Needlessly Prolonging the Misery

As of today (30 Aug), Sweden – which never locked down –  reports 57.6 Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 population. How does this compare to the USA, where most states are locked down?

As of today (30 Aug), the USA reports 56.4 Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 population.

That is an insignificant difference.

Why are our leaders needlessly prolonging – even increasing – the misery?

Why in the hell are we locked down?

These numbers are from the Covid-19 tracker.

And here’s the Johns Hopkins tracker:

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  1. Despite lockdowns in the US the virus is still spreading – this will give a far superior result in the long run compared to Australia and New Zealand where lockdown has suppressed the spread.

    However the US will have substantial immunity in the end whilst Australia and New Zealand will have effectively none.

    The folly of Australia’s and New Zealand’s efforts will show when the rest of the world opens – the first arriving infected international visitors could cause an epidemic in Australia and New Zealand while everyone else has little problem due to their high numbers of immunity.

    Australia and New Zealand have no exit strategy out of lockdown and will likely suffer for years showing the folly of what seemed like success for a few months.

  2. Fortunately, we in Wisconsin have not been locked down for some time. Everything’s open, schools are open. We’re just stuck with a dumb mask mandate, but that will be over soon too. Sadly some people in our country have some very dumb governors.

  3. In North Korea, there is no path forward that doesn’t begin with 100% obedience. There is nothing to be discovered, only edicts to obey. To serve the despot is the only purpose of life for North Koreans.

    Andrew Cuomo is a beloved politician, despite having issued “field guidance” sending thousands of nursing home residents to their deaths. Even in May, after news of his disastrous nursing home orders were widely available, his approval rating was at 81%.

    Today, voices in opposition to the field guidance of politicians and experts are still being heard. But don’t take this for granted; tolerance for communicating opposing views is shrinking.

    A March 2020 poll of Americans with 3,000 respondents showed strong bipartisan support for criminalizing speech. About 70% of those surveyed supported government “restricting people’s ability to say things” deemed as misinformation. Nearly 80% endorsed the conscription of health care professionals. Government seizure of businesses and property was supported by 58%. Over 70% supported the detention of COVID-19 patients in government facilities. The majority of those surveyed did not change their opinion even when told their views may violate the Constitution.

    Often Facts Don’t Matter

    It is tempting to present more facts to those who don’t see the world the way you do. Yet, we have all experienced the truth of John Kenneth Galbraith’s famous observation: “Faced with a choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof.”
    Baldry’s Out

    • I don’t believe the poll you cite. The false reporting of opinion is a way to create a “bandwagon” effect. I talk to strangers everywhere I go & I ask their opinions. The “poll” you cite is untrue; it’s mere manipulation.

      • You should believe the poll. It’s probably very accurate and more than likely conducted in highly liberal areas for the express result of creating the “bandwagon” effect.
        That doesn’t mean that the poll reflects the opinion of the majority of Americans, merely the majority of the opinions of those polled. Anyone can make any poll say exactly what they want it to just by choosing the appropriate area to poll and by carefully wording the questions asked.

    • It’s the way people are framed from their beginning. To change that is very hard. Framing is, for short, not what media is/were writing or saying, the whole of relationships between subjects and objects, subjects and subjects learned from parents, family plus environment from the very beginning. Maybe some relationships can be changed temporarely or definitely as most of these relationships haven’t been completely understood. That’s why facts often don’t matter. As this pandemic is full of vague notions despite allmost all experts claiming to know how to threat the pandemic- it has to rage out – except that one can gets ill or die of it, people will react according to their old framed world. That can’t be blamed.

  4. Is this a rhetorical question? The reason for the lockdowns, especially now for reinstituting them, is to hurt Trump and his reelection campaign. The U.S. economy was going gangbusters prior to the unleashing of the Wuhan virus.

  5. “Non-infectious virus fragments: The U.S. CDC points out that in most Covid patients, infectious virus particles are no longer detectable ten to fifteen days after the first symptoms. However, non-infectious virus fragments (RNA) can still be found up to three months after the first symptoms. This is likely to be a significant problem with regard to PCR tests, as many people who have long since ceased to be infectious still test positive, triggering far-reaching tracing and quarantine false-alarms.”

