New cold records set in Russia

Not much ice will be melting a -56C (-68.8F).

Every day of the past week in the Magadan region the frosts grew stronger, and over the past day the air temperature dropped below the norm by 8.5 degrees.

But in continental areas, temperature set new records. In the village of Talon, on January 24, the temperature dropped to -46.2C (-51.1 F), which is 0.2 degrees below the previous record set in 1978.

But these are not the lowest temperatures in Russia. In the east of Yakutia last night, frosts intensified to -56C (-68.8F).

‘The wind chill sensation could go to -61°C in this region.’

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  1. When I lived in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, where it rained daily for 8 mo a year, the children played outside in the rain and you could pick out the out of staters because they carried umbrellas.

    Now I like to watch Russians on youtube because they treat cold and snow the same way, as if it’s normal and no big deal. We can learn a lot from these people as the GSM progresses.

  2. What happened to these lunatics who told us some 22 years ago that snow and severe cold was a thing of the past by now ??

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    • Bob/Robert, It’s obviously a way, way beyond a que sera sera situation already – Tony, and how ever many of you/we John the 1st(s) there are, are nailing it in spades multiple times per day now – the more of the ‘genuis’ who follow your books and this site and also go to:

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      Stay well Comrade. Thank you – this (and also with Rolf and AW) has already been the candy coated cherry on the icing on the biggest slice of surreality coincidences I’ve ever experienced. We Can’t Wake A Person Who Is Pretending To Be Asleep…but “we can pretend” to be trying to do so. Raquel[Mr] said it best.

      I think Rolf handed the ball off to Tony with that hyperlink (two birds one stone) above his 13 part masterpiece and expected I’d half assed continue do what I’d started by email last July… and then your Aug.2 “It’s the same old game” was like sending a trigger MK-Ultra letter to my old “Atler Boy” programming”… so even that turned out to be “staged” as I just found out just now… how could you know or it’s all just a thousand coincidences. This site IceAgeNow is the perfect site medium to covertly slide some of the history and backstory leading up to now to those not pretending to be asleep and wishing to gain further insight (without having to doing much thinking besides clicking the links) to the stark reality of what is really unfolding astro/geologically and what is in the “great work(s)” so to speak. This is likely the crest of just another cycle before the next ice age “New/Old Atlantis” site gets another upgrade or they turn it into a museum 30ka from now. You/we and the ice Age men are either eugenics “keepers” or we’re fence crawlers/jumpers that need to go to town sooner than the rest of the herd for “safety reasons”. Just glad that you and Rolf and Alan and Tony and Ben and the many unmentioned others get more of the big picture or maybe always have and I’m the newbie acting like “Centurion” a week or so ago and this has is all been just a test – with it’s, “close, but no cigar”, “It’s just a Ride” back to the 60’s, or no soup for you, on “The Time Machine.” Good Gallows Humour exchange in any case. Like the two guys sharing a cell waiting to be hung the next day and the one guy says to the other, “Aw, go on, Cheer up Mate, at least we’ve got our health.”
      I have a collection of these mugs that drink out of everyday from more than a few stops in the BVIs after sailing up/down the Carib over the years. My then just turning twenty year old daughter (she recently dove the ‘Great Blue Hole in Belieze, a karst cave “collapsed ceiling roof) that was 100′ down, but was 400′ above sea level only 15ka ago) pointed out a 125’ mega sailing yacht, named, “Las Eugenicist”, we couldn’t believe our eyes, in bold letters when sailing down in Los Roques back in 2011…and then on the way home from that very trip they announced on the TVs in the DFW airport that Osama_bin_Laden had been killed “again” and we both shared a quiet chuckle to ourselves about the “theatre” of it all. And now this RWF AI level of intelligence messing with our heads even more – like with travel, out on the water… meeting higher cognisance or sentient beings, it’s such a small “Jimmy Buffett” world of bumping into each other coincidences, over and over. Did I ever mention that I really liked your books and this site, alot…RWF, putting Grandpa’s story “up here” may be one of the biggest touching gifts I’ve received. No words can express. Cheers, Bob

    • yeah I saw that , and of course its evil co2 at fault. when the russians found the largest single celled virus couple yrs back they didnt panic or blame anything.
      everyone elses media tried and failed;-)

    • If you compare snow cover over that region for this and last year (Snow Cover Northern Hemisphere/Climate4You), glaciers there are not melting so you would notice.

  4. And 2019 was the hottest year on record according to the US meteorological department. When will Trump kick out the dishonest officials?

  5. We have experienced warm winter in European Russia, but it may suggest coming global cooling, like it was here at the the end of the 15th century.

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