Near-blizzard conditions possible far south of Dallas ! ! !

HUGE Polar Vortex to shove record-breaking cold and snow as far south as the Mexican border – and beyond!
Welcome to the new Grand Solar Minimum!

Where I live, south of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, temperatures are forecast to drop to a record-breaking one degree Fahrenheit (-17.22C) on Sunday night, with wind chills as low as -15 F (-26.11C).

If you can’t quite make out the words in the above image from the National Weather Service, they read:

A Winter Storm Watch will be in effect from late Saturday night through Monday afternoon for the entire region. 3-8 inches of snow accumulations are possible. Heavy snow and blowing snow are possible with this event. Temperatures will be bitterly cold, with near-blizzard conditions are possible. Hazardous travel is likely due to icy bridges and roadways, however travel will become impossible and possibly life-threatening. Wind chills as low as -15 F could induce hypothermia. Continue to monitor any updates to the forecast in the coming days.

HUGE Polar Vortex



6 thoughts on “Near-blizzard conditions possible far south of Dallas ! ! !”

  1. Great Robert! Now you shall experience the upcoming ice age by yourself!
    It’s something you always wanted, and now you’re gonna get it!

    Hope you enjoy the snow and make some snowmen! Maybe you can build an Al Gore snowman just for a joke!

  2. Snow as far south as Galveston Sunday night early Monday and FZ rain or sleet down to Corpus Christi perhaps.

  3. I couldn’t believe the below freezing temperatures and heavy snow forecast for Houston on Monday. This is the Gulf Coast ffs!

  4. If the predictions are anywhere close to accurate, north Louisiana is looking at 5 to 10 inches of snow and temperatures down to 4 degrees.

    My fruit trees have been blooming and all that will be lost. Temperatures that low will likely kill my olive trees as well.

  5. when they had that heatwave the letterboxes made of plastic melted/warped
    in extreme cold do they now shatter instead?
    and Robert, you moved sth to be Warmer???
    hell even Hawaii has had snow this yr

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