N.B. man up to his eyeballs in snow – Video

The video shows Kevin McGrath, of Dieppe, New Brunswick, struggling to leave his house on Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Dieppe was hit with approximately 55 cm (almost 2 ft) of snow over the weekend. The heavy snowfall forced closure of many schools and roads.

The storm left upwards of 70 cm of snow in parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for this link

5 thoughts on “N.B. man up to his eyeballs in snow – Video”

  1. Time to invest in a pair of Snowshoes and even them modern mass-produced cheep things they sell today are better than nothing.
    The older Michigan style is what you want for best floatation or carrying a small load.

  2. 15 yrs ago I heard Robert say on Coast to Coast AM, that one day a guy will open his garage door in New England to drive to work, but will see nothing but a wall of snow. Fiddlin

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