  6. Our political leaders do like misery at the moment as they’ve locked up their mind not realising that they’ve undermined the confidence in future w.r.t. economy and finance. More stupid is that by giving money to overcome problems they created themselves, confidence must be restored. It’s a confess they acted in the most stupid way ever seen. What can one expect the next time when a really severe outbreak of an unnown virus or bacteria is showing up? Nature has to cope the pollution by creating new bacteria and virusses in order to maintain life, humanity will survive not single humans. The one brilliant scientist after the other is proposing a solution to the self made pandemic not reflecting on their way of thinking, running into madness. Not to speak of entrepeneurs like B. Gates, he invested since 2002 in pharma-stocks, now counting his blessed fortune. Anyhow, in the morning it’s getting colder here and hopefully it will snowing soon, after some decades of lovely weather.

    • I love one interview when she challenged Dr Fauci to do a urine test for HCQ. She was sure he is on it. I wouldn’t bet against her as he probably is.

      World leaders are being told to take HCQ

      President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele has announced that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus. Bukele told reporters on Tuesday that “most world leaders” are doing the same and has questioned why world leaders are being advised to use it while the public is not.

      -Conclusion: HCQ works as a preventative. There is one rule for the powerful and one for the rest of us.

  7. Screw covid.
    Radar shows snowing heavily in Alaska right now. There’s no one up there to give a live report, no towns, no roads. There’s no trees, just snow on ice covered mountains. The glaciers flow all the way to the ocean and they’re GROWING !
    I drove tug boats from Seattle to Alaska and back for the world’s largest tug company and another smaller one. Every once in a while the storms break and you can see the mountains, the glaciers down to the sea. Fantastic.
    Glad I’m not one one up there right now, screw tugboats. 2mph backwards for days bucking waves in the Gulf, towing two 500′ barges. AAAAAAAK. Waves coming over the top of the ship, the barges for days. Talk aboot lockdown misery. O M G .
    Anyway, not sorry at all for interrupting your covid blurbs to say that it’s snowing in Alaska in August just like Windy forecast. This cyclone was brought to you by solar activity from the recent Jupiter/Saturn alignments.
    OK, back to watching weather sats and solar activity all night long on mid watch, already drank four cups of coffee.
    Peace, out.

    • One of my most vivid memories was watching through a porthole from an offshore east coast Canada dynamically positioned semi in the middle of the night with 30′ high seas and wind, a giant offshore tug boat PSV crew offload hundreds of joints of jts of 9″ casing (each tied down separately – rockin’ what looked like 45 deg – no joke.
      Bravest toughest (craziest;) guys in the world bar none – I was mesmerized – couldn’t believe these guy’s guts. Because I’d sailed a bunch, some west coast but mostly closer to the equator I couldn’t imagine being on any smaller boat in these kinds of seas. I requested that I be transferred back from the rig for days off by riding the man basket down to the PSV and the taking the bumpy ride back to St. Johns, NFLD instead of the chopper… ‘just for the experience’… request denied… actually it was said more like: “not an ‘effin chance”. But I have “got to ride” the big wet roller coaster on many occasions mostly in much warmer water but no waves as big as offshore east coast in/on/under/within -2 deg salt water. Wow Oly, you’ve “been to the beach”… quite the job, I’m guessing that being brain altered helped a bit too;)… yowser. Cheers.

      • Interesting. Have you ever read “White Jacket, Or The World in a Man of War” by Herman Melville. It has some of the most hairy descriptions of sailing around Cape Horn in a US frigate in the 1840’s.

        “ Aloft, main-yard-men ! and all you main-top-men ! and furl the main-sail !” cried Mad Jack.

        I dashed down my hat, slipped out of my quilted jacket in an instant, kicked the shoes from my feet, and, with a crowd of others, sprang for the rigging. Above the bulwarks (which in a frigate are so high as to afiord much protection to those on deck) the gale was horrible. The sheer force of the wind flattened us to the rigging as we ascended, and every hand seemed congealing to the icy shrouds by which
        we held.

