New EPA rules would cause major job losses across the country

As the Obama Administration pursues its agenda to “fundamentally transform” America, many citizens and legislators are pushing back, says Paul Driessen.

“Green” energy is losing its luster, and people are demanding that the alleged benefits of heavy-handed environmental regulations be weighed against their economic and human costs.

They’re also demanding that the science supposedly supporting the regulations be examined by independent experts to ensure it is honest and valid.”


Take a bow for the new revolution

Americans are less inclined to be fooled again, or to “smile and grin at the change all around”

By Paul Driessen


From the outset, President Obama directed his powerful government agencies and congressional allies to help him “fundamentally transform” the United States. Too many of them were eager to nationalize the nation’s healthcare system, ignore or rewrite inconvenient laws, control the internet and political speech, implement new regulations that imposed enormous costs for few or illusory benefits, and shut down oil, gas and coal in favor of expensive, unreliable, heavily subsidized wind, solar and biofuel energy.

We voters and citizens were supposed to “tip our hats to the new Constitution” and “take a bow for the new revolution,” as The Who put it in their classic song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

But now people seem less inclined to “smile and grin at the change all around.” They increasingly grasp the enormous costs of this ruling class totalitarian anarchy, refuse to get fooled again, and are telling Mr. Obama, “Your states and your citizens are beyond your command,” as Bob Dylan might say. Perhaps “the times are a-changing” once again, and “the losers now will be later to win” – in 2016 and beyond.

Pervasive signs certainly portend a newer revolution. Indeed, the reactions of some previous cheerleaders respond to the disdain the president often seems to show for their jobs and well-being. The energy and environment arena is only part of the total picture, but it’s a vitally important one.

Ozone. EPA is determined to implement stringent new ozone regulations – even though US ozone levels and overall air quality have improved steadily for decades, and the already tough 2008 ozone standards have not yet been fully implemented. This action would turn hundreds of cities and counties into nonattainment areas, impair manufacturing and transportation, cost up to $140 billion per year, and increase unemployment – for health benefits that are inflated or even fabricated.

A Small Business Entrepreneurship Council study found that EPA’s proposed rules would put numerous jobs at risk in a six-county Chicago area that is home to 65% of Illinois’ population, over 60% of its Latinos and 80% of its blacks, 73% of its GDP and 70% of its employment. With the unemployment rate already at 12% for Latinos and 25% for blacks, elected officials and business owners are alarmed.


The US Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, National Association of Regional Councils – Democrats and Republicans representing 19,000 cities, 3,000 counties and 500 councils – have all expressed deep concern and asked EPA to retain the 2008 ozone standards. So have the National and Illinois Black Chambers of Commerce, US Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers.

They worry that the new rules would stifle economic growth and investment, and cause major job losses across the country. The rules set ozone standards lower than naturally occurring in many national parks. Thus far, EPA is ignoring the pleas, though Inside EPA says the agency may grant a one-year extension for some areas to comply with the 2008 standards, before slapping them with the newer diktats.

Coal-fueled electricity generation. The Obama EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) will force still more coal mines and power plants to close, imposing higher electricity costs on businesses and families, and causing lost jobs, lower incomes, higher poverty rates, reduced living standards, and diminished health and welfare. It will hit blacks and Hispanics especially hard and require families to pay $1,225 more per year for electricity, heating and air conditioning in 2030 than in 2012.

A dozen states have already sued EPA to prevent it from implementing the plan. They and other experts note that the CPP will bring no climate benefits, even if carbon dioxide actually is a major factor in global warming. In fact, even EPA admits it would prevent merely 0.03 degrees F of warming – because China, India, Germany and other countries are planning or building nearly 2,200 coal-fired power plants. That and increasing natural gas and gasoline use worldwide will raise atmospheric CO2 levels still higher.

Impacts on people. EPA’s rules are devastating coal-reliant communities. By 2020, they will cost 75,000 direct jobs in coal mines, power plants and railroads, a union study estimates; by 2035, job losses will reach 152,000. When secondary employment is included, the total impact will be some 485,000 lost jobs. This will also affect state tax revenues and funding for company pensions and retirement health care benefits, putting hundreds of thousands of current and future retirees in harm’s way.

EPA ignores the huge toll that job losses have on people’s health and welfare. Unemployed families find it harder to buy food, pay for doctor visits and medicine, give to churches and charities, save for college and retirement, and make mortgage, rent and car payments. They face less sleep, worse nutrition and more stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, spousal and child abuse, strokes and heart attacks.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says “a lot of people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum are going to die,” because of the CPP. Liberal constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe (who once hired Barack Obama as a legal research assistant) says the EPA plan is unconstitutional. National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford calls it “a slap in the face to poor and minority families.”

