New Arctic sea ice forming several weeks earlier than normal

New Arctic sea ice forming several weeks earlier than normal

“Winter Comes Early To The Arctic,” says Tony Heller. “Ice Area Increasing Rapidly.”

“Sea ice area is up more than 40% from five years ago.”

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ssmi1_ice_area.png (3333×2500)

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5 thoughts on “New Arctic sea ice forming several weeks earlier than normal

  1. while acknowledging that risking other lives to have to go save the pratts… wouldnt be at all good…..if only the “sailing the icefree waters” clowns had delayed a few more days, before they cut and ran
    it would have been damned funny to have them properly iced in!
    and the butt of much amusement globally.
    as it is they gave a whimper bypassed media attention and majority of folks are oblivious to their second epic fail stunt.

  2. I’m up here by Chicago, and I can remember watching hurricanes on tv in the 60s, since then we always got wind out of the south and warm rain when the strong ones hit, sometimes it flowed well up into Canada. This one is being met by a cold front already out in the Atlantic that went past here days ago. We’ve had no effects of it here at all, my yard and plants all dying from dry. This will be interesting to see what happens, I don’t think their path forecasts will be accurate ,they won’t like talking about cold front in atlantic- path may be a real dillema for agw liars on the weather. Six degrees colder at my house this morn. than was reported-I had 40 on the deck.

    • I’ve seen local temps 11 degrees colder than reported online before. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, I notice it. I have a traditional thermometer since I can’t trust what’s published anymore.

  3. Makes sense that ice melt ended early. Fall temperatures and leaves falling have arrived a month early here in Virginia. Very strange.

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