New study claims an ice age is coming – Earth’s climate is ‘cyclical’

Short video – Interview with world-famous geologist and earth scientist Professor Ian Plimer. I love this guy’s attitude.

14 Jan 2021 – This interview with Professor Plimer was in response to a Cardiff University study saying that melting icebergs in the Antarctic could actually trigger an ice age. Professor Plimer dismantles the alarmist rhetoric and exposes the hypocracy.

“What’s going on is cycles,” says Professor Plimer. “It’s normal to have cycles…. we are getting towards the end of a warm period. The peak of the warmth was about 5,000 years ago and we are headed for the next inevitable – inevitable! – ice age.”

“Now, I know it will be on a Tuesday, I just don’t know which Tuesday.”

“For you to think you can actually control what happens on the planet means you have an ego incommensurate with your knowledge.”

Every single ice age started when we had more CO2 in the atmosphere than we have now

What about carbon dioxide?

We’ve had six major ice ages interspersed with warming, says Plimer, and “every single ice age started when we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than we have now.”

When it comes to today’s warmth, “to use the word ‘unprecedented’ shows that you have expunged history and geology from your knowledge. ”

“And to use the words ‘climate emergency’ indicates that you have absolutely no knowledge about the past.”

“Unprecedented now means it hasn’t happened in the last 20 years instead of the last 5,000 or 6,000 years,” laughs the host.

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  1. Climate “Science” Alarmists are stupid beyond belief.

    The young protesters have been thoroughly indoctrinated and lack the intellectual curiousity to even study the hypothesis to discover if it even makes any sense at all – which it doesn’t !

    And these gullible indoctrinated sycophants laugh at religion whilst believing simply mouthing “climate emergency” and self flagellating their lifestyles means the Minister for Climate Change will “fix” the weather !

    They don’t realise what will happen to their lifestyles under “net zero” when we generate ~1/5th of the electricity we have now but they will !

    Seriously, Alarmists are stupid beyond belief.

    • Well said! But according to Michael Mann, climate scientist almighty, whose new book, wherein he professes to be some sort of general and promotes bloodshed (by its title) based on medium confidence lokelihoods, you are petro-state propaganda lol

  2. People should listen to Skynews in Australia because they are the only ‘news source’ that I know of that questions all the BS being thrown around the world at the mandate of the elites NWO (now called the ‘great reset’). The ‘plandemic’ and fake global warming is to start people being used to control – and thats just the start. Educate yourselves what they want to do!

  3. As I have said before Climate “Science” experts tell us with boring monotony that ONLY “greenhouse gases” absorb and radiate infra-red radiation.

    They also state stupid things like this which anyone can debunk-

    “Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would have an average temperature of -18 °C and be covered in ice. Life as we know it would not be able to survive. The greenhouse effect is clearly a good thing, but like all good things, it is possible to have too much.”

    Well you morons the Moon has ZERO greenhouse gases and it has an average (blackbody) temperature of less than minus 2.75°C – some 16°C WARMER than Earth !

    And, you morons, the surfaces of the Moon reach temperatures greater than 109°C – hot enough so water would simply boil away into space !

    To anyone with even a modicum of intelligence this means our atmosphere actually protects us from the full power of the Sun – it doesn’t heat us up from an average of minus 18°C to the extremes observed such as over 50°C !!

    Do these clowns think a trace of 0.042% of CO2 is somehow “nuclear” powered to generate heat ??

    There is no “greenhouse effect”, CO2 does not trap heat !

    The reverse is more likely !

    If, as “experts” tell us 83% of the radiation emitted by Earth comes from “greenhouse gases” (something I don’t believe for a minute) then why wouldn’t adding more of these “powerful” radiating gases to the atmosphere allow for more efficient radiating “heat” loss from Earth.

    Perhaps more CO2 in the atmosphere makes for higher radiation losses and leads to cooling !

    And this graph from NASA shows just that:-

    Just look at the graph – as CO2 levels have climbed the amount of radiation to space has also gone up.

    This is the exact opposite of alarmist gibberish which insist global warming is caused by Earth radiating LESS to space – the exact opposite of their data !!

    Idiots !

    • Astro-geophysical factors aside (orbital inclination and precession, impact events, plate tectonics and volcanism), researchers systematically ignore Svensmark-Zharkova’s empirically demonstrated postulate (2007 – 2018) that cosmic rays driven by fluctuating solar magnetic fields (SMFs) affect solar-radiation (TSI) cloud-cover, impelling not “climate” but decades-long phases in global atmospheric surface temperature (GAST).

      Speaking of academic/professional defaults, from December 2017 Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ “Mean Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law” has definitively proved that any –repeat, any– planet’s global atmospheric surface temperature = PM/Rp, where P = Atmospheric Pressure times M = Mean Molar Mass over R = Atmospheric Density times Gas Constant p. Since CO2 is not a factor, no “carbon-footprint” greenhouse gas effect applies.

    • The ice never expanded in the south doing the major ice ages so the climate there likey wouldn’t be to much different then it is today there I would think.

