Netherlands – Coldest September 23 ever measured

“In the Netherlands we have the coldest day on record for 23rd of September,” says reader Job Koolmoes. “You find the link below,”

AMSTERDAM – With a maximum temperature of 10.9 degrees in De Bilt, Sunday was officially the coldest 23 September ever measured, reports Weeronline.

Met een maximumtemperatuur van 10,9 graden in De Bilt was het zondag officieel de koudste 23 september ooit gemeten, meldt Weeronline.

Thanks to Job Koolmoes for this link

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  1. This is a LIE. Dr. Albert Gore, Ph.d, clearly proved, through his research and Doctorate Dissertation, that the world is heating up, rapidly, and that by 2012 there will be no more snow.

    You are all liars and deniers and Republicans. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I see a serious problem.

    Here, in America, we can grow more corn, wheat, soy, etc than any other country in the world, BUT, how are we going to feed North Korea, Japan, South Korean, China, Russia, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, … when their crops totally fail in the coming years? How?

    This is why North Korea is surrendering (as they should) to America. These 22 million peasants are going to starve to death and only America can feed them. The racist Chinese want nothing to do with 22 million North Korean ignorant peasants. The Chinese despise all other tribes, being racist and all that.

    As usual, it is the “X-Man’s” burden (PC won’t allow me to state the real name). We, America, has to feed the world, as usual. Thank GOD we have TRUMP. Thank GOD we have millions of unused acres of land where we can grow an unlimited amount of corn, wheat, oats, etc. THANK GOD AND TRUMP for AMERICA.

    This last summer, I drove my two kids all through the South…Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. and showed them the MASSIVE amounts of uncultivated land. We can feed our entire nation, and perhaps the Entire World. Europe will Starve. Asia will Starve (Africa is starving and always will…don’t ask me how I know….you can’t handle the Truth)…….

    • Centurion’s point is the US has growning room further south as the Tundra line moves further south.

      Stop growing corn to provide Ethanol and grow food instead.

      He also has a point about the UK and Northern Europe including Russia. Turn off the NA overturning current as per the Younger Dryas periods and Europe is first into the Deep Freezer. The UK is at the same Latidue as Labrador, in perma frost land.

      • Reality is that better seeds, fert, cultivation methods, weather forecasting allow for higher yields.

        The tundra line aint moving much either way, although with the cooling trends it may move north a bit.

        Those other countries are learning to improve yields although places with very high populations may not have enough free cultivatable land.

        Every yield world wide yields are increasing by a high %


      Please take a look at
      and also
      and especially this video…

      When the cold weather comes only a few lucky areas will be safe (or safer). Climate (like weather) at any location can be highly variable, and the changes that happen are in part due to the surrounding local topography along with the exact nature of the climate (weather) variability.

    • What ??? Centurion, vous n’êtes pas le centre du monde, vous les USA !
      You are not the center of the world…
      La France, L’Allemagne, l’Italie, l’Espagne, etc. sont auto-suffisants depuis toujours et exportateurs… et maintenant la Russie…
      Europe will starve ??? Is Europe starve you will starve too, and your mac donalds are disgusting ! Mind your own bizness and your own misery ! The social wellfare is Null in the US… No lesson from you please.
      Hep, please, keep your bloody chemtrails and Haarp which destroy everything !
      Mes salutations…

    • American crops will fail, but the American farmer will replant more weather resistant, shorter maturing varieties. The genius of this country is its decentralized free enterprise system that adapts to adversity.

      • Because America is 3,000 miles wide and 1,000 miles “deep:.

        I wondered about this, thus the road trip with my kids. We spent about a week visiting relatives and friends from North Florida, to Texas and back around…the details are not important but I was STUNNED over the amount of “unused” land just sitting there.

        I made the effort to drive the small, “back roads” to see for myself the MASSIVE amount of land, just waiting to be used for farming. Only in America.

        I lived in German for years. Every inch is “farmed” and they are just a few degrees from Starvation. They have no land left.

        MASSIVE number of acres that can be converted to crops when nothing grows north of Kansas. Sure, those used to Amber Fields of Grain (and I don’t eat ANY grains) will be out of luck, but the combines can easily move south to Texas. 12 hour drive.

        IN addition. We can easily deport the 25 Million “undocumented” residents and 25 Million other non-citizens, stop turning corn into oil (just open up the MASSIVE oil fields off West Florida) and never want for food.

        The rest of the World? Well, they have the EU, Socialism and Equality to feed them……………………

    • If you look at the last Ice Age perimeter it lies more or less along a line that goes from Seattle to NY. Below that crops will grow. Above that, not so much or not at all.

      Centurions’ comments are not racist– Africa, the richest continent on the planet is, and has been, and will likely be, extremely poor. Greed is a terrible thing.

