New all-time July cold record in the Netherlands

Minus – 1.6 C (Below freezing at almost sea level).


4 July 2019 – At the former air base in Twente, the temperature dropped to -1.6 C this morning – a record low for the entire month of July, according to Weerplaza.

Dutch meteorologists began taking temperature measurements at a height of 10 cm above the surface in 1971. This is only the seventh time since then that there has been frost in the Netherlands in July. The most recent being on 9 and 10 July 2015, and before that on July 1st, 1984.

Thanks to Daniel Lemmers in Montréal for this link

“By the way,  this -1.6 is an ALL TIME July low record,” says Daniel. “A new ice age is coming.”

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  1. This seems inconceivable, as most of Western Europe was locked in brutal heat coming up from the Sahara just a couple of days ago. Needless to say, the MSM only reported the record heat, not the record cold.

    Some kind of massive cold wave must have descended on Europe. Out of curiosity, while watching the tennis at Wimbledon, I just checked their temperature; 79 F. at 7 p.m., not exactly excessive, even for merry old England in July. While anecdotal, these kinds of rapid flips may be indicating a trend towards increasing instability in the weather, which most likely would be a portent of major cooling, if I understand climate history correctly.

    Here in the SW corner of Utah, where it is often 110 to 115 by now, we have still only had a couple of days, in June, where we got over 100, and not by much. A very pleasant summer so far, unlike the usual blast furnace conditions at this time of year.

    • Michael,
      Under normal solar conditions the prevailing winds from the South West control the European climate. Those normal conditions span 7 ths. of the average solar cycle of 11 to 12 yrs. This is what maintains to moist 12C to 14C average temperature over the Britannia archipelago and the Western and Baltic Coastal fringes.
      Except during the four year period of the solar minimum, during this period Jet Streams become far more meridional and as the minimum period is reached large long lasting coronial holes become more prevalent in the Equatorial region of the Sun’s atmosphere, this leads to Sudden Atmospheric Warming events (SAWs) which refresh Blocking High Pressure systems every 28 days as the Sun rotation period returns the C. hole to face the Earth again.
      Such a solar weather system has now been in place since the end of the 2018 summer, every 28 days the Azores High has ridged up a massive plume of dense dry air to settle over Northern Europe.
      In doing so it blocks the usual Low pressure system into large cold gyrations, one was parked over the UK for much of June, forcing many to turn the heating back on and significantly affected plant growth and the autumn harvest to come. That cold Low Gyration has moved over Scandinavia and started the autumn cool down two months early, which doesn’t bode well for the coming European winter.
      The real GSM cold weather is yet to come, as are the major volcanic eruptions which lag the active trefoil orbit of the Sun during its Angular Momentum affected cycle 24.

  2. Ice Age Now should start following the agricultural news. The question that is paramount is the coming damage to agriculture. As I said of this year, will the spring rains in the US, a potentially cool summer and early frosts create an agricultural crisis in the US? A similar question can be raised about foreign agricultural production.

    The current status of US agriculture does not suggest that the current stress will be a game changing moment, but this may change in the Fall if winter conditions, not just frost, come early as reports like the one above do suggest. The question raised here is when agricultural failure can be used to break the environmental movement and the Greens? This is a question of great importance.

    Yes, agricultural failure means much more than this, but the Greens have stood in the way of economic development, particularly power production, for several decades. They are among the greatest barriers to an efficient response to a coming ice age and must be removed. A frozen planet will simply not need the kind of environmental protection they envisage. This would be true even if they were serious about their complaints which they are not. They are an instrument of tyrannical control whose message must be discredited.

    • made myself laugh, if we do happen to have grain crop fails especially, the all the vegans n vegetarians will be THE most inconvenienced
      because animals eat pasture happily they dont NEED the grains the CAFO ops force into them.
      chickens will do fine on bugs dirt and greenery also without wheat or other extras if theyre given the opportunity
      .but grains for humans who wont eat meats will be in short supply as will tree nuts etc they also use to boost protien and mineral levels.
      high priced breads etc might well be in our futures, and once they raise the prices i DO notice they rarely ever drop to pre shortages prices ever again.

      • Well, Laurel, as a livestock farmer, I am quite concerned with recent developments. There is a big push on for plant-based faux meats, and the bioengineers are trying to bring fermentation vat meats to market. Bill Gates is giving this a big financial push. Apparently cattle and sheep burps are turning our planet into Venus.

