New Climate Assessment Suggests a Lack of Warming in India

In fact, India is currently cooler than in the 1950s!


“In its first-ever climate assessment report, the government of India has raised quite a few eyebrows by including data that don’t fit the doomsday narrative,”  writes Vijay Jayaraj.

“The much-awaited report, titled “Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region,” prepared by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), includes data and graphs that point to a lack of warming in the Indian subcontinent.

“Among them are two interesting climate patterns: (1) India’s annual average land surface air temperature anomalies, and (2) temperature reconstructions in the Himalayan foothills, an area widely believed to be especially endangered by climate change.

Surface Air Temperature: India is currently cooler than the 1950s!

“Indian annual average land surface air temperature (near-surface temperature) anomalies reveal that the climate during the last two decades has been no warmer than in the period between 1950 and 1970.

Cooling in the Himalayas

“Sikkim is an Indian state that sits on the Himalayan mountain ranges. Climate alarmists have often argued that the Himalayan region is highly susceptible to dangerous warming.”

However, the data report from Sikkim challenges that.

As you can see from the graph, temperatures in Sikkim have been trending lower since about 1960, and are now lower than in 1825.

“India’s assessment report has made one thing clear,” Jayaraj concludes. “India as a whole has not experienced dangerous warming—not even during the period, since the 1950s, when anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are supposed to have driven dangerous warming for the planet.”
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“Imagining the ruckus at the IPCC etc as they saw this made me grin;-)” says Laurel.

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  1. I missed the aussie abc sci(lies) show today wondering if they did they usual jump to sledge it as badly done etc as they usually do.
    will have to podcast or wait for rerun

    our local area is still running anywhere from near 1.5c under avg for heat and cold records has been for last 2 or 3 mths and even some of summer

  2. Something to join the recent report on western Antarctic warmth in being ignored by the media.

  3. India is clearly experiencing the kind of global warming that makes it get colder, a bit like most other places.

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