NASA confirms – Sea levels FALLING across the planet

This is NASA’s own graph. Look at 2016 and 2017.

Sea levels are FALLING.

Where is that water going? It is being locked up on land as snow and ice.


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  1. If you go to the link it has endless stuff about sea level rise. Interesting that I could not find any reference to the tail of the graph. And the trouble with all of this is the readiness of NASA to adjust and create data. Sorry, “homogenise” and “infill” data. One never know what to believe.

    • LOL!

      Do any of you idiots know how to read a graph?

      You see where it starts right? At 1995.

      There is no reference to the dip at the end, because if you LOOK AT THE GRAPH, you will see many many dips.

      Now look at the graph since 1995 and up to 2015. Does that trend not seem like the sea level has been rising consistently? It’s very clearly been going straight up.

      LOL @ all of you. You are either stupid or just gullible.

      • To Enrique, there are dips in the graph but no plateaus as occuring now, this is significant.
        Most importantly though is the fact that sea level rise has been consistent for centuries therefore what we should be seeing with global warming is an increased rate of sea level rise, but it is not happening.
        Please do not be so quick to lable anyone here an idiot, as I have just shown, the situation is more complex than you realise.

      • Enrique, hispanics are not exactly leading scientists due to their flippant nature — as evidenced by your comment.

        Its true the graph mostly os going up. But. Now it appears to have begun to level off. More time, and more graph are necessary to see if a new trend develops.

        However, according to Al Gore, see level rise is relentless — and soon we’ll all be swallowed by rising seas. The graph does not support that.

      • I hate to admit it, but the Dude is right, at least in view of the graph. If these were historical stock prices, I’d call the last few data points ‘Consolidation’. As there are no other data presented that we can go on, i cannot make a claim as to what it represents .

        • Granted the article focuses on the last two years which is not necessarily indicative of anything. However from a mathematical viewpoint there is a definite change in slope of the curve from positive to flat not just a annual variation . This may or may not be the start of something significant, time will tell.

      • Hi, try reading this graph:
        Then start the NASA plot at 1791, you would see a significant drop in Sea level for the Dalton GSM, then a small rise until the start of the Gleissberg Minimum in 1879 with another dip until 1940 and then the rise you seen in the NASA chart, with an inconvenient pause for SC20 and the rise then continues until the Solar decline of SC23 started this dip.
        SC24 has continued it, and SC25 will cause a major drop in Sea level so large NASA will not be able to hide it, possibly deeper than Dalton.
        AGW and CO2 a lagging indicator has nothing to do with Cyclic Solar Warming. The true green House Gas is water vapour, a full 1% of the atmosphere, and not the pitiful but very necessary for all life @ 0.04% for CO2.

    • If this is some step change downwards indicating a new trend it apparently starting in 2016, that’s only two years out of 22, I’m sure someone will keep an eye on it. 😉

  2. Further to the above – If you go to the data that creates the graph (click on download data) you will see near the bottom the references to alteration.
    The point is this, if there is a trend it will show regardless of error providing you use a fixed method to measure it. If your reading is out by 5mm so what. Year after year 5mm error you will still see the trend. If you use a new method to measure and that also has an error again you will still see the trend.
    These people have used alleged inaccuracies to alter the data and thus create charts that suits their beliefs. And in doing that they negate its value.

    Professor P Jones of East Anglia University summed it up in an e mail he sent to some colleages
    “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from
    1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline”.
    And such alterations have gone on unabated ever since.

    • The East Anglia University Climate Department is one of the key Anglo Saxon Universities at the heart of the AGW fraud of science.
      It exists only to promote AGW and Human Induced Climate Change, shortened by the IPPC to Climate Change, in order to obtain vast funds from the UK Science Council, the distribute of the UK Government Carbon Credits (CO2 levies) slush fund.
      While the Turkeys (electorate) are voting for a Green Christmas, we (the tiny minority agenda21 elite) will keep throwing money at the CC Ponzy scheme.

    • nice.. thank you 🙂 glad someone noted and knows about the email that confirms the falsification of data. “The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off!”

      • For those who don’t know, they’re talking about the East Anglia emails that started the Warming Hoax.

  3. Just goes to show you to never take the word from someone who flunked out of divinity school.
    (That would be Al Gore).