        I am not a big fan of CAFO’s, but our lords and masters wanted an abundant supply of cheap food, so there you go. It would be possible to produce all of our beef and lamb on smaller, holistic farming enterprises. However, the way things are going, I can easily imagine a day when operations like my own are outlawed. We have lots of grass and hay crops on our land; birds and wildlife are abundant. However, the environmentalist understands all of these issues better than a farmer, we have to assume.

  3. Good point, James. We have had to wait this year for 15-30 days longer than usual for our home grown fruits and vegetables and our normal growth season is already so short (“here” is the province of Québec – June till September):

    And last year we had the same loooong, never ending winter (in 2018 we had almost daily snowfall till the last week of April, even here in southern Québec), also impacting home grown fruits and veggies:

  4. S O News had up today from RCS that US had the coldest Jan to June
    on record. Kind of a big deal…

  5. The Earth is heading into either a Mini Ice Age or Grand Solar Minimum, depending on which sources you follow. Already we have seen epic flooding across the plains of the USA during the Spring and now flooding has occured across India and the Far East. Meanwhile Alaska bakes in the heat.
    The reason for this is simple. Minimal or zero sunspot activity means the atmosphere contracts, the magnetosphere weakens; the Jet Stream becomes more wavy so some parts of the world could be roasting one week and freezing the next (e.g. European heatwave late June followed by snow in Norway during the first week of June and record cold in Holland for example). The Jet Stream will eventually migrate closer to the Equator making temperate regions far less hospitable as temperatures plummet during frigid Winters, with shorter growing seasons for agriculture following meaning food prices will sky rocket. Why are China still building coal powered plants, buying land in Africa and storing huge quantities of grain in the Middle East. They know something we’re not being told in the mainstream media which is too busy giving airtime to deluded schoolchildren believing a trace gas accounting for 0.04% of our atmosphere (CO2) has any effect whatsoever on world temperatures.

    Crop failures are becoming widespread. Pandemic flu and starvation are a real threat to the population. We’re only 3 meals away from civil war at any time…

    • Steve a Mini Ice Age is the main stream media catchy label for a Grand Solar Minimum which is the result of the change in orbit of the Sun with significant values of Angular Momentum form a trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre or deepest part or centre of the Solar System Gravity Well, formed by the five major mass objects of the system. All six move if you count the BC constructed point, five of them have varying impacts on the Sun’s atmosphere on slowing or speeding up its rotation and energy production.
      GSM are also accompanied by a lagging increase in the Earth’s volcanic activity caused by gravity tidal interactions with the Sun, during the Suns period of AM during the trefoil orbit.

    • Aus has now had around 270 deaths attributed to the seriously nasty flu outbreak going since Feb this yr. I got it early in March and it knocked me rotten and followed with pnuemonia for added discomfort. vaccinated people are getting it and some have died ie oldfolks homes and even nursing staff
      now theyre doing a CYA saying the flu mutated well yeah it prob has but the vaccine was looking useless prior as the 2 strains killing arent IN the damned vaccine anyway

  6. The ultimate goal of these people is the depopulation of the earth. Food shortages and starvation will be welcomed by many. So, NO, this will not change their goals.

    • correct.PLUS a majority of cities are in the low areas on coasts and floodplains and so they also create their own climate inversion layers most noticed in smoggy smoky spots but the same elsewhere too, where unless some hefty winds happen to push the heated air UP and over the surrounding hills behind towns they bake or freeze, dep on the season

  7. Greetings to all. The weather gurus model is unreliable. Has been for at least a year. It is haying time in the inland northwest. the forecast said we were going dry 3 weeks ago. we and others cut our fields. we got two days of rain. re=rolled the fields. the forecast showed no rain for the rest of the week and month; oh and mild temps…yesterday the heat turned on – and a massive thunderstorm formed last night on a our bailed fields.
    It is almost like we are a month behind….now we are to have 70s with high humidity and spoty showers. our hay crop is ruined. Farming of any crop is a gamble but the “knowlagable” folks need to scrap the model they are using and utilize local data.

  8. @judy goodson: Yes, I saw you guys in the Northwest had a rough long winter 2018-2019, like our folks in BC, even at ocean shore on sea level the city of Vancouver had several snow storms and often negative 10 C (about 14 F).

  9. @judy goodson: Yes, I saw you guys in the Northwest had a rough long winter 2018-2019, like our folks in BC, even at ocean shore on sea level the city of Vancouver had several snow storms and often negative 10 C (about 14 F).

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