Nearly a dozen earthquakes near Yellowstone National Park in 24 hours

The area was hit by 34 a total of earthquakes in the past month, the Idaho Statesman reports.

West Yellowstone in reported eleven of those earthquakes on Friday alone, according to the U.S.G.S.

The quakes have ranged between 1.6 to 3.1 magnitudes and were about three miles deep.

A swarm of earthquakes is not unusual for the area.

See short video:

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4 thoughts on “Nearly a dozen earthquakes near Yellowstone National Park in 24 hours”

  1. Fortunately, living in San Diego, I am just barely outside the “kill zone” should Yellowstone seriously erupt again.

  2. Cali got the nuts shaken today as well and nevadas heaving almost daily too
    read they reckon the magma chambers around yellowstone are rearranging themselves. looking at it by the geysers activity

    • The Yellowstone Park service was reporting in 2018 in one of their show and tells was reporting that the magma chamber was actually draining very slowly and that they expected that to take a few hundred years before thermal features began to disappear. I was actually there to hear it in person

  3. This is common during a Grand Solar Minimum. When the earth is caught between the mass attraction of the sun, on one side, and the inner Jovian planets, on the other. Its a tug of war, and stuck tectonic plates come loose, causing quakes. Its normal, and happens during a GSM.
    Fortunately, we are not due for a major catastrophic event for another 40 years or so. So relax.

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