  4. 80+ mm in 25 years = 3.149 inches

    Across the surface of the world’s oceans, that’s a mighty volume of ice being melted to create that rise. Or equally as fantastical, the amount of solar thermal gain to cause expansion of the oceans themselves. I’d love to see the math behind the latter query.

  5. The water isnt just stopping as snow and ice, far more is falling on previously arid regions, and topping up underground water reserves.

  6. The Port Authority will not like this.If people will be able to walk across the Hudson River,where will they get the money for their employees’ pensions?

  7. Presumably the average increase shown of 3.4mm is calculated from the beginning of the data set and so fails to make it clear that a decline has been seen over recent years, which has brought the average down


  9. ..dit dit…dit ta dit….

    This news just in from the global warming believers….

    Sea levels are at catastrophic high levels and, and…um we’re burning up, yea that’s it! We’re burning up ’cause the Sun…nope nope…..because the air is bad.

    Yea! Sea levels are high and drowning us….the air is hot and toxic and don’t breathe cause we’ll have to tax you and stuff before you kill us all!

    Oh we reject your evidence to the contrary and will substitute our own!

  10. This world does what it does regardless of what mankind does. Sea levels will fluctuate, temperature will do the same, climates will change and man can do nothing about it. The earth abides, and is better for it when we just till the land and live gratefully upon it. Although it self-heals, we have a reasonable responsibilities while we live on the earth, but it will do what it does regardless of what we do. We don’t need to save the planet… We need to save each other, and resist idiotic ideologies that are invented to create a state of fear.

    • Hear, Hear! Well said M. D. Rossi!

      Walk softly on this earth. Take personal responsibility and control what you, yourself, can. Above all, set an example for responsible living and ignore the fear mongering. The rest will take care of itself.

  11. This is logical since Earth is losing Hydrogen at a rate of 3 kgs every second. The majority of this hydrogen comes from the former water molecule which has been dissociated by the Sun.

  12. Folks, I’m a little surprised that a tiny blip at the end of a graph is being levied as a trend on this post. It looks like sea levels naturally go up and down a little bit throughout the measurement period, with the clear trend upwards in this timescale until plateauing the last couple years.

    I’m all for torches and pitchforks when somebody manufacturers data, but where’s the story here?

  13. Can’t be true, both Barack Obama and Al Gore told us that the sea levels were rising because of global warming and we would all drown.

  14. They weren’t truthful when Obama was president. What would cause anyone to believe they are truthful now. They seem to change facts as befits a political agenda.

  15. Al Gore will be happy that his beachfront home is no longer in danger. The inconvenient truth is carbon tax is the fear monger’s cash grab and no amount of money can stop the sun from influencing this planet’s weather systems. Undersea volcanoes contribute to carbon emissions far more than man does and we don’t even know exactly how many undersea volcanoes there are.

  16. And of course you have the recent story of the Australians getting caught altering temperature data on that continent to make it look warmer then it really was.

  17. For decades the global warming alarmist have been telling us that sea levels around the planet are rising as a consequence of global warming. Now, they are telling us that sea levels around the planet are falling. The entire thing appears to be a sham and a fraud, much like a Ponzi scheme, designed solely for the purpose of extracting money for the benefit of the perpetrators and perpetuate the existence of the scam.

  18. Where was SEA level 10,000 years ago? 15k? 50k? At what level do they want it? It’s always changing, just like the techtoiadial plates. Do you expect it to always remain the same?

  19. The graph is poorly labeled, but it shows a RISE in sea level, not a lowering. Arrow points up and values are positive (a lowering would have been negative). If you go to the NASA website and look around, all references are to sea level rising.

  20. I have been going to the same beach for about 40 years. Water level is still at same place that it was 40 years ago, despite Al Gore’s baloney and the manipulation of data by so-called scientists.

    • In 1969, I lived on the beach in San Diego California – my first memories of the beach. Growing up there, I surfed for many years. I no longer live there, but go back there on vacation every few years. It’s been almost 50 years since 1969, and the place looks exactly the same… 50 years!

  21. That can’t be true…! There Must be some global warming/change/? gremlin holding back the water that will be released next year to flood the coastlines. Just ask the tree huggers & the concensus of concerned scientists around the world. They will agree since it’s just as good an excuse as they have proffered… ?

