NASA – The Truth about 2012 Solar Storms – Video

NASA – The Truth about 2012 Solar Storms – Video

Should we be concerned about solar storms in 2012?

Heliophysicist Alex Young from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center sorts out truth from fiction.

16 thoughts on “NASA – The Truth about 2012 Solar Storms – Video

  1. Nevemind the 2012 nuts. But, why are you Robert Felix not reporting about the economic crisis in EU and England/USA. Fighting over food in the streets can come MUCH sooner than the new Iceage.

    • It could, but it won’t. No one wants a replay of the misery created by the 20th century communist revolutions. Agricultural techonology has vastly improved as well.

      • The people will be fighting over food because they won’t have any money to buy it – not because of agricultural advances.

        If the financial system collapses the world will be looking at a depression far worse than the 1930’s version.

        Watch things in Greece. Because of the austerity programs imposed on the country it will be placed in a severe Depression (not recession) for years.

        • iceland after telling the EU to rack off! is recovering. greece italy portugal spain and then france by the time theyve all had their crashes, devaluations and budgets hacked..oh and Uk isnt exactly looking rosy either.
          usa is dead in the water, chinas not without issues Japan already has had 20 years of financial gloom and more to come.
          things is crook in Talleyrook as the old poem says.
          yup, a store of at least 6mths dry food grains emergency medicals and
          at leasta week or more of water, and dont forget the pets supplies.

  2. Kind of interesting. Never heard it said that the thick atmosphere of the Earth is what protects us from the solar storms. I’ve always understood it was the magnetic field of the Earth, and that is sort of what the video showed, but this guy says it’s the atmosphere.

    Whether or not there is going to be a super storm in 2012 is nothing that he nor I can say. But it had better be a strong magnetic field that we have if it is not going to effect us – a strong storm would certainly reek havoc with the unprotected atmosphere if the magnetic field continues to fade, or, as has happened in the past, collapses completely and reverses direction while the storm is happening. But then again, I’m not a physicist of any sort, just a reader.

  3. Video presenter states that a solar storm is not going to wipe out the earth. Of course the earth will survive – but will the human population?

    A repeat of the Carrington flare event direct hit would certainly have a great effect on technology which now runs human life.

    • with I gree with Beano — another
      Carrington style event or
      hostile nuclear EMP event over USA is “when”, not “if”.

      I’m unaware of anything related to the
      Mayan calendar/2012 which could be causal,
      but I’m reading some astro-physicists as
      saying that the current solar cycle could
      lead to greater instabilities in the sun
      and a higher probability of Carrington
      style events, which would destroy all
      computers and power distribution as we
      know it, and lead to mass starvation.

      protecting our IT and power infrastructure
      with EMP shielding and high tech surge
      protection could be done for a fraction
      of the cost of replacing it.


      1. citizens should impress on their elected
      representatives the urgency of passing
      pending EMP protection legislation

      2. if you are responsible for IT or power
      infrastructure you should get yourself
      ACTIVATED and get your stuff shielded and
      surge protected before the gov’t requires it, or it destroyed by Nature or hostile


  4. Take your pick beano,

    We are waiting for the pandemic
    We are waiting for El Hierro to blow and the accompanying super tsunami
    We are waiting for the world wide Depression
    We are waiting for mass starvation
    We are waiting for the big freeze

    A terrible thought occurred to me the other day……What if we woke up one morning, to find that the pandemic had started in Indonesia, El Hierro had exploded and the East cost of America had been wiped out, a day or two later the Depression started closely followed by starvation and an ice age.

    For your peace of mind ……. A stash of food/water and energy is a good idea. Cash/gold is king – well at least it will help you save money.

    Manyana(tomorrow)! It sometimes never comes.

  5. When Rome falls …. Then will come the days of tribulation.

    Italy will go under and the dominoes will topple. The EU will become the E-used to be. Germany and France will remain. China and Russia will follow through on their plans to conquer, and divvy up, the world (much like Japan and Germany agreed to do before WWII) Russia will push toward Germany from the east and China will move toward France through India and the Middle East.

    So sayeth Nostro-Frankus

    And then again …… maybe not? LoL

  6. I’ve been alive over 6 decades and have seen these doom and gloom scares too many times to mention. If anything does ever happen, it will happen. People will get along the best way they can. If it’s an extreme event, no one will be around to worry about it.

  7. I’m sorry, but the video is very incomplete and gives no clue of the great variability that our Sun possesses. NASA (aka Never A Straight Answer) is living up to its name in this video (as in many others).
    Despite all this I really agree with his last statement, but for very different reasons than those he presented.
    We know *very little* about our Sun IMO.

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