New Hampshire – MINUS 85 Degrees wind chill on Mount Washington

85 degrees below zero at the summit early Friday.

“It’s generally late January or February before we experience this sort of polar air outbreak.” said senior weather observer Mike Carmon in the weather observatory’s blog.

Thanks to scsi_joe for this link

1 thought on “New Hampshire – MINUS 85 Degrees wind chill on Mount Washington”

  1. Worse than brrrrrr …………. that is what we would say in New England “cold as a witch’s tit”. Or worse! I mean you probably could freeze your eyeballs into little round ice cubes … then how could you even tell where you were? I have family in Concord NH (OK that is at sea level… but right now at 3F(-16C)… and expecting snow tonight.

    Locally (in Smithfield, Virginia, which is SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon line…) I am currently at 31/-0.6C. It smelt like snow when I went out a few hours ago, and we will get a low of 27F (-2.8C) tonight… but that is “warm” compared to NH or even here last night when we got a low of 17F(-8.3C) with wind chills down to 11F(-11.7C).

    “Global warming”? NOT!

    And I do appreciate that link to convert C to F and F to C !

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