  22. The Global Warming/Climate Change orthodoxy has assumed religious proportions and we are told we must blindly believe what we are told about this phenomenon, else, we are called ‘deniers.’ I question any scientific advocacy that insists “the science is settled.” Science is not about consensus, but about replicable experiments that support or undermine a hypothesis.

  23. I am a firm believer in the “Expanding Earth” scenario. If the sea levels are receding then it would be because the earth is expanding.

    • The Japan earthquake caused the Pacific ocean to expand by 39 inches. Japan is now that much further away from California. Think about how much more volume of saltwater the Pacific can now contain just by expanding its circumference by that much.

    • Now that’s an interesting theory. If true, is everything else cracking for the same reason? Streets, sidewalks, etc.

    • Only if the volume of H20 is not also increasing, but there is mounting evidence that it is. Consider the countless deep-sea hydrothermal vents expelling huge amounts of superheated magmatic water. We’re told this water is simply recycled ocean water, yet recent discoveries show that there are enormous quantities of H20 locked within the upper mantle of Earth’s crust under very high pressure. The vents are located at the very fracture zones (the undersea ridges) where that mantle is exposed.

      Also, consider that the satellites show a sea rise of 3.4 mm/year, while the tide gauges (which measure sea level in relation to land) show 1.8 mm/year. The AGW press now promotes the satellite data because it shows a faster rate of rise (even though this faster rate cannot be accounted for by H20 heating and ice melting, a point which is never mentioned outside academic papers). The only reasonable interpretation, to me, is that the land above water is rising at 1.6 mm/year. If both sea and land are rising, well…

  24. That’s odd. Al Gore and his followers told us the sea levels were RISING. There would be fish in the streets of coastal towns. How about we have scientist reach conclusions instead of actors, singers, politicians, and charlatans,

  25. Al Gore Quote: “Wait a minute!! That means Global Warming is causing the ice to increase… and when it melts due to Global Warming… the earth will be hotter and under miles of melted water because of Global Warming, when the earth finely stops freezing!! We are domed!”

  26. FYI: Google Chrome refuses to link to this site from Drudge.

    However, MS Edge does link to it from Drudge.

    1984 is here already.

  27. Climate change? Of course there’s climate change. Sea levels rising (or falling)? Of course. None of which is new. There have been great changes in temperature & sea level in the fairly recent past. Ephesus was a seaport in Christ’s time & now it’s many miles from the sea.

  28. The graph shows dozens rises and falls over the years but the general trend is still northward. As you can see its still 3.4mm per year after averaging +/- .4mm error.

  29. Amazing that no matter how much evidence emerges that demonstrates that Climate Change is a natural cycle…the people commenting are twisting themselves into pretzels to SOMEHOW cling to the fantasy that Man is causing this.

    You guys are just WRONG. Jeeez…accept it and move on. Anyway…isn’t it a GOOD thing to find out you don’t need to worry yourselves sick every time you use your furnace?

  30. Could’ve made the same claim in 2012 regarding the even greater fall in sea level that started in 2010. But, as the graph plainly shows, you would have been proven wrong within a year. 2010-11 was a short-term fall that was subsequently overtaken by early 2012. In the 24 years of data there has never been a period of falling levels longer than 2 years. Current falling cycle quite possibly the same. Causes are myriad, one of which is the El Niño/La Niña cycle.

  31. Every five year increment shows *some* decreases in sea level but a specific increase over the long-term. Thus, while this is a limited fact to point to, the author’s larger conclusion does not appear to be supported by the evidence because the author cherrypicked the time period to support his conclusion.

    This argument is like saying that because there were less storms during a one week period that supports the idea that storm patterns are declining overall despite an upward trend over the long-term.

    Please someone read beyond the headline and stop assuming the headline somehow is equal to the substance of the article.

  32. Your ignorance is astonishing. The science of many testing points will not always result in a constant straight increases or decreases but actually result in an ebb and flow of many valleys and peaks along the way with the long run being the true outcome which in this case is an increase since 1995 as the graph shows. Wake up and stop drinking the tRump coolaid.

  33. First it was global cooling, then global warming, the Pause.

    But Algore could and will explain how global cooling, warming or Pause could cause sea-level to decrease also, until it rises again. I guess he will cite the tides and the moon and his sycophant followers in the media will believe.