        “Up up, my brave hearties!” shouted Mad Jack; and
        up we got, some way or other, all of us, and groped our way out on the yard-arms…

        Those on the weather yard-arm managed to crawl upon the spar and scramble down the rigging ; but with us, upon the extreme leeward side, this feat was out of the question; it was, literally, like climbing a precipice to get to windward in order to reach the shrouds ; besides, the entire yard was now encased in ice, and our hands and feet were so numb that we dared not trust our lives to them. Nevertheless, by assisting each other, we contrived to throw ourselves prostrate along the yard, and embrace it with our arms and legs. In this position, the stun’-sail-booms greatly assisted in securing our hold. Strange as it may appear, I do not suppose that, at this moment, the slightest sensation of fear was felt by one man on that yard. We clung to it with might and main; but this was instinct. The truth is, that, in circumstances like these, the sense of fear is annihilated in the unutterable sights that fill all the eye, and the sounds that fill all the ear. You become identified with the tempest ; your insignificance is lost in the riot of the stormy universe around.

        Below us, our noble frigate seemed thrice its real length a vast black wedge, opposing its widest end to the combined fury of the sea and wind.

  8. partly its the numbers
    ie your pop is 330 mil or so legal and ?knows how many ILlegals?
    so the death toll numbers are higher and the media push the deaths NOT the recovered numbers
    same sort of crap here in Aus little mention on the total recovered but hysterics on dead
    most of whom, sadly are aged infirm nursing home residents -similar to usa sweden and elsewhere
    Melb the capital is stage 4 lockdown my areas 3
    so last time without mandatory masks stage 3 we could visit a friends
    this time?
    even wearing masks its illegal to even drop by to see a mate
    not a jot of rationality in the govt regs
    people rare very very pd off its now week 5 n govt is still refusing to give hope of lifting restrictions.

  9. All data need scrutiny.
    With a 30% false +ve PCR result maybe the USA numbers are a bit inflated. Did that 30% really die from CoV or were they frail folk on the edge of life who had a few CoV-like symptoms.
    With financial incentive due to Govt hand-outs many hospitals over-reported.
    A few were primarily road deaths or suicides who coincidentally tested +ve.

    In Sweden their data were inflated by the predominance of very large aged-care facilities where infection was hard to control. Their data might not accurately reflect the general community situation.

    What I find interesting are those nations with low numbers. E.g.
    Australia 2.6 per 100,000
    Sth Korea 0.6
    Tiawan only 0.03 deaths per 100,000

    It’s high time we resurrected common sense.

    • John Pak, Regarding places w especially low numbers:
      Our longterm immunity isn’t antibodies, which usually have to be multiplied in response to infection. Rather, quickest response is via “innate immunity” at the cellular level.

      Therefore places which had greatest other-types of corona virus infection have the quickest immune response to covid. Also the reason our kids & adolescents usually don’t get it:

      “Innate immunity refers to nonspecific defense mechanisms that come into play immediately or within hours of an antigen’s appearance in the body. These mechanisms include physical barriers such as skin, chemicals in the blood, and immune system cells that attack foreign cells in the body.”

      Innate immunity – Introduction to Immunology › immunology › page3

  10. The CDC is quietly rolling out a new system for tracking and reporting COVID. At this point they say that 94% of the previously reported COVID deaths had other underlying conditions, or taken another way, only 6% of the COVID deaths were strictly due to COVID. I suspect they’re trying to slow roll the introduction of their new system because of the public spat they had over previous numbers with HHS, the WH and Drs Brix and Fauci. To bring the new numbers out all at once would raise suspicion with the public, destroy any credibility they have left and lead to being accused of trying to influence the election. But there are nuggets one can find if they look. In my Texas County for instance there were 4,600 active COVID cases being reported up until last Wednesday when the number dropped around 200 (death count remained the same at about 110 though). Unfortunately we’re all still under the face mask mandate though.

  11. The CDC just revised the numbers for Covid deaths, 9000, out of the 153,000, at the time of the revision, were exclusively from CV-19. The rest had one or more co-morbidities.

  12. 9 AM Monday, radar showing it is snowing in the mountains of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Snow on the radar last night in Alberta and BC Canada.
    I know the covid lockdown misery is more important but I thought you might like to know it’s snowing in summer.

  13. obel-laureate Dr. Michael Levitt (Chemistry and structural biology at Stanford)

    May 04, 2020: “If Sweden stops at about 5,000 or 6,000 deaths, we will know that they’ve reached herd immunity, and we didn’t need to do any kind of lockdown.”

    As of August 30, 2020 Sweden has 5,808 deaths:

    Yep. The lockdown was for nothing. Check out Dr Levitt’s other work on this covid-19 stuff. Very good.

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