New Study exposes ‘fatal flaw in global warming science’

Key excerpt: ‘If all human CO2 emissions were stopped and nature remained constant, the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere would fall by only 18 ppm. Nature’s level of 392 ppm would remain.’

IPCC’s claim that human carbon dioxide emissions will linger in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and 15 percent will remain forever — is invalid.

IPCC’s basic assumption, that nature treats human carbon dioxide emissions differently than it treats nature’s carbon dioxide emissions — is wrong

IPCC’s claim that human emissions have caused ALL the increase in CO2 since 1750 -is invalid.

IPCC’s claim that nature could not have caused the observed rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide – is invalid.

IPCC’s claim that there are “no convincing alternative explanations” other than their theory to explain “observational evidence” – is invalid.


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  1. What is the CO2-measuring station on Hawaii actually measuring? Volcanic CO2 (volcanically active area), ocean-emitted CO2 (middle of Pacific Ocean) or human-emitted CO2 (far away from industrial areas of Asia and North America) ?

  2. Taking a quick it seems the article is worth to read as the model input -blackbox-output is used and the idea that output minus input can be described by a differential equation. That means that nature behaves the way math is describing it. It is questionable but not in the street. I just heard scientists saying that the change in climate is scaring, change is caused by humans, consequence can be avoided by humans. For short: mind is confused by ideas we have developped ourselves.

  3. “IPCC’s claim that human carbon dioxide emissions will linger in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and 15 percent will remain forever — is invalid.”

    Indeed it is invalid.
    Residence time for CO2 has been well studied, here from Tom V. Segalstad are tabulated some figures, and Jennifer Marohasy shows a graphic of this information —
    So who’s the outlier there then, scientific experiments, or a UN-IPCC modeled outcome?

    Overall the human atmospheric CO2 contribution is a pifflingly small addition to this rare atmospheric gas level, and is lost in the noise of natural events when considering CO2 wonderful effects on the biosphere.
    Obviously nature couldn’t care where the CO2 originated, it just reuses it. Estimated figures of the origins of atmospheric CO2 gather around 10% is human and 90% is natural as a worst case. As far as I can see our little CO2 contribution continues to provide supplemental benefit as nature uses it in the great carbon cycle of life.

  4. Quote:

    IPCC’s claim that human emissions have caused ALL the increase in CO2 since 1750 -is invalid.

    Correct, one of the biggest sources of CO2 is from the Overturning current on its bottom of the ocean leg back to the central ocean up welling zones, to the main area in in the Central Pacific close to the CO2 sensor at:

    The cold overturning current takes 500 years to travel from cold sink areas in the Arctic to areas close to the Mauna Loa, Hawaii Observatory.

    The period of time that cold water was rained out of the atmosphere was in 1518 during the even colder Spoorer Grand Solar Minimum, 0C to _-1.8C Cold sea water carries far CO2 than warm to hot Sea water with SST at or above 26C

  5. This article doesn’t expose a fatal flaw in “global warming science.” That is ridiculous. You can’t expose a fatal flaw in global warming science because there is no science in the global warming religion.

    • It does confirm the CO2 Bovine Excreta at the heart of the AGW propaganda fraud.
      The UN and its Green Socialist objective of controlling the world’s economy via green concerns is a clear and present danger to the Wests economy, and to prevent the further industrialisation in Africa and BRICs.
      First steps should be reform the climate departments selling fake degrees based on AGW.
      Require many of the world’s met office who are is in post, based on degrees based on AGW to re-sit their degrees using science topics based on reality, rather than a fake science supporting a green religion.
      Suspend Carbon Credits and reform the World Bank so that it benefits human beings instead keeping them in a hand to mouth agerian cultures.
      The world’s climate data need to be held and managed by a third party rather than climate Ologists who modified it to suit their own agendas.

  6. It might be a slight overreaction to freak out over a few “parts per million” molecules. Why don’t they ever print parts per million? Someone might figure that out, that’s why.

  7. The scam is that 300 parts per million is good, 400 parts per million is very bad.

    No scientific evidence required — just computer models torturing numerical guesstimates, and lots of sophistry.

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