“NASA and NOAA are engaged in the biggest fraud in science history.”

NASA and NOAA are using fake climate data, says Tony Heller. They are claiming record heat in areas where there are no thermometers. That’s how they made 2016 into a record warm year.

“The map above is fake,” says Tony Heller. “NOAA has almost no temperature data from Africa, and none from central Africa. They simply made up the record temperatures.”

“NASA and NOAA are engaged in the biggest fraud in science history, and this needs to end now that criminals are no longer in control of our government.”


Thanks to Gordon Broussard and Sir Vancelot von Raab for this link

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  1. Many of these weather stations are also located on highly effective “heat islands”, i.e. larger airports with solid tarmac and big planes coming and going.

  2. NOAA.

    Weather ready and Climate Smart they say in their October 2016 forecast. Drought to continue over 2016-2017 Winter months in California. No additional above normal precipitation expected. Above average temperatures expected. Hairlip professional BS.

    NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s 2016-17 winter outlook – YouTube


  3. John Bates had to wait until he retired to come forward and spill the beans, otherwise they would have fired him and messed with his retirement fund.
    What a hoot he says the computer and software they were using is dead and now lost everything they did with it and had stored on it.

  4. There is this also:
    ClimateGate 2 – NOAA Whistleblower Claims World Leaders Fooled By Fake Global Warming Data http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-05/climategate-2-noaa-whistleblower-claims-world-leaders-fooled-fake-global-warming-dat
    Dr John Bates’ disclosures about the manipulation of data behind the so-called ‘Pausebuster’ paper is the biggest scientific scandal since ‘Climategate’ in 2009 when, as Britain’s Daily Mail reported, thousands of leaked emails revealed scientists were trying to block access to data, and using a ‘trick’ to conceal embarrassing flaws in their claims about global warming.
    Covered in: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4192182/World-leaders-duped-manipulated-global-warming-data.html

  5. And this is the NASA that Brian Cox says is unreproachable!
    No it is not, it is Gavin Schmidt’s outfit. Someone clean this up. Prof. Crocx recently gave testimony at an Australian climate TV programme to counter a rogue senator who dared question the orthodoxy.

  6. WMO
    “Because the data with respect to in-situ surface
    air temperature across Africa is sparse, a oneyear regional assessment for Africa could not
    be based on any of the three standard global
    surface air temperature data sets from NOAANCDC, NASA-GISS or HadCRUT4 Instead, the
    combination of the Global Historical Climatology
    Network and the Climate Anomaly Monitoring
    System (CAMS GHCN) by NOAA’s Earth System
    Research Laboratory was used to estimate
    surface air temperature patterns ”

    Sounds precise.

  7. More Precision-

    WMO- “The nature of urban environments makes it impossible to conform to the standard guidance for site
    selection and exposure of instrumentation required
    for establishing a homogeneous record that can be
    used to describe the larger-scale climate.”

  8. extrapolation…
    and statistics
    amazing what a determined warmist agenda can produce/manipulate from ZERO data isnt it?

  9. If this report is true, I suggest that people get in touch with major newspapers such as Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Mail on Sunday in UK and pass this on. The MORE of us that do that…..the MORE notice the papers will take.
    The Mail on Sunday had a major TWO PAGE article on faking temperatures yesterday Feb 5th 2017. It came from a WHISTLE-BLOWER. Check it out, please.

    It needs to be checked , if there IS temperature data from Central Africa. Those that produced the “hottest year 2016” data need to PRODUCE THEIR DATA ON RECORDING SOURCES……….ACTUAL RECORDING LOCATIONS AND THE DATA ITSELF.

  10. I have no problem believing this article is true! I have worked most of my life analyzing data … but before I went to college I worked as a research secretary at MIT. The scientific community is connected across universities, not just one place so I knew others who worked elsewhere for scientists or who were scientists themselves.

    When I was there I met several people who worked at Harvard who informed me of what could well have been scientific fraud (at Harvard, not MIT) … but the people involved were afraid of whistle blowing for very good reasons.

    First the person(s) committing the fraud was their boss and powerful and very “well respected” in the scientific community. The people who were aware of the fraud were “mere” grad students or nontenured junior instructors or professors who, if they told on the boss or senior colleague would have their entire career destroyed. I should note that the scientists I worked for at MIT I believe were both totally honorable and honest.

    One example, was a certain man at Harvard who has been credited with finding the cause of one of the most serious tick borne diseases to affect the US.A in my lifetime. One of his grad students however found out that he and a buddy of his from another famous university in Germany… were making up data and taking fake data collection trips from Germany to the US… so they could indulge in a scheme to buy expensive German cars (I think Mercedes or BMWs – but not sure I remember that right as it was over 30 years ago), bring them one at a time to the US, and sell them avoiding a tariff or tax (apparently one can do that if you buy one car for “personal use”). All travel expenses also paid for using whatever scientific grant they had.

    Just sayin’

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