National Weather Service KNEW Tuesday’s storm had been overhyped but let forecast stand for fear of confusing the public

Critics question whether the public should trust forecasts.

“Experts from the National Weather Service knew on Monday that there would be less snow than feared,” says The Daily Mail.

Forecasts had called for up to 18 inches of snow, but as of Tuesday afternoon, Central Park was covered with little more than seven inches of snow.

Meteorologists said adjusting forecasts would lead people to think storm wasn’t dangerous

In the meantime, more than 8,000 flights were cancelled and officials  declared a state of emergency in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland.

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4 thoughts on “National Weather Service KNEW Tuesday’s storm had been overhyped but let forecast stand for fear of confusing the public

  1. Required reading list addition for all employees of the National Weather Service; The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  2. People expect a good degree of accuracy to enable planning. The fear is that the next time a big storm is forecast and actually happens, people will downgrade it based on previous experience.

  3. The storm WAS of epic proportions as much of the Northeast received two feet, and in some cases three feet of snow. My friend, who is an official NWS spotter living in Brewster, NY some 40 miles north of NYC, reported 17″ of wind-blown snow.

    So, not that I am a terribly big fan of the NWS, this storm, had it tracked according to initial progs, more to the south and east, would have dumped the forecast 18″ of snow on us here in NYC with perhaps considerably more accumulating .

    And what might critics be saying if the NWS had NOT issued the warning and then the titanic snowfall materialized? In my book, better safe than sorry. One only need think back to February 1978 when the so-called poorly forecast neutercane hit NYC and Long Island during morning rush, stranding thousands of cars on major highways under two feet of snow blown in with winds over 75mph. The region was shut down for a week!

    • Leon, it didn’t “snow” way back in 1978 !

      And that’s why records are only kept from 1981-2010 !!

      And then “again” it happened once more where “snow” stopped falling in 2010 and that was when [Climate Change] over came [Global Warming], so I guess that your point is/was well taken !!!

      Knowledge is the building block of the future…

      Sincerely yours,

      Climatologists for Global Change

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