Trade unions. Once strong supporters of President Obama, the United Mine Workers of America, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and other unions have come out in strong opposition to the Administration’s job-killing actions on the Keystone XL Pipeline and other initiatives.

Wind power. States are reducing or terminating Renewable Portfolio Standards and programs. Kansas, West Virginia and Indiana repealed their mandate, Ohio froze its standard at 2.5% renewable electricity, and North Carolina may freeze its RPS. Wildlife groups are finally recognizing and objecting to the serious habitat destruction and bird and bat slaughter that is a hallmark of wind and solar facilities.

Collusion. There is growing concern about the cozy ties and private meetings between EPA officials and eco-activists, their sue-and-settle deals, and EPA payments to advisory committees and environmental pressure groups that propagandize for agency actions. Far too many regulations have their origins in collusion, collaboration, and secretive input and “reports” from radical anti-hydrocarbon groups.

The Secret Science Reform Act would compel EPA to develop regulations and scientific studies in the open, and allow truly independent experts to examine and challenge data, evidence and studies that supposedly support EPA dictates that could cost billions of dollars and millions of jobs. It is long overdue.

The Supremes. Even if it must ignore the clear intent or language of laws like ObamaCare, the US Supreme Court has often been another reliable Obama rubberstamp. Yet it recently ruled in Michigan v. EPA that EPA violated the law by failing to consider monetary costs in deciding to regulate air pollution from power plants. The agency’s refusal to recognize the damage its regulations inflict on human health and welfare is a far more serious offense, and the agency must not be allowed to continue doing that.

Dwindling overseas support. Countries once enamored with “renewable” energy are now reexamining those policies, as they realize wind and solar energy kills four to six jobs for every “green” job created via unsustainable subsidies – and the electricity costs families and businesses up to 36-40 cents per kilowatt-hour (without counting taxpayer subsidies), compared to 8-9 cents per kWh in coal-reliant US states.

The African Development Bank says it will no longer tolerate policies that prevent construction of coal-fired power plants needed to bring electricity to 730 million Africans who do not yet enjoy the countless blessings that this miracle energy brings. About the only reason poor countries support a new climate treaty is that they (or at least their ruling elites) expect to share in the $100 billion per year that they claim developed nations must pay them for supposed global warming “reparation, mitigation and prevention.”

Far too many EPA and other environmental regulations are wrong for workers, families, states and the overall “quality of the human environment.” That’s why “there’s a battle outside raging.” Free, responsible citizens do not want or need to be “fundamentally transformed” by deceit, collusion and decree.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and coauthor of Cracking Big Green: Saving the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine.


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  1. I find it very ironic that the people who will suffer the most from this administrations policies are the ones that voted Obama into office for two terms and would jump at the chance to elect him for a third term.

    Science does not lie, people use science to lie.

    • You know, I asked myself over and over… Why would anyone vote for a man that has 143 days experience?… The only answer I came up with is that it was a hope, a wish, he certainly didn’t have a record to stand on. History, he had, though we didn’t get to see it until after he was elected… The second term, I’ve got no clue, or at least not one I’m willing to share.

      • True enough argument, but why did “they” (the media, the handlers, the unseen entity guiding American politics) decide to trounce Hillary and throw her under the bus in favor of Obama? The vile lies spewed by him against her (and I’ve zero love or tolerance for that lying, dishonest, smug bitch) were so over-the-top and blatant as to make one wonder what he could be capable of if elected.

        Now we know. Not just once, but twice.

        Look, there’s no love of politicians by the public in any nation, but I think half the reason why Donald Trump has garnered so much enthusiasm and support this early in the race is because he pulls no punches and speaks with conviction. That’s what made Reagan a great orator; it’s why I can respect Howard “YEAAAAAAAAHGH!!!” Dean because even though I don’t agree with his liberal stance, I can respect him for not diverting from his core beliefs. And nothing pains me more than someone who will spread lies to pit one group against another, lie, or flip-flop on his or her beliefs, all to further their own advancement.

        No one stopped to ask what, exactly, Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform” America into. Great soundbite, but no vetting of goals. We need more people, especially in the realm of AGW discussions, to step back and look critically at both sides, dig deep, weigh the evidence, and find the answers to questions being debated without resorting to spoon-feeding from “educated” troglodytes and hysterical misanthropes.

