Nebraska – Worst flooding in state’s history – Video

More rain is expected. How will farmer’s cope? 

National Guard troops activated.

Three-quarters of the state has been impacted.

The financial impact could be up to $1 billion.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts joined CBSN to discuss his state’s response to the floods

7 thoughts on “Nebraska – Worst flooding in state’s history – Video”

  1. vid NOT available to Aussies for some idot reason
    funny how usa newsnetworks manage to do this so often?

  2. Farmers will cope with massive volunteer help from groups like Ag Community Relief,Ohio Relief Haulers,Farm Rescue etc.Government will get around to “helping” about a year from now.That’s the way it was with the 1200 square mile southern plains wild fires two years ago.

  3. Here’s a tip.

    Use the Opera browser – it includes free limited access to a VPN which allows access to videos like this one from Australia.

    It slows your browsing BUT you can turn it on or off as you like and it only affects Opera.

    I watched this video using this.

  4. Someone I know who lives there says it’s nowhere near as bad as “THE flood” the older generation still speaks of, and not yet up to a high water mark of a few years back. Still, give it time…

    May depend where you’re measuring it.

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