Another nail in the coffin of global warming – Video

Debunking climate scare.

Tom Harris of International Climate Science Coalition tells us about his organization’s latest report and the climate hysteria being promoted by the UN.

Thanks to Pierre Demers for this video

6 thoughts on “Another nail in the coffin of global warming – Video”

  1. Tony Abbot has the Senate votes he needs to repeal the Carbon Tax!
    New small party Senators from the PUP, LDP and Family First have confirmed support. This represents a diverse cross section of society.The Greens have lost the balance of power and Tony Abbott stated that this was a “great political achievement for the Coalition” (Liberal/National Party).

  2. Australians Greens Senate vote dropped %4.5 at the recent election. This is a genuine shock result which eclipses their Lower house decline of %3.
    New Senators will take their places on July 1st but Tony Abbott could place the Carbon Tax bill in the Senate well before then knowing it will be defeated just to produce the kind of optics that may wipe out the Greens at the next half Senate election in 2016.

  3. Thanks Robert for your work to inform the population and indict the charlatans. It is unfortunate that so much resource has been diverted to their lucrative scheme! Clearly we must now indeed face a real climate change; but the pseudo-scientists are still filling their money-bags!

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