New volcanic island growing in Japan

“Nishinoshima, considered the Worlds newest piece of real estate continues to erupt and grow,” says reader David Hartley. “Over the last few months it’s been busier than it has been since 2013. It’s been pouring particulates out frequently of late.”

“It’s latest eruption:”

According to news reports citing the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, the southern shore of the island grew by at least 150 meters between June 19 and July 3. The European Space Agency’s TROPOMI satellite also observed a sizable plume of sulfur dioxide from the eruption.

Nishinoshima is part of the Ogasawara Islands, in the Volcano Islands arc. It is located at 27° 14’ North latitude and 140° 52’ East longitude, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) from the nearest inhabited island. You can see the evolution of the island eruption by visiting our Nishinoshima event page.

21 thoughts on “New volcanic island growing in Japan”

  1. I just love the word “Real Estate” LOL
    Once the volcano stops erupting I’d like to build a house there but keep the island to myself.
    I wouldn’t need a shop to buy sake. I’ll just order online. Yea!

    • I seem to recall that some dozens of EVs have caught fire over the last decade. If the auto maker/dealer would supply, free of charge, a foam fire system, maybe they would sell somewhat better. I’m sure local fire chiefs require some sort of fire suppression system with DC batteries in their homes. Just more $$$s to throw away.

      • If it’s free, you usually get what you pay for? Never cared for Renault autos in the first place. Maybe Greta would like one 😉

  2. I saw this article elsewhere some few days ago and found the island on Google Earth. At the time of the aerial photo, the island measured approx. 4500×3800 feet, if I remember correctly. The volcano itself was clearly visible and was spewing a bit of steam or ash.
    It’s possible the island recently enlarged a bit as described above, unless the GE aerial photo was quite recent.

    • Just another reason for global warming… er global cooling … aw climate change … a mad Mother Earth … rampant CO2 (also SO2, H2S, CO, NO2, ….ash … cow farts …) for the environ-mental (pun intended) nuts running rampant through cities, everywhere. But, hey, the commies have been trying to take over control of the USA for their USSA for over a century. Thanks Karl Marx and Berry Soetoro (Obama).

    • No its the ‘other’ sort of CO2 you know the one the IPCC puts in the ‘ignore’ list in their (fake) models. sarc

  3. Nice new hot spot. Think about all that lovely CO2 and SO2 being gassed out! Although you can keep the SO2 thanks! Its a wee bit toxic.

  4. a few others have been shortlived burp/fart then sink
    this one appears to be likely to hang around and grow
    golly all the nasty sulphur an co2 and and and and NOT a menton about that?
    even funnier as the island rises its displacing water, ie water levels rise a whisker generally..not to be mentioned either til they find a humans done it cli-fi theory

    now any bets on how long before China tries to claim this one too?

    • Sold.
      Send self addressed stamped envelope with “Island Name” for the Real Estate title and cash only to: #666 SixSixtySix Gates Ave, WA 060606

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