meters under the water of present day sea level, thus proving that only 15,000 years ago sea levels worldwide were 400 meters lower than they are today. Going back further into the last Ice Age cycle sea levels were even lower. So much so that ocean sonar scanning has revealed clear evidence of river beds and river canyons several hundreds of meters below present day sea level. Even to the amazing depth of as great as six kilometers below present day sea level. Along the northern coast of Cuba marine archeologists have discovered the remains of a once bustling city which is now situated 1000 meters below present day sea level. Archeologist are finding evidences at even greater depths, but are as dumb struck as anyone else. If I had not read “Subdue the Earth” by Propfessor Yostrum I too would have diffuculty in believing it. However, the evidences cannot be ignored. If we are faithful to the scientific method then these evidences must be put together to arrive at a new paradigm. “Catastrophism” is that new paradigm. Sudden melting of the several kilometers thick ice sheets that covered all the lands where we are now living brought on catastrophic flooding which we are told in the Book of Genesis wiped out the race of giants that dominated the world in those days. That lost civilization is now a ruin so deep under the sea that marine archeologists are only just beginning to discover it using special submarines capable of diving to such incredable depths. Some relics of that lost civilization are on dry land above present day sea level and present archeology with some big mysteries. Were the Giza Pyramids really constructed by the pharoahs of dynastic Egypt ? Who were they who built the Terrace of Baalbek situated in Lebanon ? Looking for answers the author Graham Hancock wrote his book “Finger Prints of the Gods” which is now available free of charge as a PDF download. There are those and I am one of them, who with good scientific reason profess that all stars and planets are hollow. With that in mind “Catastrophism” becomes even more likely. Please do not respond with knee jerk reactions. Take the time to read all the various books that have been written. The evidences must be addressed. Simply sweeping the data under the carpet is not good science.

          • “There are those and I am one of them, who with good scientific reason profess that all stars and planets are hollow.”

            Hmm..All Planets and Stars hollow? We need new laws of physics then. Especially for explaining how Stars work.

  2. Hi Robert, I had no trouble opening the link. I’m astounded at the almost overload of information from all corners of the world about major events: earthquakes, vulcanoes, mudslides, animal deaths all over the world with a mysterious deadly illness in Europe and USA and flu death in Spain. I’m worried that ANYTHING of the above can happen at any time. Keep well.

  3. Steven, if you were in the extreme Western Aleutian islands, or say the Kamchatka peninsula, you would notice a difference, as compared to say, 20 years ago. You have to keep in mind the rapid changes recently as compared to the past.

    • Dave I just checked my compass the other day as I typed the posting you reacted to.
      From Barrie Ontario there is no noticeable change yet. May be some time in the future there will be a polarity shift but not right now.

  4. Piers Corbyn says this year and next will see unusually high levels of extreme weather, earthquakes etc, then things will settle down.

    Time will tell if he’s right, but my money is backing him at this time…….

  5. I looked through Seleznyov’s letters to Einstein and only found that he thought weight of ice at the poles caused movement.

  6. See for correspondence between Eintsein and Seleznyov about movement of poles being caused by weight of ice that moved techtonic plates.

  7. Just checked my compass. YIKES! There has been at least a 5 degree shift westward in just the past year or so! I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  8. I am not a scientist but I have noticed the moon being in different positions in the night sky around the same time at night over the last 2 weeks. I live in the South.

    I began to take pics and the moon is 30 degrees to the right and lower as viewed from my front yard for one day only to shift the next night to appear 30 degrees to the left and higher in the sky as seen from my back yard back, 8 pm – 9 pm. Two nights ago it moved 30 degrees further to the left again.

    And why is the earth’s shadow on the bottom of the moon now? Isn’t it suppose to be on the left or right as it moves from full to new?

    Has there already been a polar shift or are we in a wobble of sorts?

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