Netherlands – “Today coldest summer since 1975”

Global warming in progress – Record low In the Netherlands today

With a maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius (51.8 F) in De Bilt today, it became the coldest day of the meteorological summer since 1975, reports the weather office Meteo Consult.

Around noon, the mercury sank in De Bilt to less than 9 C (48 F). The record for the coldest summer dates back to June 2, 1953, when the temperature dropped to a ‘chilling’ 9.2 degrees Celsius. erdag-sinds-1975.dhtml

Thanks to William Vos for this link

“Global warming in progress,” says William. “The coldest day of the meteorological summer since 1975. It’s JUNE for Pete’s sake. We really need to talk to Al Gore :)”

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  1. the KNMI weather bureau said on Thursday.

    Spring 2012 was warm and sunny

    read the ‘Readers’ comments – They say stuff like this, “Do they include Aruba weather to work on the aggregate of this stats? Or are we being delusional also about the weather now? April and May have been horrible, and those are usually the two months of slightly better weather. I fear for another non existing summer.”

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