Nearly half a million customers still in the dark

Forecasters warning of yet another nor’easter early next week.

Nearly 500,000 customers from Maryland to Maine were still in the dark Friday morning, growing increasingly angry – even outraged – with utility crews struggling to restore service after the latest nor’easter.

Some of them, without electricity, heat, or lights for the eighth straight day, were warned that power may not be restored until the end of the weekend.

Wednesday’s deadly storm dumped more than 2 feet (60 cm) of snow in some areas.

12 thoughts on “Nearly half a million customers still in the dark”

  1. Get used to it………… Get really used to it.

    You all have another Warming Storm coming in a few days that will dump more inches or Warm Water……

    How many of you good New England environmentalist supported your Politicians who LIED TO YOU? The Kennedy’s, Bernie, Kerry, etc. You felt so good blaming red-necks, like me, with my pick-up truck and barbeque pit…but now you’ll be out buying a GASOLINE generator….if you can find one…..if you can find gasoline….if you can even get down your driveway in your Prius idiot car……

    IT will be worse next year, and then worse after that. Face it, you CAN NOT LIVE THERE IN YOU HOME ANYMORE.

    The freak warm century we just had is over. The Earth is returning to it’s natural state of COLD, so you hardy proud folk need to start chopping wood, canning berries, skinning rabbits, etc.

  2. Another thought and suggestion for those in New England:

    CHOP DOWN every tree that can bring down a power line. Every single one. That ol’ Maple you love but hangs right over the power lines? Cut it down and chop it up so you can BURN IT in a fire place.

    Trees are basically useless but your Electrical Power Grid is NOT.

    You had your decades of playing Social Environmental Justice Warrior, and your fun forcing developers to plant trees AT THEIR EXPENSE you can do your Social Preening for your garden club….now pay the price and freeze.

    No sympathy from me. None.

    • AMEN! The people up there in those states voted for a leftist communist dictator for 8 years, so no sympathy from me either!

      Freeze babe, freeze!

  3. I was without power for five hours in Middlesex County, New Jersey, in this latest storm. I thought trees were the problem, but I heard a report on the radio that the weight of the wet, sticky snow alone was enough to bring down power lines. If true, that means the electric grid is much more fragile than I had imagined.

  4. PS – the power company, JCP&L, has advertised their aggressive tree trimming program since the Sandy debacle, during which I was without power for a week, but for a brief restoration after the first three days. It’s prudent to have canned food and a propane camp stove on hand in this area.

  5. I really do hope that All gore has no power as well, OH NO, of course not, he would have a dirty diesel or oil powered generator, nasty man, putting all that dirty carbon into the air.

  6. Unfortunately… a lot of places (in the US at least) they have BANNED using firewood in any fireplace or stove; plus in many places … no such equipment anyway. Just sayin’ !!

    • If “they” would allow the burning of wood, then we can fight this Mini-Ice Age by putting CO2 into the air…right?

      I am sure in a few years the Government will mandate that we all must burn wood and coal as fast as we can since this will warm up the planet.

  7. Sort of reminds one of when there was an ice block glacier from the previous winter in Boston, surreal.

  8. Well many of those people were warned about a colder and snowier climate for years! But allot of those same states voted for Obama for 8 years, so that’s what you get! Now they are paying for that mistake!

    They should have studied this site very carefully before voting the way they did in 2008 and 2012.

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