  2. A friend of mine worked in the solar industry for years, but finally got out due to low pay and long hours.

    Solar construction is at the lower end of the pay scale, yet our “Leader/s” thinks these “Jobs” will be, or forced to be, our future. (Low paid slaves)

    From the outside, I see that most of the material, panels and wind machines, are produced in other countries, so the industry will be short lived once the market is saturated.

    Meanwhile, high paying jobs in oil, gas and coal will slowly disappear as well as the support jobs. In comparison, solar and wind power have few support personal once the system is in operation. ( Higher unemployment) Also many of the solar panels are made in China with questionable warranties, or companies that could go bankrupt.

    ** In other news:
    Arizona floods: Motor homes swept away and buildings destroyed
    Heavy storms have caused flooding in Arizona, which has seen cars swept away and buildings destroyed.
    A severe thunderstorm warning was issued by the National Weather Service on Saturday, and flooding began shortly after.
    More than 1,000 people lost power, and several major roads were closed, though there were no reports of injuries or fatalities.

  3. More news:
    “National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Sirard says Saturday’s rainfall broke at least 11 regional records for daily rainfall in July, including five records for any day in July.”
    July is typically the driest month of the year in Southern California. Saturday’s 0.36 inches of rainfall downtown broke the July 14, 1886, record of 0.24 inches – a nearly 130-year record, Sirard said.

    See: Lightning, thunder, heavy rain sweep across Southland;-flash-flood-warning-issued/58983/

    The Southland received a second day of showers and thunderstorms, likely setting more regional records for monthly rainfall. Temperatures hit the 80s and 90s in most areas on Sunday.
    By 3 p.m., heavy rain and strong winds pounded Riverside and San Bernardino counties, causing damage and flooding.
    About six homes on Whitewater Road in Moreno Valley were flooded with water and mud.
    Mud blocked all lanes on the 15 Freeway near Highway 138. Flooding also shut down the 10 Freeway from Desert Center to the Arizona state line.
    In Orange County, the Anaheim Angels game was rained out.

  4. Could it be possible there is still something resembling a backbone in this country? Fiddlin

  5. THE HOCKEY SCHTICK reports:
    New paper finds greenhouse gases causing radiative cooling, not warming, at current Earth surface temperatures
    A new paper published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society finds radiation from greenhouse gases only begins to cause a positive-feedback warming effect at Earth temperatures 7C warmer than the present (& significantly higher than IPCC projections for the next century), and that at the current Earth temperature of 288K or 15C, greenhouse gas IR radiation has a negative-feedback cooling effect upon surface temperatures. Thus, addition of greenhouse gases at the present surface temperature of 288K (and up to 7C warmer or 295K) would have a negative-feedback cooling effect, not warming effect as claimed by IPCC theory and models.

    These findings are incompatible with conventional Arrhenius radiative greenhouse/IPCC theory, which postulates radiative forcing from greenhouse gases has always caused a positive-feedback ‘greenhouse’ warming effect at all historical Earth surface temperatures and greenhouse gas concentrations.

    However, the findings of this paper demonstrating that greenhouse gases have a negligible or cooling effect at present Earth surface temperatures are compatible with the Maxwell/Clausius/Carnot gravito-thermal greenhouse theory, the HS ‘greenhouse equation,’ Chilingar et al, Kimoto, Wilde, and others.

    This will put the Cat amongst the IPCC AGW pigeons

  6. Peru, July 20, 2015: The government of Peru declared a state of emergency for 45 days due to the frost in the districts and provinces in 10 regions of the country that are located in the Andes above 3.500 meters of altitude.
    A supreme decree published yesterday in the official gazette El Peruano by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), declared an emergency to implement measures that achieve immediate exception rehabilitate the affected areas.
    The action covers districts and provinces exposed to low temperatures in the regions of Lima, Pasco and Huancavelica, in the Midwest, and Apurímac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco, Puno, Tacna and Moquegua in southern Peru.
    The official document stated that in some areas of these regions in recent weeks temperatures occurred averaging minus 15 degrees Celsius.
    The Supreme Decree also warned that frost is affecting the life and health of the population, in addition to basic services, agriculture and livestock and various infrastructures, which has claimed four lives (in Pasco and Puno) .

  7. Destroying the American economy is a major goal of the Obama regime. It’s “change” he promised before being elected. He intends to take down America as a world class economic power and will stop at nothing to do just that. Its all according to plan.

  8. Obama’s term is running out. He is not only ruining America but has/is also destabilized(-ing) countries, like Syria and Ukraine, with the support of the main stream western media. He should be charged before the international court for crimes against humanity.

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