    Narcissist Idiot-Baracka-Hussein Obama will say he cause the warming to Pause and the sea level rise to fall; and his sycophant followers in the media will believe.

    So people, let’s believe.

    B. Hussein Obama himself assured me that sea levels were rising.

    QUIT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This webpage does absolutely nothing to support your claim! The very graph you show has a 3.4 mm/yr increase in sea levels and more than 80/mm increase over 20 yrs. The ice pack in both Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets have seen an acceleration of ice mass loss since 2009.

  36. Sea levels are still rising according to the graph. Only the rate of change has reduced minimally in the last two years. This means that the are not rising as fast as a couple of years ago – which could be due to what was pointed out – that there is much more rainfall in certain areas.

  37. Actually, that graph show significant see level rise with just a couple pauses. We also look to be in another pause.

  38. Where is the water going?
    I live on a peninsula and the water is highest it has been since I moved to this colonized swamp……

    In the past the water table (aka the Gulf) was 25′ below my feet. Now to drill a fresh water well you only have to go down 20′ for fairly clean water.
    My well is 25′ the water is good, in the 20′ mark not so good water.

    It does not make any damn sense.
    If the water levels are dropping off where is it going. Typically when water evaporates it falls back to earth as precipitation. Did a huge hole that leads to middle earth open up in the middle of a ocean somewhere and is swallowing water slowly or something?

    Here in the swamp I live we always get rain everyday like clock work…..

    Narrative farse anyone?

  39. I think we are deluding ourselves if we are expecting the falling trend to continue for a significant length of time (we saw a similar drop in 2010). However it is interesting to watch the variability. If CO2 is the control knob of the global temperature, this short-term drop wouldn’t be happening.

    • Define short term. Define long term. Decades? Eons? We already had Algore give the wrong prediction that the cities would be under water, more than 20 years ago.

  40. With the lack of Sun Spots on the Sun, the Sun is powering down and will continue to do so over the next 20+years culminating in a weather/climate system not seen or experienced since 1750-1816 time period. Look or expect more volcanic activity during this time period, as well. There is nothing man could do or has done to prevent this “cooling” from occurring during the next 2 decades. This is Global “cooling” and has never been about Global “warming”!

  41. Learn how to read a graph idiots – at best it says sea level has been stable for only the last 1 to 1.5 years – it doesn’t show sea level falling you ignorant fools!

  42. The Lame Stream Media LIES!!!!
    SEA LEVELS DOWN 1 mm! Proof GW is a LIE!
    In the past 24 years sea levels have risen 83mm, this 1 mm decrease proves with out a doubt that GW is a hoax.
    BTW; My wife says I’ve gotten fat since we got married 24 years ago, THIS IS A LIE! I’ve only gained 83 pounds but I lost 1 pound last year. This is PROOF I’m not fat!

  43. My house is 9 feet above sea level! It was 9 feet above sea level 22 years ago when it was built. My GPS is a Garmin. I have never been let down by my GPS! Amazing device!

  44. Hello geniuses,
    the sea level has gone up in the past 20 years as per the graph shows.
    it also shows that there are peaks and valleys, but overall it is going up. For example, it was down in 2011, but then it went up. From ’95 till now, it is up by approximately 80mm.
    When you have high solar radiation, you may have lower sea levels as more gets evaporated and falls on land as either water or snow/ice.

    I am not a scientist or Al Gore follower. I do believe a change is happening on earth. What type, yet to be seen. Old models of weather predictions cannot be used anymore as things have gone haywire. Stronger hurricanes are arriving and Storms of the centuries are happening every other year.
    Well, all of this online fighting between humans will be useless when Yellowstone erupts. Pacific ring of volcanoes were firing few days ago…so it may be time….

  45. The “natural” state of the Earth is an ice ball. !00% of the ELE’s witnessed are associated with Ice-Ages. Hence we refer to the non-ice-ages as Inter Glacial Warming Periods. Duh.

    • Sea level rises some 160 feet since the last glaciation and we are supposed to believe the natural rise stopped and man took over? After a 160 foot rise I hardly find a 2mm per year rise to be alarming.

  46. Figures don’t lie but Al Liar Gore does.Just goes to show that the Cal. libturds and Demoes could have a broken leg and still climb a tree and lie rather than lay on the ground and tell the truth.

