New Superheated ‘Blob’ Emerges off U.S. West Coast

NOAA press release coyly describes the ‘blob’ as a “New Marine Heatwave.” And they use that word over and over and over again. You think I’m kidding? They use the word ‘heatwave’ 19 times, and ‘heat wave’ another three times. Talk about obfuscation! It is NOT a ‘heatwave.’ It is a blob of superheated water, superheated water NOT due to human activity. Rather (as I’ve been saying for years), I blame underwater volcanic activity.

Do you know anyone who owns a swimming pool? Ask them how much it costs to heat it.

Now imagine trying to heat this blob, a huge mass of water which, as NOAA puts it, “stretches roughly from Alaska south to California.” I doubt that all of humankind to could create that much energy in a thousand years.

To try to blame this ‘heatwave’ on human activity would be reprehensible.

And yet, since the planet’s temperature is based on both land and ocean temperatures, you can bet that we will be pounded over and over again with more ‘warmest year ever’ nonsense by power-hungry alarmists.

So please remember when you hear those dire warnings, that it is NOT caused by humans.

Now lets pray that we don’t get a huge above-water volcanic eruption, because that’s how ice ages begin.

The process is amazingly simple.

As above-water volcanoes cool the skies, underwater volcanoes heat the seas. (Remember, scientists think there are more than three million underwater volcanoes.) As moisture from the warmer oceans rises into the colder skies, it creates ever larger snowstorms that begin collecting on land as ice. And voila! You have an ice age. Not a cold age, but an ice age.

It’s been going on this way for billions of years, long before humans appeared on this planet.

“New Marine Heatwave Emerges off West Coast, Resembles ‘”the Blob’,” reads the headline on NOAA’s press release.

Here’s the full press release, dated 5 Sep 2019:

Researchers are monitoring a new marine heatwave off the West Coast for effects on the marine ecosystem.

Sea surface temperature anomaly maps show temperatures above normal in orange and red.

About five years ago “the Blob” of warm ocean water disrupted the West Coast marine ecosystem and depressed salmon returns. Now, a new expanse of unusually warm water has quickly grown in much the same way, in the same area, to almost the same size.

The warm expanse building off the West Coast stretches roughly from Alaska south to California. It ranks as the second largest marine heatwave in terms of area in the northern Pacific Ocean in the last 40 years, after “the Blob.”

“It’s on a trajectory to be as strong as the prior event,” said Andrew Leising, a research scientist at NOAA Fisheries’ Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California. He developed a system for tracking and measuring heatwaves in the Pacific Ocean using satellite data. “Already, on its own, it is one of the most significant events that we’ve seen.”

Cold water welling up from ocean depths along the coast has so far held the warm expanse offshore, he said. However, the upwelling, driven by coastal winds, usually wanes in the fall. The heatwave could then move onshore and affect coastal temperatures, he said. This already appears to have happened along the coast of Washington.

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  1. I agree it’s nothing but a volcano!
    I totally ignore NOAA and the other idiots anyway.
    Better stock up on food while we have a chance before the ice age hits full force!

    • “nothing but a volcano!”
      Totally disagree with you. The warmed area is way to large to be the result of a single volcano. Probably waaaay more then one.
      Stocking up on food is good for a short term disaster. For an ice age, long, short, mini, max, Dalton,Maunder etc. just stocking up is not enough. It will be good until we’ll learn to adapt to the new situation. What is more important is to think and prepare for long term survival. If our gardens are full of tomatoes and peppers we should learn to change it into a root veggie garden like people living in the cold area have now. For people that already live in an area with long an very cold winters the only solution is to relocate like Robert did.

    • You might be wiser to focus on the capacity to produce food considering the duration of any kind of an ice age.
      Hoarding a year or two of food might feed you and your family for a year or two but what about beyond that? We are talking about time spans between 3 to 5 decades and a thousand centuries..
      It is a big problem to overcome.

  2. They state what csuses it, wind changes. Then they also totally ignore the cold blue in the southern hemisphere.

    It is important to note that the water offshore of Californua north of Los Angeles is normally aboug 45 F. Make that 5 degrees warmer, it is 50 F. This is NOT hot water, just water 30 F below air temp instead of 35 F below air temp… (or a bit more if using C for the 5 degrees)

    I’d also speculate that a simple slowing of the current would let it warm up more. More time to get warm in the sun before reaching California, less bottom water sucked up. (The water in Vancover B.C. is warmer than off California as the current patterns pull bottom water up as it approaches us). As there is less blue and UV heating the water at depth, the currents ought to slow.

    During cold excursions like ice age glacials, the Gulf Stream off of Florida slows down and Florida gets warm winters. (Lake sediments show it). So finding warmer water in some places and slower currents are a big signal of cooling more north.

