New record low in Austin, Texas

“We just had a record low temperature in Austin on Tuesday.” says reader Lisa D.

The temperature dropped to 55°F (12.8°C) at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Tuesday.

This broke the previous record of 56°F (13.3°C) set on Sept. 12, 1968, according to the National Weather Service.

Light west and northwest winds have been delivering cooler than normal air for several days.

Thanks to Lisa D for this link

6 thoughts on “New record low in Austin, Texas

  1. Much of the Northern Hemisphere is entering winter much earlier than previously thought.
    Above 80 degrees lat the freeze started at the end of August, nearly four weeks early.
    Savage early frosts have already damaged cereal crops in the US. Snow falls have already started in Apline regions above 4000M.
    The UK has just experienced another cold and very wet August and half of September, most of my bag grown potatoes have rotted in the bag due to the cold and very wet weather.
    My Runner Beans plants normally last producing bean pods until the first air frost in October, not this year, they look just about finished. And once the massive high to the west of the UK transitions east at the end of the month we will get a massive air frost and the garden season will be over.

  2. Still not as cold as it was in the 60s -70s but the cycle will probably cool rapidly at some point if the weak cycle continues. I had a few indoor potatoes go bad too but I think it was a nutrient problem, I’m gonna try that rock dust stuff next time.

  3. meanwhile aus is cold wet n you cant dig to plant
    its our spring..or not our spring it seems
    i noticed quakes in texas yesterday and today also
    not so common

    ps NICE new format Robert:-)

  4. ewww. Robert please go back to your gentle on the eyes format. PLEASE!

    This format is unpleasant.

    Sorry to be negative, but I love your books and your old format.

    Kind regards

  5. We had frost this morning on some roof tops here in SE Washington State.
    Our hot weather didn’t really kick in full swing until mid July.
    For the past few days its like someone flipped the switch.

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