New snowfall record for Calgary, Alberta

9 Feb 2018 – “For this time period in February you have the most snow on the ground ever recorded

— and in such an arid climate,” says meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. “It’s a true feat to exceed 30 cm of snow on the ground for this region.”

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4 thoughts on “New snowfall record for Calgary, Alberta”

  1. Also seasonal snowfall records in adjacent Montana out on the plains.

    Snowfall record in North Central Montana, also where the drought monitor says there’s STILL a drought and record snowfall. Something tells me they’ve overlooked this area for a while, it definitely doesn’t add up.


  2. We’re truly running out of places to shovel the snow to – the snow either side of my front steps is about a metre high. It’s hard shoveling snow that high up! Wondering if we’ll have flooding this spring.

  3. My town, Cut Bank Montana, is already ahead of the all time total snowfall record through this date and will likely break the old total season snowfall record before the season is over with only about 15 inches to go. This coming weekend’s storm is projected to to drop 8-12 inches.

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