  47. Figures don’t lie but Al Liar Gore does.Just goes to show that the Cal. libturds and Demoes could have a broken leg and still climb a tree and lie rather than lay on the ground and tell the truth.

  48. Wrong.

    The graph shows sea levels have plateaued for a year or two.

    More so, even if significant (but temporary) declines do occur in the future, they would be within the norm documented by the chart, which still shows an overall trend of rising oceans.

    Mind you, I’m not with the environmentalists or the warmists, but I’m also not down with grasping at straws, wishful thinking, or self-delusion.

    We are discrediting ourselves. This is a misleading headline, almost harnessing the power of suggestion, and unfortunately amplified by our beloved Drudge Report.

    • my guess is that since we are still in a warm period ( holocene ), ice melts.

      and underwater volcanoes must have, before the cold comes, thermaly expanded the water above.

      what happens when the sun “decides”
      its time to show us he’s the one to call the shots?

      ..and a few land volcanoes blow up, here and there, cooling the surface? deadly mix.

  49. Yes, the planetary dynamic, this engine of global warming causing the seas to recede must be slowed down. We must cool the engine of ocean recession. In this way, with lower temperatures, we will stop the ice from enlarging. Yes, that’s right! We must lower temperatures to prevent more ice! Higher taxes! Less liberty! Hurry! Hurry!

  50. No ! This can’t be true. The liberal socialists won’t allow this to be.
    It can’t be fact.
    It’s not politically correct!

    Quick, will someone contact the overlord of the universe!

    • The Overlord of the Universe told me to tell you to look at the whole graph and not just the tiny red box.

      You’re welcome.

  51. Co2 is a trace gas, less than 0.03%. If it were a super gas, like that that al gore expells it might do something extraordinary, but no. It is the big round orb in the sky and the magnetic field it distributes that controls the earths temperature, and the big orb is sliding into a minimum.

  52. I live on the beach and we have 2 high tides and 2 low tides every day of the year. Any of these “scientists” whose income depends on toeing the Govt Line for their grant money to be approved, can easily manipulate their data by measuring the water level at low tide and follow up next year at high tide to proclaim, “Ocean levels have risen 2 feet in the last year … We Were Right!!!”.

  53. Frankly, as a scientist, I think it disgusting the way the CRU at East Anglia U. – at best a 4th rate ‘university’, if that – has been allowed to throw the world into this turmoil for personal gain by its ‘academics’. In any other scientific endeavor the Jones emails and the absence of original data preventing repeatability of baseline model verification, would have resulted in every journal article being pulled and retractions being printed. It would have ended the academic career of whoever did it, just as faking genetic research did in South Korea, and impossible to verify ‘research’ did with Cold Fusion. It’s an academic disgrace akin to allowing the Vatican to dictate that the Solar System is geocentric, that academics all over the world have not distanced themselves from this travesty the CRU is peddling, and is instead doubling down on what must be considered the most massive fraud since Ponzi.

  54. As a skeptic, I often criticize global warming proponents for their lack of, or cherry picking of, evidence. Similarly, this little blip of sea level falling can hardly yet be described as a trend. As you can see in the past there have been several downward cycles but the overall trend of sea levels is still rising (albeit millimeters per year.)

  55. Send me an update in 20 years to I’ll see if the trend continued. No. Wait. I’ll be dead. Never mind. I don’t care.

  56. Just want to get this right. The seal level has risen one-third of an inch in 20 years. I thought it was rising by feet….lol There is a natural variation that occurs over decades. Climate change is a fraud

  57. Nasa lies about everything. They give u cgi. They give you fish eye lenses. The film fake moon landings. They show you simulations. Wake up. They areva tax scam.

    • Bravo. For those type people, it all about redistributing your wealth into their pockets. The allow the government to overtax the majority, and take jobs or provide contracting to get a piece of the action.

      As my attorney suggests, the government is a confiscatory cartel and as I add, a protection racket for the confiscators and their fence.

      A fence, if some of you don’t know, is a person who excepts stolen goods or money for personal profit and is a crime for anyone but those in government because, as we all know “political might make’s right”.

  58. That sure looks like an increasing graph to me. With seasonal variations, sure. Call me when its back down to 1995 levels.

