Near record-cold in South Africa

Snow alert ahead of bitterly cold weekend

29 Jun  2016 – Large parts of SA can expect the mercury to plummet over the next few days, according to the South African Weather Service.

Bitterly cold temperatures are being felt across SA, as PE saw the mercury drop to 1.9°C on Wednesday.

Forecasts for Thursday call for a drop to -3°C in Gauteng’s Vereerniging and the Northern Cape’s Sutherland, and  to -0°C in Mpumalanga’s Standerton, the Northern Cape’s Calvinia as well as the Free State’s Bethlehem.

South African Weather Service spokesperson Garth Sampson says it was the coldest temperature since 2014 set at 1.4°C, and it would have had to drop a further -0.7°C to set an all-time record.

Sampson warns the upcoming weekend is expected to be super cold with possible snowfall to hit the Eastern Cape by Friday afternoon.

Snow is also expected on southern mountains including  Tsitsikama Mountains, Baviaanskloof Mountains, Amatola/Winterberg Mountains around Hogsback, says Sampson.

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9 thoughts on “Near record-cold in South Africa”

    • ANTarctic 😉
      an seeing its really damned cold down there the odd updraft is luckily for SA and Aus- infrequent;-)

    • Been wondering when the growing antarctic was going to spread it’s cold north. Looks like it’s happening.

  1. When one looks at their satellite data, it often contradicts what they keep saying about the poles warming faster. Although I definitely question any measurements from space since you can’t really have any historical continuity, still, there are areas near the poles that are consistently cold. Also, even if the sun has been blank, there’s probably inertia there. It doesn’t start getting colder immediately when the days get shorter, there’s a lag time at least through August, sometimes much beyond, so it probably should be about the warmest right now, and that might start to wane. South Africa has a considerable amount of mountains, Drakensberg, etc, with some mountainous regions such as Lesotho being somewhat autonomous regions, not sure exactly, definitely highlands, more mountainous than many parts of Africa.

    • No offense to the 48% of the Jewish community who didn’t vote for odumbo. They hate you too and they hate themselves as long as there’s money or power gain.

  2. -Arctic: temperatures in sharp decline, finally, an overturn after six months of warm weather!
    “Regarding the volume of Arctic ice, this is returning perfectly normal, denying again any inference of a great dissolution and the possible disappearance of the Arctic ice cap by the end of the summer!”
    -Antarctic: June cold on the coldest place of our planet!
    It seems that the negative thermal anomalies are getting fashionable. What are the consequences of these anomalies?
    More Heat? Catastrophic Global warming?

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