Needless climate-related panic

“Earth is continuing the same erratic climate stability it has shown for millions of years.” – Dennis Avery


Excerpts from an article by Dennis Avery:

“Americans have suffered needless climate-related panic for the past 40 years—not realizing that, since 1850, our newspapers have given us a climate scare about every 25 years. And none of them was valid.

“After the cold of the Maunder Sunspot Minimum at 1715, for example, earth’s temperature warmed 0.3 degrees in less than 25 years. Then two centuries later, the temperatures dropped equally swiftly into the cold of the Dalton Minimum.

“These abrupt shifts occurred over decades rather than centuries. Some shifts have been favorable, an equal number were unfavorable – and none involved carbon dioxide.”

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  1. the old saying re short all too true
    and it seems to me at least that the short attention span plus the added media distractions bombarding everyone daily with some fear n woe tale isnt helping. getting through to someone whos gone into panic/stress mode is pretty much a waste of time.
    we also have a huge amount of the mid 30s and under gen who have NEVER gone without food comforts and shelter(even if its provided for them, not BY them for themselves)
    it seems they think its a “right” and not a priveledge of the lucky nations.expecting air con and rev cycle heat etc as standard and not as a luxury is another one that amazes me.
    I admit I wont be too fazed when the smelly hits the blades, I and many other of us “elder” types grew up without it, treat what we have now with respect and are grateful, but if it all goes, then we at least have the ability to cope just fine.

  2. A little off subject , however here is even more Vindication for this site
    Here ;

    ” “If one of these volcanoes were to erupt it could further destabilise west Antarctica’s ice sheets,” said glacier expert Robert Bingham, one of the paper’s authors. “Anything that causes the melting of ice – which an eruption certainly would – is likely to speed up the flow of ice into the sea “

  3. Global temperatures still high but in the range with still no signs of a breakout to the upside which has now been going on for some 20 years.

    If AGW was real and the true climate driver the global temperature average at this late date would be higher then .28c (satellite data) ,and this is against the backdrop of a neutral Enso much less no La Nina.

    On the other hand global temperatures for what I am saying are still high and the low solar conditions(although they just started this year) have yet to have a impact.

    Again my low solar/climate play is low solar will result in a higher albedo/lower sea surface temperature scenario, hence lower global temperatures.

    Global ocean temperatures still high .304c last check.

    One item I am not sure of is, are there low average solar average parameter values that will bring the climate to some sort of threshold?

    If true the global cooling IF it comes as a result of low solar will be more in a step like fashion rather then a slow gradual cooling fashion.

    I would say thus far the climate is not cooperating with the views of either side that being steady global warming or global cooling. It is neutral.

    Time I hope will tell.

    This article is not calling for cooling which I think is in the process of happening ,year 2017 being the transition year if solar conditions remain in the tank.

    • If time could only give verbal messages through all the hidden or destroyed records of ancient civilizations, one could be most assured the they would align with the cycles of CO2, O2, CO and SO2 particulates found in ice core samples, which reflect the cold and massive floods that cometh upon man.
      Along with the down to the bottom of the well sun spot activity, to the eclipse patterns, and to the planetary alignments of past reflecting upon man today, one can be assured the happenings of old are again becoming prevalent to man today, which will bring nations to knees; fear to the spiritually unprepared; resolve to those that wish to see evil defeated!
      Keep digging Salvatore, you MIGHT find the truth yet eh?
      Keep the faith all.
      SO BE IT

      • The truth is very simple; our Star is a UV variable star with a 172 year energy cycle. The UV and EUV sections of its energy output are absorbed by our atmosphere, and in so doing so controlling the shape of the Jetstream waves in both hemispheres between lateral and meridional.
        In low EUV periods the Jet streams are highly meridional and can stick in one direction for weeks at a time. On the Polar side of the Jet the weather is cold and wet, in some cases very, very wet. On the tropical side of the Jet, warm and dry and can be arid in a blocking high situation.
        Arid Southern California is a case in point, and the recent short lived heat wave in Southern Europe. Corfu was very nice for the last 4 weeks providing you were not working. Equally the East European winter was bitter in extreme.
        Humans have a personal experience memory of around 60 years which cannot hope to comprehend the scope of the changes which occur on a two or even three times the human experience length on a cyclic basis.
        They depend on unmodified data sets, protected from the ravishes of biased, politically motivated individuals, a situation we do not have with NASA, NOAA, UK Met, and Aus. BOM all have been successfully penetrated by AGW politically motivated entryists over the last 10s of years, all are working in conjunction with a politically socialist biased UN bureaucracy, to move the world to a command energy policy and the decline which will accompany it.
        Climates vary over 172 year periods and much longer if you look at the Ice advance records, so the solar heartbeat can still be seen, even in the depths of a major ice advance.
        The 172 year cycle is made up of a starting 2 Cycles of around 22 years usually called a Grand Solar Minimum. Orrt, Wolf and Dalton are good paired cycle examples.
        The GSM is then followed by around 4 or 5 cool output solar cycles of around sixty to seventy years, this is referred to as a Gleissberg period, this period varies in energy output it can be cool or even warm while the climate recovers from the GSM. However NH winters can be harsh, as an example check out the UK winter for 1903.
        The Gleissberg period is then followed by the 90 year Warm period, with first and largest energy peak of the High output section of the cycle. This portion of the 172 year cycle can have a single reduced cool sun period like SC20. It is then followed by a further High output section of the cycle, perhaps lower in output than the first peak.
        The 172 year period ends with the abrupt fall into a GSM and the start of the next cycle.
        The LALIA GSM in 585 AD followed this same path, the scientific, peer reviews papers reported that the change from the benign Solar Warm Period to cold and very, very wet takes 10 years for the effects to be locked into the fossil record from the start of the GSM. This Modern GSM started on 2008 and in my opinion the peer reviewed authors and Landscheidt are right on the money with regard to GSMs.

  4. Not sure if it is a misprint but the Dalton Minimum corresponds with Sun Cycles 4, 5, 6 and 7. Which was 1796 – 1820 and probably not fully out of until a little later than that. But that is not 2 Centuries later since the Maunder Minmum was from 1645 – 1715 give or take. Or a slight Warming Period for about 81 or so. With that in mind should the above be amended or am I missing something?

  5. it gives me a lot of amusement to hear people think humans can have any effect on how the planets weather oceans or anything else on the global scale can be harnesses or controlled
    and thinking they can “set the climate control” switch like they do their aircon at home.
    pretty damned stupid attitude/belief system
    but then- a leading “stupid” in the goracle supports the delusion and makes megabucks convincing the gullibles.

  6. I do not think this is isolated to Climate. In the UK we were warned in 1985 that mad cow disease would kill a quarter of a million by 2000. In 2000 this was moved to 2010 but still nothing happened. We have also had 8 different scares about lethal flu seasons. It is anything that politicians can keep throwing at people to keep everyone scared and not looking at what is really going on in the world.

    • Now we have the evil empire Muslim Imam’s giving an OK for the radical troops to eat the flesh of their enemies. Super hoof ‘n’ mouth disease?

    • H L Mencken said it in the 1930’s:
      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

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