  59. ‘Says NASA, the corporation that says it went to the moon in the 1970s, somehow can’t go again, but promises it will go to Mars instead (and shows photos of Greenland and Northern Canada as if photos from Mars)… lol! How gullible are SOME people…”

    • No he won’t… he’s standing there right now with fingers in ears, screaming “nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah, can’t hear you, can’t hear you!”

  60. From 1996 the trend is clearly up. The last bit flat. Those who do not believe in Global Warming will ignore the previous 20 years and focus on the last one. That´s human nature – if one does not believe, one does not see.

  61. Oh no this can’t be true because the messiah of global warming would be wrong. How can the people who serve the glorious Al Gore and worship at his later all be wrong. Their cult is lying to them? How can it be?

  62. Take a closer look at what this chart represents…The title of it is “Rate of Change”. This shows that the oceans are still rising, but the rate at which they are rising has taken a small down tick of about 3.4mm (+/- 0.4mm) per year, or about 1/8″, so they are rising at 1/8″ than they were before, annually.

    This does not mean ocean levels are falling, they are still rising, but the rate of increase has decreased minimally. Not saying that you should change your view on GW, but why is this article written to support that belief when that is clearly not what the data shows?

    • The y axis is variation from a zero point in 1990(?). Over the time noted the graph shows an overall increase in sea level. It is not a graph of rate of change. The rate of change title on the right is obtained by dividing the last height by the number of years in the graph. So the has actually been a small decrease in sea levels over the past two years, although the trend since 1990 has been up. I would be interested to see sea level variations over the past several hundred years, though

  63. the human experience on earth is less than a wink in time …. creating havoc over some records of the last 100 200 years is non sense … sea levels fall sea levels rise sea levels remain the same its all a farce … when I start to worry I go out at night and look at the stars … some so far away that they have gone out but their light just now reaches earth … we and each of us are so insignificant and our live so damnably short that we should just enjoy ourselves while we can … by the way just read where asteroid missed us but may hit on way back

  64. If you are a teacher reading this…please! Stop pushing this agenda onto our kids and do your homework. Climate change isn’t man made.

  65. My favorite is when the experts say it hasn’t been this hot or cold since 1920 something or the other. WELL then that blows their whole climate change, global warming thing out of the water, if records were broken over 80 plus years ago. Think about it.

  66. Well, here is another pretty picture from NASA. The only problem is they have not updated it in about a year. Solar Cycle #24 is the weakest cycle in about a hundred years and Dr. David Hathaway is forecasting #25, which should start around 2022, will be the weakest one in 200 years when we were in the last Little Ice Age.
    Silly Libtards think evil mankind is more poerful than our Sun!

  67. Barges have had a difficult time along the Missouri section of the Mississippi river. Sand bars exposed everywhere.

  68. Yawn. Climate changes. It gets warmer. It gets colder. Man can take measurements and manipulate data as long as someone will pay them to do so. What man cannot do is change the fact that climate changes. Never has, never will. It’s great to see more places report on the truths that are inconvenient to the likes of Al Gore and his cult of globalist profiteers.

  69. How about that. James Hansen can still claim he’s right. His scheme was a can’t fail. Using his stupid hockey stick theory he claimed in the 70s we were heading for another ice age if we didn’t do what he demanded. That didn’t work so he used his silly hockey stick theory again to claim global warming. This time to lemmings bought it but with no proof global warming morphed into climate change. Again, a win win for rocket scientist James Hansen. Hansen was for the coming ice age before he was against it and for global warming. Now he can be for the ice age again. He reminds me of John Kerry – I voted for the war on terror before I voted against it.

  70. We are to believe NASA? They have been proven to lie about any a number of things in the history of the MGW hoax. So the chart shows a massive 80 mm rise over 20 years (that is 1/3 of an INCH, folks), not the many feet that everyone in the hoax apparatus has claimed. My friends who have lived DECADES along the ocean have never noticed any rise at all and surly surely will not be concerned about this one way or another.

  71. I thought Al Gore said that global warming was going to make the seas rise and flood places like Florida.

  72. Funny how climate change deniers accept as immutable laws of physics any information from NASA that can be spun to support their opinions. Of course this is the same NASA whose integrity and competence are questioned when the bulk of their work points to confirming man-made climate change.

    In the graph itself, it shows that sea levels fell in late 2010 and began rising again. What does NASA say about these temporary reductions? Has anyone bothered to find out or is bashing Al Gore the extent of the scientific inquiry around here

  73. I bet Al Gore will disagree with the findings and his next movie, he will just post the graph upside down to prove sea levels are rising, not falling. Thereby he will confirm that his predictions were right all along.

