New Mexico a toss up?

A state-wide poll of likely New Mexico voters finds Clinton with a slim lead, but asks “could New Mexico be a toss up?”

In a press release dated today,  Zia Poll announced the results of its survey of 8,439 likely voters conducted on Sunday, November 2nd.

Here’s an excerpt from that press release:

“(The poll) shows a 2 point Clinton advantage going into the final day before Election Day. The poll shows Donald Trump is the closest he has been to Secretary Clinton the entire campaign. Trump’s deficit is within the margin of error of a statistical tie.
Clinton still leads among females and Hispanic/Latino voters, however Trump is now leading Clinton by 5 points in the crossover
vote, more Democrats are voting for Trump than Republicans are voting for Clinton.

According to their press release, “ZiaPoll is a New Mexico based non-partisan public opinion pollster.”

7 thoughts on “New Mexico a toss up?”

  1. When I lived in NM in the early 80’s it was a wonderful place.
    Then the Hollywood types moved in they destroyed it.

  2. The only poll result that matters is the one on the 8th of November after everyone votes. Make sure it is honest!

  3. You ain’t gotta worry about that GARBAGE anymore.
    Trump has won the election!!

    Congratulations!! Nothing could be better!!

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