Nearly a thousand fishing boats trapped in ice in NE China

6 Feb 2018 – Nearly a thousand fishing boats for marine farming are surrounded by sea ice in Jinshitan Fishing Port, northeastern China’s Liaoning Province.

Thanks to Ihor for this video

4 thoughts on “Nearly a thousand fishing boats trapped in ice in NE China”

  1. Little wooden boats. The ice will probably smash them up when it’s done. That may end up an untold story. It may cause starving families in China. That’s sad.

  2. Nothing to see here folks. Go back to your homes. Move along. This is perfectly expected in a warming world. As you know, when you heat up the globe, you get more snow. That is why, when our military guys shot off those flamethrowers in those old-timey war films, … it wasn’t the heat that killed the enemy soldiers, it was the snowfall.

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