  3. Super heated water meets with cold winter air and The CA NV Mountians. Viola ! Massive and deadly snow storms east of I5.

  4. Once one fully realizes that those w/influence re: Climate are bound by their handlers to Lie so as to protect the Way-Multi-Trillion-Dollar CO2 SCAM – then one must expect a never-ending series of BS pouring forth from their mouths re: Climate – for reason that as Pres Lincoln once said: “You can fool some of the people – all of the time.”

    IF it’s true that vast undersea areas are pumping out Volcanic Ejectae to the point of heating the waters above .. then we could adduce a hypothesis that said Volcanic Emissions – such as SO2 gasses – could/can be making their way to above the Ocean Surfaces and on into the Atmosphere – Which in turn is causal to reduced Solar Irradiation – aka a Global Cooling parameter.. re: Earth’s Temp..

  5. Completely overlooked here is what that warm moist air above that warm water will do when it moves east onto land and meets cold air coming down out of Canada spilling across the U.S. We got a taste of that last winter and the U.S. and Canadian harvests will be showing the result.

    Just think about what even warmer water this year just offshore will do.

    • I confused. I thought the Blob resulted in a high/low (whatever) pressure system that prevented the air from dumping it’s load of water on California and so created years of drought. How does this work? I’d appreciate the enlightenment.

  6. When I saw the link, “New Superheated ‘Blob’ Emerges off U.S. West Coast,” I first thought it had something to do with Al Gore.

    So – in looking at the 2015-2019 graphic above – one has to wonder where it went in between those yrs. Was that man-made. Not to mention the icebox freezer wave off the East coast of S America.

  7. The Indonesian archipelago between Australia and Indochina is shallow, tropical, and has the highest average oceanic temperatures in the Pacific. Add to that the clockwise rotation of waters riding NE past Japan, Alaska, and down towards southern California (thus creating the mid-Pacific gyre that concentrates ocean plastic pollution into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) and it’s easy to understand that natural cyclic atmosphere changes can push warm waters in a clockwise fashion from its usual location to an area off SE Alaska and the PNW where it manifests itself this way.

    In other words, nothing new and unusual.

  8. The time has come, the Walrus said,
    To talk of many things:
    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —
    Of cabbages — and kings —
    And why the sea is boiling hot —
    And whether pigs have wings.’

  9. This is complete garbage. That is a COLD spot that happens to presently be slightly warmer than usual, but is still colder than the surrounding ocean.

    This is why “anomaly” is a *terrible* measure — because it depends on your baseline. If your baseline is “cold” then even if it’s still comparatively cold, it can have a comparatively large ‘anomaly’.

    Sea surface temperature:,29.21,177/loc=-104.822,45.910

    Sea surface temperature ANOMALY:,29.21,177/loc=-104.822,45.910

    Note how the COOL area off the California coast… when scaled as an “anomaly” suddenly LOOKS like a “hot spot”, even tho it’s still cooler than most of the Pacific.

    This is why I don’t trust anything but actual data. “Anomaly” is too easy to manipulate.

    • Thank you. It’s nice to know that someone besides myself thinks anomalies make pretty pictures but are lousy data.

  10. The two geologically active areas of the Northern Hemisphere that show this kind of warming currently, are the same areas show the largest Gravitational Anomaly as Mapped Using GRACE Data … ,
    see That is Greenland and the Alaska/US NW coast.

    IMO, it’s doubtful that these features (warm blob, geological activity, gravitational anomaly) ‘Could Dissipate Quickly’, they may well wane as the solar activity ramps back up over the coming years, but I doubt they’d entirely disappear very rapidly.

  11. As 80% of the earth’s volcanoes are underwater (as I think you said in your ice age book Robert) it is not surprising, and the warm ocean causing lots of ocean water condensing into moisture, that by itself causes an ice age

  12. Well that goes along with the whether in Tucson, We been having more rain this spring and our Monsoon was not that great but a different kind a whether pattern, Now when it should be over we are getting
    Heavy dark clouds with a flow from the West, Ah due West. Our Monsoon comes from a SE direction. This Winter we had doily size
    snow in MId-Town Tucson on 2-22-2019. We been having more water vapor or Clouds at different times of the year for 2019.
    Let it Snow/rain, Let it Snow/rain, Let it Snow/Rain, + or- a 10.

  13. I’ve noticed of late that several fairly benign comments that I have made here just dissappear. I assume itnis your editorial choice. Fair enough, but it just means I’ll not bother commenting, that leads to not bothering to vist, or link, or cite…

    Now IF this is some devious behaviour by the platforms, please let me know. But I must otherwise assume you just don’t want me here…

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