    • @Brad – Although, the world as a whole was much drier and CO2-starved, as well as much dustier, based on geologic records. So although it was probably comfortable around the equator temperature-wise, in terms of crops they wouldn’t thrive as they do during a warm period.

  4. I love this guy. An Aussie scientist with an Aussie attitude, tells it like it is. The way he pictures the dumbing down of our education system is spot on. It’s this dumbing down in the name of political correctness and social conformity which has allowed the influx of scientificly uninformed idiocy to promulgate throughout the new source of all truth – social media.

    It’s unfortunate that there are also those ‘scientists’ who will say anything if they’re paid enough. You can prove anything with a study with the right slant. I fear that the only way sense will come to those who believe in the modern Church of Climate Change is for us to plunge headlong into the next glacial period. Even then they will find some way to believe it was due to carbon dioxide!

    • On the matter educational degradation I note that Australian primary school teachers are not really required to know much about science. My daughter sometimes teaches at the school where she was once a pupil and the standard of education is adequate but missing almost entirely in the sciences area.
      My primary school in Wales had separate teachers for maths, English, French, science, geography, history etc. We had a dedicated science lab with sessions for physics, chemistry and biology every week. At thirteen I had a thorough grounding in most subjects. It is not surprising that to-day’s Australian children are ignorant of basic principles if they are not taught them when it matters.

      • In some ways, there was a degradation in education even when I was going through school in Brisbane in the early 70s. Our Senior Biology text for example, The Web of Life, was a watered down version of a more rigorous text used elsewhere. My early University courses were aimed at teaching what we SHOULD have learnt in high school.

        It was an eye opener to discover that, and what has become of young people’s education these days is abysmal. Also the grasp of written and even spoken language is quite poor, which creates difficulties in communication.

  5. Well, erratic weather patterns aren’t anything but weather. I have nearly 8 feet of snow piled up in my yard from shoveling (thank you, guys with shovels!!) and that’s just one snowfall. It’s winter and this is our weather. Ten years ago, in February 2011, the nastiest blizzard I’ve seen in a while hit the upper Midwest and locked down Chicago’s northbound Lake Shore Drive, stranding commuters, because a CTA bus had a breakdown. Watched this drama on evening news live and was glad I do not have to commute any more. But other people far north of Chicago went to parties and got stranded and some were found to have not survived the cold and the snow.
    That should be a warning: don’t be dumb about bad weather. Use some sense.
    But these episodes are only weather, and they seem to occur in cycles here in the upper Midwest.
    When the REAL ice age starts, I doubt that it will be taken seriously until the snow simply does not melt back and summer is very short, and weather is sporadically odd.

  6. Professor Ian Plimer is brilliant. He speaks the truth that the Warmists don’t want to hear. He is absolutely right when he comments on the hysteria about “global warming”.

  7. All it needs is for the Primer Fields to collapse and its Ice Age time. If you don’t know what Primer Fields are see David La Points Primer Fields 1-3, and view Rolf Witzsche videos on The Sun is going into hibernation as the Plasma streams powering it weaken. Ice Age certainty 2050’s.

    • The Sun had a massive CME burp in 2006 and went dormant. There were several CMEs before that, all missing the planet.
      The 2008 CME missed the Earth, but the Sun stayed very quiet – suspiciously so – and when it came “back to life” in 2008, the sunspots were few or nonexistent. It has stayed that way – inadequate output since then, with only the occasional “normal” sunspot.
      The lack of normal activity had solar science people worried that we were heading for some kind of “trouble” (not defined) back then.
      I have seen things since then that didn’t make any sense, like cirrus clouds dropping ice from way up high in the middle of summer, paler than usual Sun, like it’s “hiding”, and really erratic weather patterns that seem to be repeating themselves.
      I guess I should go back to recording daily weather, maybe? But if there is snow in my yard on April 1st, and the trees haven’t opened their leaf buds, they are NOT getting enough sunshine.
      Am I the only person paying attention to these things?

  8. his book Heaven and Earth is a hefty tome but excellent reading. i got my local library to buy it in to try n correct the warmist cli-fi theyve been shelving

  9. One thing I’m wondering about is what were the snow storm patterns tended to be like doing the ice ages glacer cycles have not thought to much about that one but is an interesting question.I would guess we still got the miller As and B storms.

  10. The Times and Sunday Times just ran an article ‘Lennin Bust that Stayed out of the Cold’. A bust of Lenin was in 1958 placed 30 foot up on a column – by 2019 it had over 28 foot of snow around it, with only the head visible, and will disappear ‘in a matter of months’. It is at a POI, Pole of Inaccessibility, the point on a continent or land that is furthest from the coast, thus 546 miles from the South Pole, and temperatures around it reach minus 58C. God knows why we are wrecking Western economies because of IPCC lies, as outlined arounf 2008 in Christopher Booker’s wonderful book – The Real Global Warming Disaster – please check it out. As a historian I’ve written about Milankovic Wobbles and different temperature periods – strange that global warming used to happen without mechanised transport, central heating or overpopulation.

  11. Robert gets so close. Not By Ice But By Water.
    2 Peter 3: 5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:
    6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
    7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

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