  74. Much as I disagree with the whole global warming theory, this graph does *not* show sea levels falling, or even stabilizing. The y axis is not sea level, it is the change in sea level. What the graph shows is that the rate of change has leveled out but that it is still rising.

    We need to be careful how we read such graphs.

  75. 125 comments ! looks like Rush put you on the map and the liberals radar.

    Might want to get a couple of nice suits and prepare for some interviews where the leftards try and cut you of before you can make a rational statement, good luck !

  76. The graph starts it appears in 1990, 27 years ago. The apparent rise in sea level before the recent decline was 8 millimeters, a third of an inch.

    So even with out the recent correction, we could expect the ocean to rise about an inch in a century, possibly less.

    The scale on the graph with the steep rise is scary and meant to be to alarm you.

    Numbers don’t lie, people who can do.

  77. Sorry 80 mm, 1/3 inch over 27 years, still an inch or just a little more or less over a century. Want to get taxed your carbon print for that and send it to a billionaire?

  78. You do realize they picked 1995 for a reason. If you look at graphs that go further back than 1995 you will see sea level increases and decreases even higher and lower than today. These are not C02 causes circumstances but Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum events. The increases and decreases coincide perfectly with historic Solar Minimum and Maximums. It’s too easy to chop the data at 1995 forward. Shame on NASA. Shame on the ex Vice President living in mansions telling us to stop burning fossil fuels while flying his private jet everywhere he can. It’s a ponzie scheme bigger than any in history.

  79. What happens to all the h2o displaced by ships and boats? What happens to the h2o displaced by under sea volcanoes?
    What happens to all the heat from erupting volcanoes?
    What happens to all the h2o that is not allowed to filter back
    into the ground by all the various drainage systems
    around the world?
    What happens to all the h20 from the millions of homes
    via, showers, baths, dish washing, toilet flushes, etc?

  80. I will believe in Global Warming when all the Climatologists liquidate all their assets and purchase land in the Yukon. [Soon to be a tropical paradise.]

  81. I’m surprised that the our oceans aren’t depleting at even a higher rate, with billions of people on earth wasting it.

  82. I think you can surely conclude that over the last 18 months or so the rate of rise has stopped and leveled off, at least that’s what the first chart indicates to me. Even with that said, the amount of sea level rise is almost insignificant. No wonder I can’t really “sea” much difference when I go to the various waterways and Ocean here in So. Florida. We did have a high tidal surge a while back but scientists suggest that was lunar and other natural phenomena. I’ve been here all my life and don’t see any significant rise, except in those areas where there is a lot of human impact from dreading and development. Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties have all had significant dredging. They used the material pulled up from the dredging as fill to raise the ground levels in areas that used to be a swamp or low lying mangroves. In some areas, it appears that this fill maybe slowly sifting back to where it had been dredged from and the water is rising when actually the ground surface is lowering. It was the Army Corp of Engineers that did much of the work, but so did developers, both along the coastal areas but also the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, having a profoundly negative environmental impact on the entire Miami aquifer (our water supply), Florida Bay, and the Everglades. It’s really kind of a mess that few talk about. The flora and fauna in the Everglades is totally different today than just 40 years ago. We still have gators but will also have anacondas. Even the fish species and their population levels are different. Lots of invasive species of both flora and fauna.

    I think we are affecting our planet but not from Co2 and global warming, but from public policies that benefit special interests at our and our environment’s expense. Even today Big Sugar is being protected and financed via subsidies from our government profounding effecting the Everglades and our other estuaries.

  83. while satellites are superior for measuring global warming, it has been questioned re its ability to measure ocean rising/falling. Tidal gauges do not show the rapid sea-level rise that satellites do

  84. The IPCC admitted in its last report that we *are* seeing a 10-15 year hiatus in global warming. Given the thermal inertia an object as large as the ocean represents it is highly possible that the warming hiatus has stopped the thermal expansion of the water in the ocean. In addition, melting of land based ice will have moderated. This would result in a hiatus of sea level rise that *follows* the global warming hiatus by some period of time. Only time will tell is the adage that applies here but it *would* make sense that the sea level rise would have moderated.

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