Near record lows in Florida

Unseasonable cold

Jacksonville, Florida – 20 June 2016 – First day of summer brings near record lows, says meteorologist Blake Mathews.

“We were one degree away from tying a record low here in Jacksonville from 1899 — or 117 years ago!” says Mathews. “Our official low was 61°.”

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    • Pick up a cheap digital infrared temperature gauge (they look a little like a hacked-off gun) for $30 USD and take the reading of your thermometer vs. that of the official record. Since it uses a different technology it can be used to ‘calibrate’ your new thermometer. If you don’t want to spend the money, have a free energy audit of your house and ask the technician to scan the outside thermometer to see how accurate its reading is compared to the IR.

    • The closest sensor to my house routinely shows 20F degrees above real ambient temperature. This is one of the ways they claim global warming, since their intentionally badly-placed sensors show higher temps.

    • I agree with Stephanie. I have a weather station from Ambient Weather and the reports from Weather Underground are usually several degrees higher than my station reports. WU supports the AGW hypothesis. There appears to be some massaging of the data to show warmer than actual. I’ve noticed this for several years.
      It would be terrific if the scientific community got back to reporting factual information that was consistently trustworthy. There are some web sites that are sources of good data and information. Weatherbell is one of them. Joe B. and Joe D. are very good at publishing the hot and cold around the world. To them it is what it should be. Just the Weather. I’ve been a fan of weather watching most of my life, which is now 67 years. One thing I’ve noticed is that the weather always changes. I guess the AGW supporters think that we will all live in a consistently nice climate if all forms of hydrocarbon energy went away. They are deluding themselves.

  1. I’m not surprised, but I would argue that it is unseasonably warm, rather than cold, it you compare an average UK summer of just over 15C with your current nice mid-summer’s day temperature.
    Family members have just returned from Florida having experienced some very nice weather once TS Colin departed to dump 10 days of rain onto the UK, This chart should help:
    During the Dalton Minimum of SC5 and SC6, the relevant quoted date was close to the end of SC5 on the declining phase of the solar cycle. It’s also possible that the PDO, El Nino and La Nina are in the same phase as now.
    Significant cooling has already started, although the fraudsters in NOAA will continue to hide the fact from the American Public for fear of upsetting the Democrat Gullible Warmist apple cart and getting a reformist Republican candidate who will expose their deceptions for the entire world to see.

  2. Weather Underground is pushing man made climate change as fast as a dog can trot. They’re so politicized I don’t believe a word they say anymore, and they NEVER mention any weather around the world either. And the only weather that really counts for them is the Acela corridor. Thanks Ice Age Now for keeping up on weather.

  3. i never go to WU as they are very political, and are always several degrees warmer than actual, and that is also true of their forecasts. I don’t want to generate ad revenue for them by viewing their web site.

  4. My temperature gauges (3) placed around my property always show a 1 to 2 degree lower reading than the DFW airport readings. I’m only 4 miles from the airport. I’m beginning to think we have a conspiracy in play!

  5. I don’t trust the NWS even though, I am A trained Weather Spotter for them. I live 38 miles north of the JAX NWS location where the record was tied. Where Our farm is located they call it a cool spot, Its always 3-6 degrees cooler due to it being a very rural area. On the Morning of June 20 it was 59 Degrees on Our Farm and 58 Degrees on June 21. We have had numerous morning including this morning 69 Degrees, below 70 degrees for the low, Which is unusual, this time of year.
    My theory is Simple: When we tie a record, It is actually much cooler then in 1899. The air has to be colder to over come All the payment, and buildings which are acting as heat sinks and are releasing that heat back into the atmosphere. Here on our farm there’s no heat sinks and we get a much more accurate reading.
    Couldn’t agree more concerning WU

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