Nevada – Winnemucca snowfall breaks 142-year-old record

Since at least 1877, maybe longer.

According to the National Weather Service, the .8 inch (20 mm) of snow recorded at Winnemucca Airport on Sunday, September 29,  was the first snowfall in Winnemucca on that date since records-keeping began in 1877.

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7 thoughts on “Nevada – Winnemucca snowfall breaks 142-year-old record”

  1. A tiny sliver of snow is forecasted in the west of the Himalayas, while widespread snowfalls were predicted for Scandinavia yesterday (Aljazeera TV).
    “Hottest September on record for Perth in Australia” (Aljazeera caption just now). Really, or just the standard alarmist disinformation? Aussies please comment.

  2. I saw a forecast for snow in the middle of October for the Midwest US.

    Hope they are wrong because the trees here in Missouri don’t seem to want to turn yet. The sassafras started early,as usual, then stopped. One of my dogwoods has started, but that’s it.

    The woods look like late spring here.
    Everything is still lush and green, due to rain every few days instead of customary dry spell end of summer/fall. Also, September was unseasonably warm.

    If it snows at all heavily, we will have massive limb breakage and power outages.

    Over many years, I have observed that we usually get one snow shortly before Thanksgiving, then no more til January.
    January and February snow vary considerably from year to year.

    Looks like 2019/2020 may be one for the record books here.

  3. Further research indicates the snow forecast was probably for the Upper Midwest, a totally different zone.

    I hope their trees and other plants are ready for it.

    It will be interesting to see when we get our first snow this year.

  4. I live in Australia. Our climate does appear to be getting colder and drier a little bit more every year. Bush fires continue to be a big problem every summer but a good deal of those are contributed to people both accidental and deliberate ( yes we do have idiots running around in mid summer deliberately lighting bush fires ). The media endlessly screech about record high temps all the while ignoring record colds but people down here have a high distrust of the mainstream media and they are seldom listened to.

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