      • @Robin Willcourt “Greed is a terrible thing.”

        No it is not!
        Without greed there is little progress. Greed of and for itself is wicked and pointless. But greed that is constrained by the rules of life, or rules of the trading markets can and mostly are EXTREMELY beneficial.
        Do you have no greed for your family, the people you perceive as yours, or do you hope that you and your lot be annihilated by others you perceive as having a greater need and rite to exist?
        Greed is a basic function of life, it is evidenced by the continual struggle all of nature does to stay within it’s niche environment. Termites, ants, bees, etc., may be very social beings but they are greedy for their own right to exist, for their own place. And they change their local biosphere to suit their needs, or they will move on, invading another place for all that they individually and collectively want and need, caring little about other lifeforms about them.

        May you experience an invasion by termites to understand how truly greedy nature is.

    • Wheat can be grown in Yuma County, AZ., and Imperial County, CA and probably Mexico, just south of us. We could probably do two crops a year. Wheat is grown here now, it just has to be used for cattle feed as per direction from the Commerce Dept.

  3. Calling asians racis? Maybe they are. So u sain’ african’s don’t know how to do much? Sound’s racist to me.
    I guess i missed the part in the 11 Commandant’s “Thou shalt not put your thy own race above others or I will erace thou.”

    • You are ignoring fact.

      The Chinese and the Japanese (cultures and governments) are extremely biased towards themselves and think meanly of all others. Just look at their actions over the last hundred or so years (although it goes back thousands). Ignorance of history leads to ignorance of the present.

      As for Africa – as long as so many of the countries over there are run by self-aggrandizing thugs (including the religious variety), and almost nowhere is there any respect for property rights (down to one’s own life), they can never dig themselves out from poverty and chronic starvation. ALL rights and ALL progress out of poverty rest on a foundation of respect for property rights. When that respect is absent, people suffer – and the poorest suffer the worst. It has NOTHING to do with trivial nonsense like skin tone; it has everything to do with culture.

  4. i found it amusing years ago when italian and greek immigrants in Aus, disliked the asian newbies, and theyd had years of being stirred themselves
    then i went to an asian place and found that they all disliked their own near neighbours.
    racist and pc labelling is just some idiots who think multiculti is sooo great and they can force people to accept newcomers with vastly differing social moral and other outlooks int the”great big melting pot” remember that old song circa the 70s?
    sweden and other places that thought they were so good at that are now simmering and likely to get ugly
    ditto frances Macron sinking fast and todays refusal to allow invaders boats to land is a wakeup to the change
    Merkels on the nose at home too.
    the larger nation that can still say theyre first world(just in some spots) might fare a little better for a while..but we will ALL feel the pinch as it cools, and feeding our own and fending off illegal immigrants is going to be a huge issue.
    we will loose more food from oceans as they cool also as well as shorelines DROPPING not rising as ice takes and holds the water normally returned as rain.
    Im pretty glad to be over 50 and not being round for the worst to come.

  5. Minus temperatures overnight south of London as well 24/25 Sep Now at 13:00 it is 22C. Such massives temperature swing today.

  6. 1st of all, picking single days or even years is not climate change. That is just weather. However, they have been measuring the weather in Holland for a long time. Therefore, I would like to know the time period for this. I went to the original article and it does not say when it was last almost this cold or for how long they have measured. Just remember that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. When we disparage them for picking short time periods, we are open to the same disparagement. Another article that Robert has posted shows that it was warmer 1000 going back 10,000 years. That is climate change.

  7. Jimmy I see your point, however you’re missing the bigger picture – we were told very clearly, repeatedly that the world is getting warmer.

    Record cold (of any kind, no matter how short a duration the records are kept) is precisely what they told us would not happen.

    We shouldn’t be seeing ANY record cold, if the AGW crowd are correct. The whole world should be getting hotter

  8. Ce qu’écrit Centurion est ridicule !
    He is still a democrat in a way…
    By the way, Germany became the first producer in Europe, just before France, and I know germany more than you. Je vis en Europe !!! Ich lebe in Europa…

  9. @Jimbob, l’Europe ne pourra jamais être aussi froide que le Canada, car les vents dominants sont d’ouest, et donc passent par l’océan, c’est le vent dominant d’ouest qui, traversant le canada fait du tout à l’est Québec la terre la plus froide et hostile avec un climat continental alors qu’elle est collée à l’océan !
    @Jimbob, Europe can never be as cold as Canada, because the prevailing winds are from west, and therefore go through the ocean, it’s the prevailing west wind that crosses Canada at all to the east Quebec the coldest and most hostile land with a continental climate while it is glued to the ocean!

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